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Side 108 - ... imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.
Side 167 - ... improving, and beautifying the human hair. It prevents hair from falling off or turning grey, strengthens weak hair, cleanses it from scurf and dandriff, and makes it beautifully soft, pliable, and glossy. For children it is especially...
Side 191 - That this House has heard with concern of the conflicts which have occurred between the British and Chinese authorities in the Canton River ; and, without expressing an opinion as to the extent to which the Government of China may have afforded this country cause of complaint respecting the non-fulfilment of the Treaty of 1842, this House considers that the papers which have been laid upon the table fail to establish satisfactory grounds for the violent measures resorted to at Canton in the late...
Side 136 - To note the various countries, provinces, or territorial divisions, and to describe the physical characteristics of each, together with their statistical, social, and political circumstances. To these are added minute descriptions of the principal rivers and chains of mountains ; thus presenting to the...
Side 262 - Compiled chiefly from surveys executed by order of the Government of India. On six sheets — size, 5 ft. 3 in. wide ; 5 ft. 4 in. high, £2 ; or, on cloth, in case, £2 12s. 6d. ; or, rollers, varn., £3 3s.
Side 32 - ... descriptions of the principal rivers and chains of mountains ; thus presenting to the reader, within a brief compass, a mass of information which cannot otherwise be obtained, except from a multiplicity of volumes and manuscript records. The work, in short, may be regarded as an epitome of all that has been written and published respecting the territories under the government or political superintendence of the British power in India.
Side 108 - Thirdly, if it is done with the intention of causing bodily injury to any person and the bodily injury intended to be inflicted is sufficient in the ordinary course of nature to cause death; or...
Side 199 - Oil is now universally acknowledged to be superior to all other preparations for the hair. It prevents it from falling off or turning grey, strengthens weak hair...
Side 300 - Neither the 19th Regiment, nor any regiment in the service of the Government of India, nor any Sepoy, Hindoo, or Mussulman, has reason to pretend that the Government has shown, directly or indirectly, a desire to interfere with the religion of its troops. " It has been the unvarying rule of the Government of India to treat the religious feelings of all its servants, of every creed, with careful respect ; and to representations or complaints put forward in a dutiful and becoming spirit, whether upon...
Side 199 - THE successful results of the last half century have proved beyond question that ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL possesses peculiarly nourishing powers in the growth, restoration, and improvement of the human hair, and when every other specific has failed.

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