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Landlord and Tenant, Lodgers, Rates and Taxes s.
(Law relating to).
Crown 8vo, linen cover

I 0
Lang's (John) Works :-
Captain Macdonald. Forger's Wife.

Too Clever by Hall.

1 1 Clever Criminals.

My Friend's Wife. Too Much Alike.

Secret Police.
Crown 8vo, picture wrapper

each І о Langdon's (Mary) Ida May. Fcap. 8vo, fancy wrapper cloth gilt

6 cloth gilt, bevelled boards, gilt edges Language (The) of Flowers. With numerous Engravings and a Coloured Frontispiece.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt
Pocket Edition. Coloured Frontispiece, and Illustrations.
Demy 32mo, cloth, gilt edges

o 6 Language (The) and Poetry of Flowers. With

a Complete Vocabulary, Quotations, Meanings, Flower Lan-
guage, and a Collection of Poems illustrating the Nature,
Beauty, Sentiments, Teachings, and Associations of the
Floral World, &c. Coloured Pictures and other Illustrations.
Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt, red edges.

2 6 Last of the Incas (The). By GUSTAVE AIMARD. Crown 8vo, picture wrapper

I o Latouche's (John) Country House Essays. By the Author of “Travels in Portugal,” &c. Crown 8vo, ornamental wrapper

cloth gilt
Law Book (BEETON's). A Practical Compendium of

the general principles of English Jurisprudence ; comprising
upwards of 13,000 Statements of the Law. With a full
Index, 25,000 References, every numbered paragraph in its par-
ticular place, and under its general head.

Post Svo, cloth gilt
Leah, the Jewish Maiden.

Crown 8vo, picture boards
Leathley's (Mrs.) Story of Stories; or, Bible

Narratives for the Young. By the Author of “Chickseed with.
out Chickweed.” 416 pages, with full-page Illustrations.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt
Lectures to Young Men. By Henry Ward BEECHER.
Crown 8vo, fancy wrapper

cloth, cut flush.
cloth gilt
extra cloth gili

, gilt edges LEGAL HANDBOOKS (BEETON's) :

1. Property.
2. Women, Children, and Registration.
3. Divorce and Matrimonial Causes.
4. Wills, Executors, and Trustees.
5. Transactions in Trade, Securities, and Sureties.
6. Partnership and Joint Stock Companies.
7. Landlord and Tenant, Lodgers, Rates and Taxes.

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LEGAL HANDBOOKS, continued. 8. Masters, Apprentices and Servants, Working Con. 9. Auctions, Valuations, Agency.

10. Compositions, Liquidations, and Bankruptcy.
II. Conveyance, Travellers, and Innkeepers.
12. Agreements, Deeds, Powers, and Arbitrations.

Crown 8vo, linen covers .
Legends of the Missouri and Mississippi. By M.
HOPEWELL, Author of “The Great West.”

Crown 8vo, fancy boards.
Letters (Bolingbroke's) on the Study and the
Use of History. 288 pages.

Crown Svo, cloth gilt or half bound
Letters to Punch. By ARTEMUS Ward.

Fcap. 8vo, picture wrapper

and Practical Jokes, by MARK TWAIN.
Fcap. 8vo, picture boards

cloth gilt
Letter Writer (BEETON'S Complete). For Ladies and

Post Svo, cloth, plain for Ladies.


for Gentlemen. Post Svo, linen cover


Demy 16mo, in wrapper. LIBRARY OF HUMOUR (BEETON'S). 1. The Innocents Abroad; or, The New Pilgrim's Progress.

By MARK TWAIN. 2. Bret Harte. Complete Tales. 3. Out of the Hurly-Burly. By Max ADELER. With 400

humorous Illustrations by A. B. Frost. 4. Artemus Ward : His Book, and Among the Mormons. 5. Hood's Whims and Oddities. Illustrated. 6. Wit and Wisdom of Douglas Jerrold and Thomas

Hood. 7. Lowell's Biglow Papers, and Saxe's Poems. 8. Back Log Studies, and My Summer in a Garden. By

C. D. WARNER. 9. Riddles and Charades. 10. American Drolleries, containing The Jumping Frog and

Screamers. By MARK TWAIN. 11. Artemus Ward's Letters to Punch, and Mark Twain's

Practical Jokes. 12. Funny Stories, and Humorous Poems. By Mark TWAIN

and O. W. HOLMES. 13. Josh Billings' Sayings, and Major Jack Downing. 14. Little Breeches, and Babies and Ladders. 15. Danbury Newsman, and Mystery of Mr. E. Drood. By

J. M. BAILEY and ORPHEUS C. KERR. 16. Hook's Ramsbottom Papers, and Mr. Brown 'on the

Goings-on of Mrs. Brown,
17. Awful Crammers, and Shaving them. Titus A. BRICK.
18. Elbow Room. By the Author of “Out of the Hurly-

Burly. Humorously Illustrated by A. B. Frost.
19. Helen's Babies and Other People's Children. By JOHN

HABBERTON. With 16 full-page Illustrations.
Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt


2 6 3 6


Library Poets (Moxon's). See page 71.

d. Life in a Whaler; or, Perils and Adventures in the Tropical Seas. By Sailor CHARLEY. Full-page Illustrations.

Post 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges
Life of a Racehorse. By John Mills. Illustrated.
Crown 8vo, picture wrapper .

I O Life of King Robert Bruce. With a Portrait of him taken from an old Painting in Taymouth Castle.

Crown 8vo, cloth gilt.
Life of the Prince of Wales (BEETON'S Penny).
Demy 16mo, in wrapper

• O I Life Thoughts. By HENRY WARD Beecher. Red border lines.

Crown 8vo, cloth gilt.

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No series of Books has ever gained such world-wide popularity as the Lily Series." 1,465,000 Copies have been already sold in Great Britain and the Colonies. 1. A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life,

By the Author of “The Gayworthys." 2. The Gayworthys : A Story of Threads and Thrums. 3. Faith Gartney's Girlhood. By the same. 4. The Gates Ajar; or, Our Loved Ones in Heaven. By

E. STUART PHELPS, Author of Gypsy Breynton.' 5. Little Women. By L. M. ALCOTT, Author of Good

Wives," &c. 6. Good Wives. By the Author of "Little Women." 7. Alone. By M. HARLAND, Author of “ The Hidden Path." 8. I've been thinking. By the Author of “ Looking Round.” 9. Ida May. By MARY LANGDON. 10. The Lamplighter. By Miss CUMMING, "Author of

“Mabel Vaughan.” II. Stepping Heavenward. By E. PRENTISS, Author of

Aunt Jane's Hero,” &c. 12. Gypsy Breynton. By the Author of “The Gates Ajar.” 13. Aunt Jane's Hero. By Mrs. E. PRENTISS. 14. The Wide, Wide World. By Miss WETHERELL, Author

of “Queechy," "Melbourne House,” &c. 15. Queechy. By Miss WETHERELL. 16. Looking Round. By the Author of “I've been Thinking.” 17. Fabrics : A Story of To-Day. 18. Our Village : Tales. By Miss MiTFORD. 19. The Winter Fire. By ROSE Porter. 20. The Flower of the Family. By Mrs. E. PRENTISS. 21. Mercy Gliddon's Work. By E. STUART PHELPS. 22. Patience Strong's Outings. . By the Author of “The

Gayworthys.” 23. Something to Do. By the Author of “ Little Women.” 24. Gertrude's Trial ; or, Light out of Darkness. 25. The Hidden Path. By MARION HARLAND, Author of

“ Alone." 26. Uncle Tom's Cabin. By Mrs. BEECHIER STOWE. Illust. 27. Fireside and Camp Stories. By Lovisa M. Alcott. 28. The Shady Side; or, A Country Parsonage Life. By a

Pastor's Wife. 29. The Sunny Side. By E. STUART PHELPS. 30. What Katy Did. By SUSAN COOLIDGE. 31. Fern Leaves from Fanny's Portfolio. By FANNY FERN.

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LILY SERIES continued. 32. Shadows and Sunbeams. By FANNY FERN. 33. What Katy Did at School. By Susan COOLIDGE. 34. Shiloh; or, Without and Within. By Mrs. W. M. L. JAY. 35. The Percys. By the Author of " Stepping Heavenward,” 36. Gypsy's Sowing and Reaping. By E. STUART PHELPS. 37. Gypsy's Cousin Joy. By E. STUART PHELPS. 38. Gypsy's Year at the Golden Crescent. By Ditto. 39. Miss Edgeworth's Moral Tales. 40.

Popular Tales. 41. The Prince of the House of David. By the Rev. J. H.

INGRAHAM. 42. Anna Lee : The Maiden, the Wise, and the Mother. By

T. S. ARTHUR. 43. The Throne of David. By the Rev. J. H. INGRAHAM. 44. The Pillar of Fire. By the Rev. J. H. INGRAHAM. 45. Prudence Palfrey. By T. B. ALDRICII. 46. A Peep at No. 5. By H. TRUSTA. 47. Marjorie's Quest. By JEANNIE T. Gould. 48. Our Village : Country Pictures. By Miss MITFORD, 49. Woman our Angel. By A. S. Roe. Sequel to “ Looking

Round.” 50. How Marjory Helped. By M. CARROLL. 51. Mabel Vaughan, By Miss CUMMING. 52. Melbourne House, Author of “ The Wide, Wide World." 53. Father Clement: A Story of the Roman Catholics. By

54. Dunallan. By GRACE KENNEDY.
55. From Jest to Earnest. By Rev. E. P. Roe.
56. Jessamine. By MARION HARLAND.
57. Miss Gilbert's Career. By J. G. HOLLAND.
58. The Old Helmet. . By Miss WETHERELL.
59. Forging their Own Chains.
60. Daisy. Sequel to “Melbourne House."
61. Our Helen. By SOPHIE MAY.
62. That Lass o'Lowrie's. By FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT.
Fcap. 8vo, emblematical paper wrapper each

cloth gilt
cloth gilt, bevelled boards, gilt edges

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1. Barriers Burned Away. By Rev. E. P. Roe, Author of

From Jest to Earnest,” &c.
3. Modern Accomplishments. By CATHERINE SINCLAIR.
4. What can she Do? By Rev. E. P. Ros.
5. Dollars and Cents. Author of “ The Wide, Wide World."
6. Holden with the Cords. By Mrs. W. M. L. JAY.
Crown 8vo, boards, emblematical design

2 0 Linton (Mrs. Lynn). The Mad Willoughbys, and other Tales. By the Author of “Patricia Kemball." Crown 8vo ornamental wrapper

cloth gilt :
'Lion Hunting; or, Adventures and Exploits in India,

Africa, and America: By JULES GERARD, the Lion Killer.
With Illustrations by GUSTAVE DORÉ.
Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt edges

· 5
Literary Curiosities and Eccentricities. By

Crown 8vo, cloth gill.




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3 6


Little Breeches. By Colonel John Hay.

d. Fcap. 8vo, picture wrapper .

and Babies and Ladders. Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt.

2 6 Little Ida's Flowers, and other Stories. By HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN. Two Coloured and other Illustrations.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt
Little Mary's Nursery Story

Story Book.

numerous Illustrations.
Imperial 16mo, cloth gilt

5 0 Little Mermaid (The), and other Stories. By HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN. Coloured Frontispiece and Illusts.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt.
Little Miss Mischief, and other Stories. By SUSAN
COOLIDGE, Author of "What Katy Did," &c. Illustrated.

Imperial 16mo, cloth gilt
Little Pet Series. See page 112.
Little Ragamuffin (True History of). See page 97.
Little Susy's Six Birthdays. Illustrated.
Little Servants.

Six Teachers.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt, plain edges

each I o cloth extra, bevelled boards, gilt edges

See also Good GIFT LIBRARY, page 110.
Little Tuk, and other Stories. By HANS CHRISTIAN
ANDERSEN. Illustrated.

Fcap. 8vo, cloth gilt.
Little Women. By L. M. ALCOTT.
Fcap. 8vo, fancy wrapper
cloth gilt

6 cloth gilt

, bevelled boards, gilt edges
Lives of Famous Poets. By WILLIAM MICHAEL
ROSSETTI. (E. Moxon, Son, and Co.)
Crown 8vo, 400 pages

10 6 Livingstone and Stanley. With a Map, Portraits, and separate Engravings.

Demy Svo, paper wrapper
Locke on Toleration. 400 pages.
Crown 8vo, cloth gilt or half bound

3 6 Longfellow's Poetical Works. See Moxon's

Popular Poets, page 71.
Looking Round. By the Author of " I've been
Fcap. 8vo, fancy wrapper
cloth gilt

6 cloth gilt, bevelled boards, gilt edges Lost for Love. By Miss M. E. BRADDON. Fcap. 8vo, fancy boards Cloth gilt.

6 Lost Lenore. By Captain MAYNE Reid. Crown 8vo, picture boards

2 0 Love Letters of Eminent Persons. Edited by CHARLES MARTEL.

Crown 8vo, wrapper

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