Kennedy's (Miss Grace)—

The Decision; or, Religion must be All or is Nothing. Eighteenth
edition, with Three Illustrations, small 8vo,

Anna Ross: A Story of Waterloo. Twenty-third edition, with Three
Illustrations, small 8vo,

Do. foolscap 8vo, with Six Illustrations,

Andrew Campbell's Visit to his Irish Cousins. New edition, 16m0,
Jessie Allan; or, The Lame Girl. 14th edition, 16m0,

KITTO'S (John, D.D.)—

Daily Bible Illustrations: being Original Readings for a Year on Subjects relating to Sacred History, Biography, Geography, Antiquities, and Theology. Especially designed for the Family Circle. In 8 vols. crown 8vo, bevelled boards, with fine Frontispieces, Vignettes, and numerous Engravings. New edition, edited and revised by J. L. PORTER, D.D., LL.D., Belfast, Author of 'The Giant Cities of Bashan,' etc.,

Do. 8 vols., half morocco, roxburgh style, gilt top,

Do. 8 vols., half morocco, marbled edges,

Do. 8 vols., calf antique, red edges,

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Do. 8 vols., morocco antique, tooled edges, .

Each Volume is complete in itself, and is sold separately, in cloth.

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Cases may also

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Kitto's (John, D.D.) Life. By JOHN EADIE, D.D., LL.D. Twelfth thou-
sand, with Illustrations, extra foolscap 8vo, cloth,
Kitto's Lost Senses.

small 8vo,

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Deafness-Blindness. New edition, in one vol.


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Lady Willacy's Protegees; or, Homes for the Homeless. By AGNES M. Gray,
Author of 'Adah, the Jewish Maiden.' Crown 8vo, illustrated,

Landreth (Rev. P.)—

Memorials of the United Presbyterian Hall. Crown 8vo, Lawson's (late Rev. Dr., of Selkirk)—

Reflections on the Death of a Beloved Daughter. New edition, 32m0,
cloth antique,

Lindsay's (late Rev. William, D.D., Glasgow, Professor of Theology in the
United Presbyterian Church) Lectures on the Epistle to the Hebrews.
Two volumes demy 8vo,

M'Cheyne's (Rev. R. Murray, of Dundee)—

Memoir and Remains. By the Rev. A. A. Bonar. One hundred and seventeenth thousand. Fine Portrait, crown 8vo,

do., half morocco,

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do., morocco, blank tooled,

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Additional Remains,

edition, crown 8vo,
Letters to Inquirers and Young Converts, sewed 6d. ; Do. in cloth, .
Exposition of the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia, sewed 6d. ;
Do. in cloth, .

Macfarlane (Rev. John), LL.D., Clapham, London, Author of 'The Night
Lamp,' etc., Memoir of, by Rev. WILLIAM GRAHAM, Liverpool.
Second edition, crown 8vo,

Marshall (William, D.D., Coupar-Angus)—

The Principles of the Westminster Standards Persecuting. Small crown 8vo,

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Men of Note in British Church History, crown 8vo, Illustrated,
The Story of Cranmer. Small 8vo, with Coloured Frontispiece and

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Mayflower Stories. By SARAH M. S. CLARKE. Crown 8vo, illustrated, 5 0 Meikle's (James, Surgeon) Solitude Sweetened; or, Meditations on various Religious Subjects. With Memoir. New edition, foolscap 8vo, bevelled boards,

Moncrieff (B. Hope)

3 0

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Paterson (Charles E., B.D., Paris)-An Exposition of the Lord's Prayer.
Extra foolscap 8vo,

Mr. Leslie's Stories. With Illustrations and illuminated side,
The Lycee Boys. With Illustrations and illuminated side, .
The Martyr Shepherd. With Illustrations and illuminated side,
Mourner's Friend (The); or, Instruction and Consolation for the Bereaved.
Second edition, 32m0,

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New and
Four vols.

Paxton's (late Rev. Professor) Illustrations of Scripture from the Geography,
Natural History, and Manners and Customs of the East.
greatly enlarged edition, by the Rev. R. JAMIESON, D.D.
foolscap 8vo, with Frontispieces and Vignettes,

Each Treatise being complete in itself, is sold separately.


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Peddie's (James, W.S.) Gospel Narrative; or, The Life of our Lord as given by the Four Evangelists, arranged in one combined and continuous History. Second edition, foolscap,

Pictorial Hymn Cards for Nurseries and Schoolrooms. Richly illuminated, beautifully illustrated and printed in colours and gold. 1s. 6d. each; or the set of 6, in a cover,

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· 76

Plumer (Rev. W. S., D.D., LL.D.)—Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the
Romans. Imperial 8vo,

Pollok's (Author of 'The Course of Time') Tales of the Covenanters ;
with Memoir, Portrait, Vignette, and Plates. Fourteenth edition,
foolscap 8vo, bevelled boards,

Also the same Tales separately in neat cloth.


2 6

Helen of the Glen. New edition, 16mo,

Ralph Gemmell. New edition, 16mo,

The Persecuted Family. New edition, 16mo,

New and Cheaper Editions in Coloured Wrappers.

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Children viewed in the Light of Scripture,

Everlasting Punishment and Modern Speculation. Plymouth Brethrenism Unveiled and Refuted. vised, .

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Robson's (Rev. John, M.A., formerly of Ajmere) Hinduism and its Rela-
tions to Christianity. Extra crown 8vo,
Sacramental (The) Manual; or, A Scriptural and Devotional Guide to the
Table of the Lord. 32mo,

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7 6

I 6

Sacred Poetry. Twentieth edition, 16mo, with Frontispiece,

2 6

Scenes and Sketches from English Church History. By S. M. S. CLARKE.
With beautiful Frontispiece and Vignette. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,
Scott, Life of Sir Walter. By the Rev. GEORGE GILFILLAN, Dundee.
Crown 8vo,



Do. do., cheap edition,

2 6

Scripture Stories in Verse. With Sacred Songs and other Pieces. By
J. EDMOND, D.D., London. Extra foolscap, .

Shedd's (Rev. W. G. T., D.D.) Homiletics and Pastoral Theology. Second
edition, crown 8vo,

Smith's (Rev. John Pye, D.D., F.R.S.)—

s. d.



Scripture Testimony to the Messiah. Sixth edition, two large vols. 8vo, 14 o Four Discourses on the Sacrifice and Priesthood of Jesus Christ. Fifth edition, foolscap 8vo, .

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Smith (Rev. David, D.D., Biggar)—Memoir and Discourses. Crown 8vo, Somerville's (Rev. Andrew) Lectures on Missions and Evangelism. Crown 8vo,

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Taylor's (Rev. W. M., D.D., of New York)—

The Miracles Helps to Faith, not Hindrances,

The Lost Found, and The Wanderer Welcomed. Small crown 8vo, Thrust Out: An Old Legend. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,.



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12mo, sewed,


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0 4


Rules and Forms of Procedure in the Church Courts.
Rules and Forms of Procedure in Congregational Affairs,
Summary of Principles of the United Presbyterian Church. 12mo,
Counsels to Christian Parents on the Education of their Children. 18mo,
cloth, .

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Memorials of the Union of the Secession and Relief Churches. Foolscap

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United Presbyterian Missionary Record,
United Presbyterian Juvenile Missionary Magazine,

Changes and En-
By Rev. P. LAND-

United Presbyterian Hall (Memorials of the), in its
largements, for One Hundred and Forty Years.
RETH, Author of 'Studies and Sketches in Modern Literature.'
Crown 8vo, cloth,

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Wallace's (Rev. Alexander, D.D., Glasgow)—

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The Desert and the Holy Land. Crown 8vo, with Six Plates,


The Bible and Working People: A Series of Fifteen Lectures. Thirteenth thousand, foolscap 8vo,

I 6

Wardlaw's (Rev. Ralph, D.D.) Lectures on Ecclesiastes, .

Watson's (Rev. Charles, D.D., late of Burntisland)—

Prayers for the Use of Families. Fifteenth edition, bevelled boards, post 8vo,

s. d.



Whitecross' (John)—

Moral and Religious Anecdotes. Fifth edition, foolscap 8vo,

2 O

Anecdotes Illustrative of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism. teenth edition, small 8vo, Illustrated,


2 0

Anecdotes Illustrative of Select Passages in each Chapter of the New
Testament. Eleventh edition, small 8vo, Illustrated,

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2 O

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Young Brahmin's Story (The); or, The Confessions of Bihàrì Làl. Crown 8vo, Illustrated,.

5 0

Zina; or, Morning Mists. By the Author of The Wish and the Way.'
Crown 8vo, Illustrated,


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