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C O N T E N T S.


R. Diaper and his Family retire into

the Country. - Thompson returns

from theizce, and takes a Lodging in London.-- Almost constantly at Mr. Bellair's. The Manner of employing this leisure Time.Hears from Archer.- Contracts an Iversion for Women. --Visits a suburbian Club with Mr. Deacon. --- Account of that absurd Set of People, and their Convertion. --Receives a Letter from Mr. Diaper, dcted Lisbon

Page 1 CH A P. XXXIV. He, with Prig, is attacked by Foctpads.

They take three of them.-- One of them proves to be Packer.--Discourse between Thompson and bim.-He is committed to Newgate, tried at the Old Bailey, condemned, and executed.-Observations arising from bis Bebaviour in his lalt Moments.- Mr. Archer and Mr. Sharpley arrive in Town 12

CH A P. XXXV. He meets Mr. Archer and Mr. Sharpley.- He

apologises for bis Friend. - Receives an Account of Sir Walter's Alteration of Temper, A 2


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