The object of this Series is to furnish Exercises and Test Papers to Candidates

preparing for the various Public Examinations at Oxford.
The Questions are mostly selected from Papers which have been set in
the different Schools.
Classical. Part I.

QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES FOR MATRICULATION AND RESPONSIONS. CONTENTS : (1) Grammatical Questions in Greek and Latin. (2) Materials for Latin Prose. (3) Questions on Authors. Third Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, 35. 6d. THE GUARDIAN.

be followed by Questions adapted to the Next to this (" The Student's Hand

higher examinations. Most of them are book to the University of Oxford”) we

selected from papers that have been may fitly place two volumes ; being the

actually set, and they may therefore be first instalments of a series calling itself

taken as good practical guides by Students Palæstra Oxoniensis, and which are to

and Schoolmasters.'- June 24, 1874.
(For Specimen see page 12.)

Part II.
SCHOLARSHIPS. (1) Critical Grammar Questions in Greek
and Latin. (2) Unseen Passages for Translation. Adapted to the
Oxford and Cambridge School Certificate and First Public Exami-

nations. Crown 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d.
FROM THE PREFACE. | reading for Classical Honours at Cam-
"This volume is compiled on the same

bridge. plan as Part I., but designed for more

‘Attention is invited to the “Unseen advanced students. The easier questions

Passages for Translation in Greek and

Latin Prose and Verse," which may go in higher grammar are intended for the use of competitors in the Schools Exami

some way to supply a want that has been

The nations and for candidates for Classical

felt in many of our public schools.

selection has been made with care from the Scholarships. The more difficult questions

less read classical authors, and in most in the same subject, and the questions in

instances the easier pieces come first, comparative philology, are intended for

although it was found impossible to arthe latter and for candidates for Honour Moderations. It is hoped and believed

range them precisely in the order of diftithat they will also be found of use in


(For Specimen see page 13.) Property Law.

ELEMENTARY QUESTIONS ON THE LAW OF PROPERTY, REAL AND PERSONAL. Supplemented by Advanced Questions on the Law of Contracts. With Copious References throughout, Indexes of Terms and Subjects, List of Maxims. Crown 8vo. cloth, 5s.


(For Specimen sce page 16.)

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PALÆSTRA OXONIENSIS-continued, Mathematical.

QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES IN ELEMENTARY MATHEMATICS. (1) Arithmetic. (2) Algebra. (3) Euclid. A New Edition Re-modelled. Adapted to Matriculation, Responsions, and First Public Examinations, Oxford and Cambridge Local and Certificate Examinations. Crown 8vo. cloth, 55. With ANSWERS, 6s. 6d. The ANSWERS separately, Is. 6d. FROM THE PREFACE.

EDUCATIONAL TIMES. • The Second Edition has been extended No doubt the book will prove useful to so as to meet the requirements of the those who desire to measure accurately First Public Examination and of the the mathematical standard required at Oxford and Cambridge Local and Certifi- Matriculation and Responsions.' cate Examinations, With this view new matter has been introduced, and in order

THE UNDERGRADUATE'S to avoid increasing the bulk of the volume,

JOURNAL. some of the easier questions and earlier * The plan is excellent, and one which examination papers have been omitted. commends itself especially to all junior The whole has been carefully revised and Oxford


This combinathe answers verified. In its present form tion of exercises and examination papers the work will be found useful in prepara- seems to us extremely useful. tior for any examination which includes When supplemented by the Answers we the subjects of arithmetic, algebra to have no doubt that this useful book will quadratic equations with proportion, and command a very considerable sale both Euclid, Books I.-IV.

here and elsewhere.'

(For Specimen see pages 14, 15.) Logic.

QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES IN ELEMENTARY LOG C, DEDUCTIVE AND INDUCTIVE; with Index of Logical Terms. Crown 8vo. paper covers, 35.; cloth, 35. 6d. FROM THE PREFACE. book has been to avoid as much as possible * As in Logic the student meets with

the multiplicity of technical terms, and to most of his difficulties in the earlier part

explain those points which are but slightly of his studies, the particular object of this

noticed in more advanced works.' Divinity.

QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES IN RUDIMENTARY DIVINITY. (1) Old Testament. (2) New Testament. (3) The Thirty-Nine Articles. (4) Greek Passages for Translation. Adapted to the Oxford Pass and the Oxford and Cambridge Certificate Examinations.

This volume will consist mainly of Historical, Geographical, and Exegetical Questions on the English and Greek Old and New Testaments, with short Introductions to grouped portions of the Holy Bible.

Examination Papers, testing the knowledge of the Greek Text and proficiency in the Rudiments of Faith and Religion.

[Ready in September. Political Economy.

ELEMENTARY QUESTIONS IN POLITICAL ECONOMY, with References to Adam Smith, Fawcett, John Stuart Mill, and others.

[In preparation.


ANALYSES. Livy. J. B. Worcester.

A SYNOPSIS OF LIVY'S HISTORY OF THE SECOND PUNIC WAR. Books XXI.-XXIV. With Appendices, Notes, Maps, and Plans. By J. B. WORCESTER, M.A. Second

Edition, Enlarged, with extra Maps. Fcp. 8vo. cloth, 35. 6d. FROM THE PREFACE. THE UNDERGRADUATE'S This Synopsis of the Four Books of

JOURNAL. Livy (xxi-xxiv.) is intended to be an assistant to the student in his work, and * Its best feature is, that while affording not a substitute for it; and on this account assistance to an embarrassed student, it it has been thought advisable rather to stimulates his observation as well as his point out those passages which require interest; and forms in this respect a more careful attention on the part of the desirable exception to most manuals and student, than to translate them for him.' analyses.'

(For Specimen see page 17.) Tacitus. G. W. Gent.

A SYNOPSIS AND SUMMARY OF THE ANNALS OF TACITUS. Books I.–VI. With Introduction, Notes, Genealogical Table, and Indexes. By George WILLIAM GENT, B.A., late Scholar of University College, Oxford. Crown 8vo. cloth, 35. 6d. FROM THE PREFACE. the "Annals"; secondly, by dint of 'Two main objects have been kept in

copious quotations from the text, to render

the reader familiar with the standpoint and view throughout : first, to condense into as readable a form as possible the mass of

the more important comments of the

historian.' detail contained in the first six books of

(For Specimen see page 10.) A SYNOPSIS AND SUMMARY OF THE HISTORY OF TACITUS. By GEORGE WILLIAM GENT, B.A., late Scholar of University College, Oxford.

[In preparation. Plato. G. W. Gent.

A SYNOPSIS AND SUMMARY OF THE REPUBLIC OF PLATO. With a Prefatory Excursus upon the Platonic Philosophy, and Short Notes. By GEORGE WILLIAM GENT, B.A., late Scholar of University College, Oxford.

[In preparation. Adam Smith. W. P. Emerton.

AN ANALYSIS OF ADAM SMITH'S INQUIRY INTO THE NATURE AND CAUSES OF THE WEALTH OF NATIONS, based on the Abridgment of JEREMIAH Joyce. With brief Notes and References by WOLSELEY P. EMERTON, M.A., B.C.L. Christ Church, Oxford. In two parts. Part I., Books I. and II. (to be ready in September). Part II., Books III. IV. and V.

[In preparation. Blackstone.


[In preparation.


TRANSLATIONS. Aristotle's Ethics. D. P. Chase.

THE NICOMACHEAN ETHICS OF ARISTOTLE. A New Translation, mainly from the Text of Bekker ; with an Introduction, a Marginal Analysis, and Explanatory Notes. Designed for the Use of Students in the Universities. By DRUMMOND PERCY CHASE, M.A., Fellow of Oriel College, and Principal of St. Mary Hall, Oxford. Fourth Edition, revised. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d.

(For Specimen see page II.) Cicero's Philippics. J. R. King.

THE PHILIPPIC ORATIONS OF CICERO. A New Translation. By the Rev. JOHN RICHARD KING, M.A., late Fellow and Tutor of Merton College, Oxford.

[Ready in October. Aristotle's Organon. Selections from.

A TRANSLATION OF MR. MAGRATH'S SELECTIONS FROM THE ORGANON OF ARISTOTLE. With Short Explanatory Notes by Walter EDWARD SMITH, New College, Oxford, and ALAN G. SURMAN Gibson, Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

[Ready in October. MISCELLANEOUS. Worcester (J. B.) M.A.

THE GENEALOGY OF THE ROYAL FAMILY OF ENGLAND, and a Few Historical Families connected with English History. By J. B. WORCESTER, M.A. On a large Sheet, size

24 in. by 19 in., 1s.; if mounted on canvas, with roller, 35. THE UNDERGRADUATE'S are also traced out, viz. Earl Godwin, JOURNAL.

John of Gaunt, the Armagnacs and Bour'A red line points out the direct descent,

guignons, Neville and De la Pole; as well

as Edward III.'s claim to the crown of a waved line shows sovereigns out of the direct line, and a date under the name of

France, and Henry IV.'s pretended claim each King or Queen shows at a glance the

by blood. We recommend it to students of year of accession to the throne. Various

history as a cheap and ready means of historical families connected with royalty

reference.' Turrell (H. J.) M.A.


Revised and Enlarged. Fcp. 8vo. The Thirty-Nine Articles.

THE THIRTY-NINE ARTICLES OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. With Scriptural Proofs and References, carefully selected from the Works of Bennett, Burnet, Claughton, Tomline, Welchman, Wilson, &c. &c. 12mo. sewed, 6d.; or on a large sheet, is.


MISCELLANEOUS-continued. Edwards (B. A.) B.A.

ARS SCRIBENDI LATINÈ; or, Aids to Latin Prose Com. position. In the Form of an Analysis of Latin Idioms. By BICKERTON A. EDWARDS, B.A., late Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford. Crown 8vo. 25. 6d.

This book has for its aim a somewhat minute analysis of the principal Idioms current in the best Latin Authors.

A series of Idiomatic Rules and Examples, on opposite pages, each classified under appropriate head, may tend in some measure to the doing away with that most common reproach, the words are Latin, but the Idioms are English.'

For every Latinism a variety of Anglicisms is given, and thereby the student can gage the value of this or that Latin Idiom.

ARS SCRIBENDI ATTICÈ; or, Aids to Greek Prose Composition. By BICKERTON A. EDWARDS, B.A., late Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford; Author of "Ars Scribendi Latinė.'

[In preparation. Lie (Jonas).


[In preparation. Euclid.

THE ENUNCIATIONS AND COROLLARIES of the Propositions in the First Six and the Eleventh and Twelfth Books of

Euclid's Elements, 12mo. sewed, price 6d. Chronology.

A MEMORIA TECHNICA TO CHRONOLOGY, from the Creation to the Overthrow of the Western Empire, A.D. 476. By an OXFORD GRADUATE. Crown 8vo. price is. 6d. FROM THE PREFACE.

lected than when isolated. In the con

struction of the Memorial sentences, all • The “Memoria Technica" is based that I have aimed at is that they should upon two principles, which have recur readily to the ear, Proper names claim to novelty-(1) that words are more have sometimes been slightly altered, and easily remembered than numbers, (2) that the English forms have occasionally been words in statu constructe, though the employed, where the cases required are sense be nonsense, are more easily recol- sufficiently evident from the context." Oxford University Diary.

THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY DIARY, with an Almanack. Containing Notes of Information useful to all Members of the University. May be suspended open against a wall, showing a week to an opening, and allowing the engagements of the current week to be seen at a glance. Published annually, price is. 6d. The Diary is issued as soon after Michaelmas Term as possible, revised up to date.


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