Crown 8vo, beautifully bound in extra cloth, Gilt Edges.

1. The Wish and the Way; or, Passages in the Life of Rose Burgoyne. By the Author of The Diamond Wreath.' Illustrated.

2. Adah, the Jewish Maiden: A Story of the Siege of Jerusalem. By Agnes

M. Gray. Illustrated.

3. Zina; or, Morning Mists. By the Author of The Wish and the Way.' Illustrated.

4. Thrust Out: An Old Legend. By the Author of Until the Shadows Flee Away.' Illustrated.

5. Lady Willacy's Protegées; or, Homes
for the Homeless. By Agnes M. Gray,
Author of 'Adah, the Jewish Maiden.'
6. Scenes and Sketches from English
Church History. By S. M. S. Clarke.
With beautiful Frontispiece and

7. The Young Brahmin's Story; or, The
Confessions of Bihari Lal. With
beautiful Frontispiece and Vignette.
8. Mayflower Stories. By Sarah M. S.
Clarke. With Six Illustrations.

With Plain Edges.


9. M'Cheyne's Memoir and Remains. By 10. M'Cheyne's Additional Remains, consistthe Rev. A. A. Bonar. One hundred and seventeenth thousand. Fine Portrait.

ing of Sermons and Lectures.

THREE SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE EACH. Illustrated, handsomely bound in extra cloth, Gilt Edges.

1. Dunallan; or, Know what you Judge. By Miss Grace Kennedy. Tenth edition, small crown 8vo.

2. Men of Note in British Church History. By the Rev. Dr. Marshall. Small crown 8vo.

3. The Noble Printer; or, The Story of the First Printed Bible. Small crown 8vo. 4. Clifford Castle: A Tale of the English Reformation. By Mrs. Mackay, Author of 'The Family at Heatherdale.' Small crown 8vo.

5. William Farel, and the Story of the

Swiss Reform. By Rev. W. M.
Blackburn. With Frontispiece and

6. The Slave, the Serf, and the Freeman.
Adapted from the German by Mrs. C.
Overend. Small crown 8vo.

7. The Story of Aimée; or, A Life Discipline. By the Author of The Wish and the Way,' 'The Diamond Wreath,' etc. Small crown 8vo.

8. Jeanie Wilson, the Lily of Lammermoor. Revised and Reprinted, with additions, from The Sunday at Home.'

9. Life of Sir Walter Scott.
G. Gilfillan, Dundee.
Frontispiece and Vignette.

With Plain Edges.

By the Rev.

With Steel

10. Thomas Chalmers: A Biographical Study. By James Dodds.

11. Jamieson's (Rev. Robert, D.D.) Eastern Manners Illustrative of Old Testament

History. Sixth edition, greatly enlarged, crown 8vo, with numerous Illustrations.

12. Jamieson's (Rev. Robert, D.D.) Eastern Manners Illustrative of New Testament History. Sixth edition, crown 8vo, with Illustrations.

Foolscap 8vo, Illustrated.

I. Anna Ross; or, The Orphan of Waterloo.
2. Edged Tools. A Book about Boys.
3. Father Clement. By Grace Kennedy.
4. The Great Pilot. By Richard Newton,

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12. Witnessing for Jesus in the Homes of

the Poor.

13. Duncan's (Mrs. Mary Lundie) Memoir. 14. A Book for Governesses. By One of them. 15. Scott (Sir Walter), Life of. Cheap edition.

16. Life of Dr. John Kitto. By Dr. Eadie. 17. Laurence Gillmore; the Peasant and the Pastor.

18. Lucy Raymond; or, The Children's Watchword.

19. Mary Mathieson; or, Duties and Difficulties.

Illustrated. Square 18mo, or Foolscap.

1. Anna Ross; or, The Orphan of Waterloo.
2. The Beauty and her Plain Sister.
3. Bygone Days in our Village.

4. The Decision; or, Religion must be All
or is Nothing.

5. Duncan's Cottage Fireside.

6. The Family at Heatherdale.

7. Last Days of the Martyrs.

8. Margaret of Navarre.

9. Philip Colville: A Covenanter's Story.

10. Pierre and his Family.

11. Principles and Practice.

12. Profession is not Principle.

13. Steps in the Dark. By Mrs. Henderson. 14. Stories by the Author of 'Pierre.'

15. Whitecross's Anecdotes on the Shorter Catechism.

16. Whitecross's Anecdotes on the New Testament.

17. Whitecross's Moral and Religious Anecdotes.

18. Young Calvin in Paris; or, The Scholar and the Cripple.

19. A Year Abroad.

20. Bible Jewels. By Richard Newton, D.D.

21. Anna Lee: The Maiden, Wife, and Mother.

22. The Christian Warrior.

23. Bible Pearls. By Madeline Leslie.


The Crown of Virtue.

25. Bible Wonders. By Richard Newton, D.D.

26. Jessie Grey.

27. The Old and New Home.

28. The German Drummer Boy.

29. Alice Herbert, and Emily's Choice.
30. Sowing the Good Seed.

31. Master Peter's Wanderings in Search of

32. The Besieged City, and the Heroes of

33. Joseph Pilmor, the Quaker Soldier.
34. Franziska: A Story for Girls. By Miss


35. His Excellency. By the Author of 'Biddy.' 36. Climbing the Ladder; or, Tom Fairbairn's Progress. By A. K. Hope.

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Small Crown 8vo, cloth.

Each with Beautiful Illuminated Side and Coloured Frontispiece, and other Illustrations.

34. The Cold Shoulder; or, A Half-Year at Craiglea. By the Author of 'The Boys of Springdale.'

35. Carry Morgan. By the Author of Biddy.'

36. An Enemy's Friendship: A Tale of the By the Author

Franco-Prussian War.

of 'Mayflower Stories.'

37. Little Madeline: A Story for Children.






Richly Illuminated, Beautifully Illustrated, and Printed in Colours and Gold.

Price 1s. 6d. each, or the Set of 6, in a Cover, price 7s. 6d.

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With Illuminated Side and Frontispiece, Cloth, New Style.

1. Andrew Campbell's Visit to his Irish Cousins. By Grace Kennedy.

2. Bernard Palissy, the Huguenot and Potter. 3. Charlotte and her Enemy.

4. The Diamond Wreath.

5. Eadie's Lectures to the Young.

6. Fitzallan the Catechist; containing the original Story of "The Sea-Boy's Grave.'

7. The Gardener's Daughter, and Mary Grant.

[blocks in formation]

20. Pollok's Helen of the Glen.
21. Pollok's Persecuted Family.
22. Pollok's Ralph Gemmell,
23. Scottish Stories.

24. The Student's Walk.
·25. Susan and Magdalene.
26. The Broken Hyacinth.

27. The Manse of Sunnyside; or, Trials of a
Minister's Family.

28. The Hallet Family: A Story for the


29. The Mother Dove. And other Stories. 30. Countess Margarethé and her Children. 31. Tom Ilderton. By Mrs. Scott.

32. The Two Friends, and The Rescue.
33. Why the Mill was Stopped.

34. Widow Gray, and Elspeth Sutherland.
35. The Basket of Flowers.
36. Thy Kingdom Come.
37. Little Eddy Hill.
38. The Angel Fairy.
39. Pleasant Grove.

40. The Dairyman's Daughter.
41. The Pet Lamb.

By the Author of The

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Each with Beautiful Coloured Frontispiece and Vignette.

45. Sister Cora: A Tale of the Eighteenth Century. By the Author of 'Biddy.'
46. Our Junior Mathematical Master, and A Perilous Errand, By Robert Richardson.
47. Robert's Birthday Gift.

48. The Story of Cranmer. By Rev. Dr. Marshall.

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Each with Illuminated Side and Frontispiece, Cloth Neat.

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