Letters on the Late War Between the United States and Great Britain: Together with Other Miscellaneous Writings, on the Same Subject

J. Belden and Company, Van Winkle & Wiley, printers, 1815 - 407 sider

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Side 74 - ... thousands of American citizens, under the safeguard of public law, and of their national flag, have been torn from their country and from every thing dear to them ; have been dragged on board ships of war of a foreign nation, and exposed, under the severities of their discipline, to be exiled to the most distant and deadly climes, to risk their lives in the battles of their oppressors, and to be the melancholy instruments of taking away those of their own brethren.
Side 118 - ... Disappointed in this his just expectation, the Prince Regent will still pursue the policy which the British Government has so long and invariably maintained, in repelling injustice, and in supporting the general rights of nations ; and, under the...
Side ii - In conformity to the act of Congress of the United States, entitled, " An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned ;
Side 74 - Against this crying enormity, which Great Britain would be so prompt to avenge if committed against herself, the United States have in vain exhausted remonstrances and expostulations, and that no proof might be wanting of their conciliatory dispositions, and no pretext left for a continuance of the practice, the British Government was formally assured of the readiness of the United States to enter into arrangements such as could not be rejected if the recovery of British subjects were the real and...
Side 113 - His Royal Highness can never admit, that in the exercise of the undoubted and hitherto undisputed right of searching neutral merchant vessels in time of war, the impressment of British seamen, when found therein, can be deemed any violation of a neutral flag. Neither can he admit, that the taking such seamen from on board such vessels, can be considered by any neutral State as a hostile measure, or a justifiable cause of war.
Side 74 - ... but of a municipal prerogative over British subjects. British jurisdiction is thus extended to neutral vessels in a situation where no laws can operate but the law of nations and the laws of the country to which the vessels belong; and a self-redress is assumed, which, if British subjects were wrongfully detained and alone concerned, is that substitution of force, for a resort to the responsible sovereign, which .falls within the definition of war.
Side 117 - This disposition of the Government of the United States— this complete subserviency to the Ruler of France— this hostile temper towards Great Britain — are evident in almost every page of the official correspondence of the American with the French Government.
Side 278 - We ceased to consider ourselves prisoners ;" and every thing that friendship could dictate was adopted by you, and the officers of the Hornet, to remedy the inconvenience we would otherwise have experienced from the unavoidable loss of the -whole of our property and clothes by the sudden sinking of the Peacock.
Side 74 - The practice, hence, is so far from affecting British subjects alone that, under the pretext of searching for these, thousands of American citizens, under the safeguard of public law and of their national flag, have been torn from their country and from...
Side 193 - American seafaring citizens, and until a final declaration had been made by the Government of Great Britain, that her hostile orders against our commerce would not be revoked, but on conditions as impossible as unjust ; whilst it was known that these orders would not otherwise cease, but with a war which had lasted nearly twenty years, and which, according to appearances at that time...

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