ceivable in

day: Their several accounts shall be liquidated and adjusted by the commanding officer of the county from which they were ordered, who shall transmit on oath to the receiver of the taxes for the said district, a pay roll specifying particularly the names of those belonging to each company, and the time of their entering into and leaving the service: he shall also grant to each person a Certificates certificate expressing the number of days he served, the therefor retime when the service was performed, and the allowance discharge of for such service, which said certificate granted as afore- taxes. said, shall be receivable by the sheriff of the said county in discharge of the public taxes due from the said county, and the same shall be received from him in the settlement of his accounts with the receiver, who shall be allowed the same in the settlement of his accounts in like manner as he is by law allowed for other certificates receivable for the taxes of the said district.


An act for opening the navigation of Blackwater river, from Little Town on the said river, to Broadwater bridge.

(Passed the 16th of December, 1790.)

SECT. 1. WHEREAS it is represented that the open- Preamble. ing the navigation of Blackwater river, from Little Town

on the said river, as high as Broadwater bridge will be of great utility.

SECT. 2. Be it therefore enacted by the General As- Surveyors of sembly, That the courts of the counties of Southampton the river to be and Isle of Wight, shall and they are hereby respectively appointed; empowered and required to appoint so many surveyors as they may think necessary, and allot to each his respective precinct, whose duty it shall be to superintend and see Their duty; that all obstructions which in any manner injure the navigation of the said river, within his precinct, be removed from time to time as such obstructions shall happen.

Persons to be

appointed to clearing the

labour in


SECT. 3. The courts of the said counties shall respectively appoint so many male labouring persons, as they may judge most convenient, to work in clearing the said river: every person so appointed, who, when required by the surveyor, placed over him, shall without legal cause Penalty on or disability, fail to attend, with proper tools for clearing those refusing the said river, or shall refuse to work when there, or find some other person equally able to work in his room, shall pay the sum of seven shillings and sixpence for every days offence, if he be a freeman of full age, if an infant, then to be paid by his parent, guardian or master, and if a slave or servant, then by his overseer if he be under one, or otherwise by his master or mistress.

to labour;

On a surveyor

SECT. 4. Every surveyor failing to do his duty as refor neglect of quired by this act, shall forfeit and pay the sum of five


On persons


SECT. 5. If any landholder on the said river, being felling trees resident thereon, if not, the tenant or overseer shall sufinto the river. fer any tree to be felled from his land, or the land of which he is a tenant, or resides on as an overseer into the said river, and therein to remain the space of twentyfour hours, every such landholder, tenant or overseer shall forfeit and pay the sum of eighteen shillings.

Persons work

ing on the river exempted from working

SECT. 6. The persons appointed to clear the said river shall be exempted from working on roads.

SECT. 7. All the penalties in this act shall be one on roads. moiety to the informer, and the other to the use of that Penalties, how county in which the penalty is incurred, recoverable with to be recover- costs on warrant, or petition and summons as the case may be.

ed and ap


Certain offi


An act for continuing the allowance of Pensions to certain persons.

(Passed the 11th of December, 1790.)

BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That Wilcers to receive liam Barret, Francis Whiting, John Green, Samuel Selthe pensions den, William M'Guire, George Hite, Willis Wilson and Thomas Fenn shall continue to receive their respective

heretofore granted to

pensions heretofore allowed them under the laws of this them by the Commonwealth, in the same manner as if the law refer state. ring them to the Congress of the United States had never been made.


An act concerning Joseph Hodges.

(Passed the 11th of December, 1790.)

SECT. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That Joseph Hodg Joseph Hodges, who in a skirmish which happened dur- es allowed a ing the late war, between a party of British and Ameri- pension dur ing life; can troops, received a wound from a musket ball in his leg, which has disabled him from supporting himself by labour, shall henceforth be placed on the list of pensioners, and be allowed the sum of twelve pounds per an



SECT. 2. And be it further enacted, That the auditor And a certain of public accounts shall, and he is hereby required, to sum of money issue to the said Joseph Hodges on application in person, for his present or by attorney, a warrant on the treasury for the sum of twelve pounds, payable out of the contingent fund for his present relief.


An act making provision for Thomas Price, a wounded soldier.

(Passed the 16th of December, 1790.)

SECT. 1. WHEREAS it has been represented to Preamble. this present General Assembly, That a certain Thomas Price of the county of Randolph served as a soldier in an expedition against the Indians undertaken during the administration of governor Dunmore, and by reason of a wound he received at the battle of the Point, is rendered unable to support himself by labour.

Thomas Price

SECT. 2. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That allowed a sum the auditor of public accounts, on application by the said of money for Thomas Price or his attorney legally authorized, shall his present relief; issue a warrant on the treasury for the sum of fifteen pounds, which warrant shall refer to this act, and express the consideration whereon it was granted, and be made payable by the treasurer out of the contingent fund.

And a pension during life.

SECT. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said Thomas Price shall be entitled on application to the auditor in manner and form aforesaid, to receive half yearly, that is to say, on the first day of March and on the first day of September in each succeeding year, while he lives, a like warrant for the sum of seven pounds ten shillings, payable as is herein before directed."

A sum of mo


An act making an allowance to Thomas Nicolson for printing the Journals of the Senate, and for regulating the salary of the public gaoler.

(Passed the 29th of December, 1790.)

SECT. 1. BE it enacted, That Thomas Nicolson shall ney to be paid be and he is hereby allowed thirty-five pounds for printing the journals of the Senate this session, for which sum the auditor shall issue his warrant which shall be paid by the treasurer out of any public money in the treasury.

to Thomas Nicolson.

Salary of the public gaoler.

Commencement of the act.

SECT. 2. And be it further enacted, That the salary allowed the keeper of the public gaol shall in future be twenty-five pounds per annum.

SECT. 3. This act shall commence and be in force on the first day of January one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one.


An act for placing Mary Boush on the pension list.

(Passed the 24th of December, 1790.)

SECT. 1. WHEREAS it is represented to the General Preamble. Assembly, that Goodrich Boush entered into the service of his country at the first establishment of a naval armament; that he was appointed captain of an armed vessel belonging to this state, and continued in the service of the same, until his death, leaving Mary Boush his widow and four young children in distressed circumstances; that no relief whatever has been given to the said Mary Boush in conformity to an act of Assembly in that case made and provided.

tain sum for

SECT. 2. Be it therefore enacted, That the auditor of Mary Boush public accounts shall be, and he is hereby directed to allowed a cerissue a warrant or warrants on the treasury for three her present years half-pay of a captain in the navy of this state, as relief; established by law, to the said Mary Boush for her imme. And a pension diate relief, and that the executive be authorized and di- for seven rected to place her on the pension list, with an allowance years. of half-pay annually, for the term of seven years.


An act respecting Jacob Price and Abraham


(Passed the 20th of December, 1790.)

SECT. 1. WHEREAS Jacob Price and Abraham Net- Preamble. tles now residing in the county of Greenbrier, served as soldiers in the Virginia line on continental establishment during the late war, and by reason of disabilities received in the service, were placed on the list of pensioners; and whereas under a law of this Commonwealth, passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and eightyfive, the several county courts were required to appoint

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