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Wonderful Travels (The). By JULES VERNE. S.

Containing “A Journey into the Interior of the Earth,” and
“ Five Weeks in a Balloon.” With Six Coloured Pictures.
Crown 8vo, picture boards
elegant cloth gilt

3 6 Wonders of the World (The), in Earth, Sea, and Sky. By UNCLE JOHN. With 123 Wood Engravings.

Post 8770, cloth gilt, gilt edges.
Wood Rangers (The). By Captain MAYNE REID.

Crown 800, picture boards
Woo (How 10); or, Etiquette of Courtship and Mar-
riage. With Coloured Frontispiece.
Demy 32mo, cloth, gilt edges .

6 picture boards

3 Wordsworth's Works (E. Moxon, Son, and Co.) Wordsworth's Prose Works. Complete Copyright Edition,

for the first time collected. Edited by Rev. A. B. Grosart,
Author of “ Fuller Worthies Library.” Dedicated by ex-
press permi to the Queen, and containing an hitherto
unpublished Poem addressed by Wordsworth to Her Majesty.
In Three Vols., demy 8vo, cloth gilt.

42 Wordsworth's Poetical Works. Complete Edition. Portrait. Royal 8vo, bevelled, cloth gilt

9 0 Complete. (Centenary Edition). In Six Vols., fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt

· 30 Complete Edition. In Six pocket Vols., pott 8vo, cloth

15 Imperial Svo, cloth, gilt edges

6 Wordsworth's Excursion.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt
See also Moxon's Popular and Library Poets, page 71.

BOOKS. Including many of the acknowledged Masterpieces
of Historical and Critical Literature, made more accessible than
hitherto to the general reader by publication at a moderate rate.
1. Hallam's Constitutional History of England. From the

Accession of Henry VII. to the Death of George II. By
HENRY Hallam. With Appendum : The Essay of Lord
Macaulay on “Hallam's Constitutional History of England.”

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound or cloth gilt, 970 pages 5 0 2. Hallam's Europe during the Middle Ages. By HENRY

HALLAMI, Author of “Constitutional History England.”

Crown 870.clith, half-bound or cloth gilt, 720 pages 3 6

Library Edition, demy 8vo, cloth gilt, 894 pages 6 3. Hallam's Church and State. Being a View of the state of

Europe during the Middle Ages, History of Ecclesiastical
Power, Constitutional History of England, the State of
Society in Europe. By HENRY HALLAM, LL.D.,F.R.A.S.
Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound or cloth gilt

6 4. Hallam's State of Society in Europe. By HENRY


Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound or cloth gilt, 120 pages 2 5. Smith's Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the

Wealth of Nations. By ADAM SMITH, LL.D., F.R.A.S.
Crown 8vo, cloth gilt or half-bound, 782 pages

3 6
Adam Smith's Essays-Moral Sentiments, Astronomy,
Physics, &c.

Crozun 8vo, cloth gilt or half-bound, 476 pages

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WORLD LIBRARY, continued. 7. Hume's History of England. From the Invasion of Julius

Cæsar to the Revolution in 1688. By David HUME. 3 Vols.

Crown 8vo, cloth gilt or half-bound, 2240 pages 8. Hume's Essays, Literary, Moral, and Political. "By DAVID Hume, the Historian. 558 pages.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt
9. Montaigne's Essays. Containing all the Essays of

MICHAEL the Seigneur de MONTAIGNE. Translated by
Charles COTTON, Esq. 684 pages.

Crown 8vo, cloth gilt or half-bound

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Library Edition, demy 8vo, 928 pages

, cloth gill

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5 0

10. Warton's History of English Poetry, from the Eleventh

to the Seventeenth Century. By THOMAS WARTON, B.D.,
Poet Laureate. 1,032 pages.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt
11. Aikin's (Lucy) Court and Times of Queen Elizabeth.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound or gilt
12. Burke's (Edmund) Choice Pieces. Speech on the Law

of Libel-Reflections on Revolution in France-On the
Sublime and Beautiful--Abridgment of English History.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt
13. Herbert's History of England under Henry VIII.

By EDWARD Lord HERBERT. 764 pages.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound or gilt 14. Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting in England. By

Horace WALPOLE. 538 pages.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt 15. M‘Culloch's (J. R:) Principles of Political Economy.

With Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Science. 360 pp.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt 16. Locke on Toleration. 400 pages.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt 17. Bolingbroke's Letters on the Study and the Use of


Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt 18. Walton's Complete Angler; or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt
19. Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. By Sir WALTER

SCOTT. His First Book. Enriched with matter from his
later Works. 544 pages.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt
20. Essays on Beauty and Taste : On Beauty, by FRANCIS

Lord JEFFREY ; On Taste, by ARCHIBALD ALiSON, LL. D. 21. Milton's Early Britain, under Trojan, Roman, and Saxon

Rule, by JOHN MILTON. England under Richard III.,
by Sir Thomas More. England under Henry VII., by
Sir Francis Bacon, Lord VERULAM. 424 pages.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt
22. Marvell's Poems and Satires. By ANDREW MARVELL,

M.P. for Hull, 1658. With Memoir of the Author. 208 pp.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt 23. Macaulay : Reviews, Essays, and Poems.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt 24. Sydney Smith's Essays : Social and Political.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gilt
25. Lord Bacon: The Proficience and Advancement of

Learning, the New Atlantis, Historical Sketches, with his
Essays, Civil and Moral.

Crown 8vo, cloth, half-bound, or gill

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World's Explorers (The), including the Discoveries s.

of Livingstone and Stanley. Coloured Frontispiece and many
Demy Svo, cloth gilt, plain edges

gilt edges

6 Wraxall's (Sir C. F. Lascelles, Bart.) The Back

woodsman: or, Lise on the Indian Frontier. Many sull-page
and other Illustrations.
Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges .

5 0



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3 6

YANKEE HUMOUR and Uncle Sam's Fun.
Crown 8vo, picture wrapper .

I 0 Year-Book (The) of Facts in Science and Art.

Showing the most important Discoveries, Inventions, and Im-
provements during the past year. By JAMES MASON.
Crown 8vo, boards

2 6 cloth gilt

3 6 Year One of the Republic, 1793. By ERCKMANNCHATRIAN. Post 8vo, coloured wrapper cloth gilt, full-page Illustrations

2 6 cloth, gilt edges


3 6 and Citizen Bonaparte. By the same.

Post 8vo, fancy boards.
Young Dragoon (The). By Capt. DRAYSON. Illust.

Fcap. 8vo, picture boards
Young Housekeeper (The) as Daughter, Wife, and

Mother ; forming a perfect Young Woman's Companion. Many

Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, red edges
1. Sunshine and Rain; or, Blanche Cleveland. By A. E. W.

With Eight sull-page Illustrations. 2. Roses and Thorns; or, Five Tales of the Start in Life. 3. Bible Narratives; or, Scripture Stories. By the Rev. F.

CALDER, M. A. Illustrated.
4. Pleasure and Profit; or, Lessons at Home. With Eight

Country Pleasures; or, The Carterets. By A. E. R. With

Eight full-page Illustrations.
6. Stories of Courage and Principle; or, Fit to be a Duchess.

By Mrs. GILLESPIE SMYTH. Eight full-page Illustrations. 7. Who are the Happy Ones? or, Home Sketches. By the

Author of "Quiet Thoughts for Quiet Hours," &c. With

Eight full-page Illustrations. 8. Progress (The) of Character; or, Cliffethorpe. By Har

RIET POWER. With Eight full-page Illustrations.
9. What Can She Do?. By Rev. E. P. Roe, Author of

“From Jest to Earnest,” &c.
Crown 8vo, cloth gilt .

Young Lady's Wedding Bonnet (Adventures of).
Written and Illustrated by CHARLES H. Ross.
Crown 8vo, picture wrapper .

I 0 Young Marooners (The). By F. R. GOULDING. Illustrated.

Post 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges


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Startling Stories, with Coloured Plates).
1. A Journey into the Interior of the Earth. By VERNE.
2. The English at the North Pole. By JULES VERNE.
3. The Ice Desert. By JULES VERNE.
4. Five Weeks in a Balloon. By JULES VERNE.
5. The Mysterious Document. By JULES VERNE.
6. On the Track. By JULES VERNE.
7. Among the Cannibals. By JULES VERNE.
8. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. By JULES

Verne. Part I.

Part II.
10. Two Years before the Mast. By R. H. DANA.
1. From the Earth to the Moon. By JULES VERNE.
12. Round the Moon. By JULES VERNE.
13. History of Sandford and Merton. By THOMAS DAY.
14. Baron Munchausen (The Life, Travels, and Extra-

ordinary Adventures of). By the Last of his Family.
Crown 8vo, fancy wrapper

cloth gilt
ANA, the Gipsy.

Crown 8vo, picture boards
Zenon, the Roman Martyr. By Rev. R. COBBOLD.
Fcap. 8vo, fancy wrapper
cloth gilt

cloth gilt, gilt edges.
Zoological Recreations. By W. J. BRODERIP, F.R.S.
Coloured Frontispiece, and many Illustrations.
Demy Svo, cloth gilt, plain edges

5 gilt edges


1. Love against the 4. Ethel Grey.

World. 1. Morals of Mayfair. By Mrs. ED

5. Maude Luton.

2. Hunted to Death. 6. Caroline. 2. Hand and Glove. By Miss A, B.

3. Perils of a Pretty 7. Three Red Men.


Crown 8vo, picture boards . 3. Adventures of a Queen's Messen.

cloth gilt

6 ger. By Major H. BYNG Hall. 4. Recollections of a Detective Police

Officer. By “WATERS.”

1. Norman's Bridge. I 5. Castle Avon.

2. Two Old Men's 6. Lettice Arnold. 5. Donnel Dhu; or, The Black Prophet. By W. CARLETON.

3. Aubrey. [Tales. 7. Heiress of Haugh

4. Angela. 6. Three Months after Date, &c.

Crown 820, picture boards .

2 6 *7 The Arctic Crusoe. By Percy B.


1. Old Myddleton's 3. Hidden Perils. 8. Dick Diminy; or, The Life of a


4. Squire's Legacy. Jockey. By C. J. Collins,

2. Victor and Van- 5. Arundel Motto. 9. Won by a Neck: A Racing Novel.

quished. 10. Put to the Test. Edited by M. E.

Crown 8vo, picture boards .

--- cloth gilt

2 6 11. For Better, for Worse. Edited by EDMUND YATES.


1. Wife's Evidence. 4. Life's ForeshaCrown 8vo, picture boards .

2. David Chantrey. dowings. cloth gill


3. Notice to Quit. 5. Three Watches. * This book is not done at 23. 6d., but an Illused Edition in handsome binding is published at

Crown Svo, picture bonnes
cloth gilt

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cloth gilt


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Beeton's Penny Children's Books.

1. Beeton's Pictorial ABC Book. 28 pages. 94 Illust.
2. Beeton's Pictorial Spelling Book. 24 pages._43 Illust.
3. Beeton's Pictorial Primer and Easy Word Book, 24

pages. 78 Illustrations.
4. Beeton's Pictorial Reader. 24 pages. 21 Illustrations.
5. Beeton's Pictorial History of England. 28 pages. 46

6. Beeton's Pictorial Bible History. 28 pages. 39 Illust.

Post Svo, coloured wrapper
The Chinese Garden. A large Puzzle Sheet.

Printed in colours

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Aunt Affable's Twopenny Series of Pretty Play Books.

1. The ABC Book. 3. Death and Burial of Cock Robin. 2. A B C of Objects.

Child's Picture Book of Animals. Royal 8vo, coloured wrappers, plain .

2 coloured

0 3 Child's Picture Bible Stories. 1. Life and Teachings of our 4. Story of the Mighty Men Lord Jesus Christ.

of Israel.
2. The Creation to the Deluge. 5. The History of David.
3. History of Abraham, Isaac, 6. The Apostles and
and Jacob.

Saviour's Teaching.
Royal 8vo, coloured wrapper, plain

Gracie Goodchild's Picture Books.

1. Pretty Picture Alphabet. 1 3. The Pretty Picture Primer. 2. Pretty Picture A BO. 4. Pretty Picture Nursery Rhymes. In picture wrapper

0 3 Aunt Fanny's Series of Sixpenny Toy Books.

With beautiful Coloured Pictures. 1. The Two Puppies.

13. The Book of Animals. 2. The Cunning Fox.

14. Three Little Kittens. 3. The Boys and the Giant. *16. Little Miss Tottie's Travels. 4. Dick Dolittle, the Idle Sparrow. Four Engravings in Colours. 5. Alphabet of Animals.

*17. Little Miss Tottie's Chim6. Aunt Fanny's A B C.

ney Corner Stories. 7. Cock Robin.

Four Engravings in Colours. 8. Nursery Rhymes Alphabet. * 18. Little Miss Tottie and her 9. Aunt Fanny's Nursery Rhymes. Friends. With Four En10. Naughty Chickens.

gravings in Colours. II. Punch and Judy.

19. Alphabet of Games. 12. Old Mother Hubbard.

20. Alphabet of Toys. Royal 8vo, coloured wrapper .

6 mounted on cloth

Those marked thus * are not done at is.



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