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all created things, and worthy of infinite praise for ever and ever. Amen.

At the Collects.

GRANT, O Lord, the graces which thy Minister asks for himself, and us, and for thy whole Church. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and through the intercession of the most blessed Mary ever Virgin, and of the Saint whose festival the Church celebrates this day, I beseech thee to hear my prayers, and to attend to my neeessities. I entreat thee with humility and confidence, to pardon me all my sins, which I detest from the bottom of my heart. I beg of thee a share of thy divine love, and such graces as are necessary for my salvation, together with final perseverance in the observance of thy commandments. Amen.

¶ At the Epistle.

As it is thy holy spirit that has inspired whatever thy holy Prophets, Apostles, and Evangelists have taught, give me, O Lord, a docile heart to put in practice the saving instructions which the sacred books afford; and may it be my unremitting endeavour to act up to the wise councils of those who have been particularly commissioned to direct my soul in the way of salvation. And lest I become guilty like him that despises thy gracious inspiration, enable me not only to know thy holy will, but in all things to do it.

At the Gospel.

Ir is thy true word, O my God, to which I listen. With what respect ought I to hear it! with what docility ought I to believe it! with what fidelity ought I to obey it! I here protest, O Lord, before heaven and earth, that I am ready


to lay down my life for the truth which thy Gospel teaches me; its maxims shall be the rule of my actions, its precepts my law. Speak, O Lord, to my soul, I hear thee with the humble submission of a faithful servant. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but thy words, the words of eternal truth, shall not pass.

At the Creed.

I BELIEVE, O Lord, but my actions make me fear that my faith is weak. Strengthen therefore with thy grace the little faith I have. I believe firmly all the truths of our holy religion. I believe in one God, and three persons; the Father, the Son, and the holy Ghost; God Eternal, Almighty, infinitely perfect, and Creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, the only Son of the Eternal Father, and equal to him in all things; true God and incarnate WORD, by whom all things were made; and who was made man in the womb of the blessed Virgin Mary, and died on the cross for our salvation, I believe in the holy Ghost, true God, proceeding from the Father and the Son, and, equal to them. I believe the holy Catholic Apostolic Church to be the true Church, and Mother of all Churches; and I acknowledge the Bishop of Rome, as its visible head and Vicar of Jesus Christ. I receive all the decisions of that Church, and I desire to live and die in that belief. Amen.

At the Offertory.

GRANT, O my Saviour and my God, that uniting my intention to that of thy Priest, I may offer this divine Sacrifice to thee, in thanksgiv ing for all the benefits which thou hast bountifully bestowed upon mankind, and upon me in --particular, though an unworthy and ungrateful

sinner. I offer it to thee for all my sins which I detest from the bottom of my heart. Pardon me, O Lord, in consideration of the divine Victim here offered to thee, and only regarding his merits, supply all my necessities spiritual and temporal, and grant me final perseverance in grace. Though unworthy to appear in thy august presence, I presume nevertheless to offer this sacred victim for the expiation of my numberless offences. I offer it also for all those who assist with me at this tremendous sacrifice, and for all the faithful living and dead. Wash me, O Lord, from my iniquities, and purify my soul from every stain, that I may appear with less unworthiness before thee.

At the Preface.

As this is the moment, O Lord, when thou art about to descend upon thy altar, no earthly object ought to occupy my mind; my heart should only breathe after thee. Purify my soul then with the fire of thy love, that it may only relish the blessings of eternity. What thanks do we not owe thee for all thy benefits, especially for continually renewing on our altars the sacrifice of Mount Calvary! O Eternal Father, through Jesus Christ thy beloved Son all the blessed Spirits glorify thee, and pay their homage to thee! Permit us sinners also, to join our weak praises to theirs, and uniting with heart and mind in transports of joy, love, gratitude and admiration, to say, holy, holy, infinitely holy is the Lord our God; the whole earth is full of his glory. The blessed praise him in heaven, whilst we on earth adore HIM who comes down in the name of the Lord; to whom be honour and glory given through everlasting ages.

O merciful Father, through the merits of Je sus Christ thy Son, who without leaving heaven

comest to be really present on this altar, we humbly beseech thee, to enable us to reap the benefit of this adorable sacrifice, in which the victim is most pure and infinitely acceptable in thy sight.

In his name we beg of thee to preserve, defend and render triumphant thy holy Catholic Church, throughout the world; may her chief Bishop and visible head be always animated with the Spirit of Jesus Christ; may her Priesthood be endowed with the spirit of wisdom and of understanding-with the spirit of counsel and of piety, and may all those who have the misfortune to be out of the bosom of her communion, return to the path of salvation. Amen.

TAt the Elevation.

I adore thee my Lord and my God really present under these elements of bread and wine! I adore thee O Lamb of God, and sacred victim, by which the sins of the world are blotted out! For my salvation thou offerest thyself in sacrifice on this altar! Oh that with the same fire of divine love, I might here sacrifice myself to thee! However loaded with my sins, however unworthy of pardon, O merciful Father, thou wilt be appeased in beholding the precious blood of thy Son, shed for the expiation of my sins.

1 offer unto thee this victim of infinite value, and Jesus who presents himself in sacrifice for me on this altar, is able to discharge what I owe to thy justice, and to merit for me new favours and graces, however unworthy I may be of this mercy.

I beseech thee my God to have pity on those, who although they have died in grace, are yet suffering; and among these I pray especially for my friends, relations, and benefactors; deliver them by the means of this sacrifice from their pri

son of punishment; they are souls dear to thee, O Lord, hasten then to admit them into the sweet abode of the blessed.

At the Pater Noster.

BEHOLD, O Lord, a prodigal Child prostrate at thy feet, and though covered with confusion and unworthy of thy goodness I presume to call thee Father. I confess that I have dishonoured thy holy name, by a life little becoming a Christian, but my fervor for the time to come in thy service, and my zeal for thy glory, shall prove the sincere desire I have to see thy kingdom established, both in my own heart, and in all mankind. Convert all sinners, bring back all that have any ways gone astray; unite all to the bosom of thy Catholic Church, and as there is but one Pastor, so let there be but one sheep-fold. May thy will which I have so often resisted, be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven. Supply every day all my wants and necessities. Forgive all my iniquities, as I sincerely pardon all the injuries done to me; preserve me from falling into sin; keep me from all dangerous occasions and temptations; and deliver me from the evil I ought most to fear, the loss of thy grace. Amen.

At the Agnus Dei.

O LAMB of God, sacrificed for me! divine Lamb, that takest away the sins of the world, blot out all my sins. Thou seest my Saviour Jesus Christ, that with my whole heart I detest them: blot them out therefore for ever, and if I should be so happy as to have already received thy forgiveness, purify me still more, and prepare for thyself in my heart an abode yet more worthy of thee.

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