Richon (Victor) Manuel de la Littérature Française à l'usage des Ecoles, Moderne et Contemporaine. 2nd Edition.



Richon (Victor) Treatise on French Versifi

cation. Cloth. 45.

Roussey (Victor) Cours de Versions: A Selec

tion of Pieces from English and French Authors, for Translation into French. With Notes. Cloth. 3s. 6d.

The following Works by Dr. LEONHARD SCHMITZ, Head Master of the International College, London, are specially recommended to the attention of Teachers; they are now used extensively in most of the large Schools in Great Britain and in the Colonies.

Schmitz, F.R.S.E. A Manual of Ancient

May also

History, from the Remotest Times to the Overthrow of the Western Empire, A.D. 476, with copious Chronological Tables. 5th Edition. 75. 6d. be had in Two Volumes, price 4s. each.

The First Volume, besides the History of the Asiatic Nations and of Egypt, contains a History of Greece, adapted to the Lower and Middle Forms of Public Schools.

The Second Volume contains a History of Rome, adapted to the same class of boys. "The result of a vast amount of reading and thought is brought out with a distinctness and emphasis which, we think, must make the book, like its predecessors from the same pen, eminently valuable to those who teach history to pupils sufficiently acquainted with other things to acquire that science."Scotsman.

Schmitz, F.R.S.E. A Manual of Ancient Geography, with a Map, showing the Retreat of the 10,000 Greeks under Xenophon. 6s.

Schmitz, F.R.S.E.

A History of the Middle

Ages, from the Overthrow of the Western Empire in 476, to the Commencement of the Crusades in 1006. 6s.

Spanier (L.) A German Grammar for the Use of

Schools, &c.

[In the Press. Thistlewood. Whist in Rhymes for Modern Times. Is. 6d.

"This is an admirable brochure. The rules are so simple, full, and complete, that anyone, by a little attention in learning them by rote--which is easily done, being in rhyme-can be a fair whist player. We cordially recommend Arthur Thistlewood, Gent. to all who love the intellectual rubber.'"-Stirling Journal.

Thomson. Doric Lays and Lyrics.


Whamond (A.) James Tacket: a Humorous Tale

of Scottish Life. IS.

Whyte-Melville. The Arab's Ride to Cairo.




Illustrated and Illuminated by Mrs. WOLFE




Published by SETON & MACKENZIE.

A Crack with His Grace the Duke of Argyll, anent the Commercial Principles the Noble Duke applies to Contracts for the Hire of Land in Scotland. By a Member of the Clodhopper Club. Is.

Goodlet (William, Farmer, Bolshan), Remarks on the Duke of Argyll's Essay on the Commercial Principles applicable to Contracts for the Hire of Land. IS.

The Chalmers' Association Papers on Pau

perism and the Poor Laws. 5s.



Chamber of Agriculture's

Papers on Land Tenancy Laws and Kindred Subjects.

The Scottish National Toll Abolition Association's Papers on Road Reform, &c. 2d.

The Clodhopper Club Issues--being Cracks anent

Animal and Vegetable Manufacture.



The Land Tenancy Laws:

An Address to the Scottish Chamber of Agriculture. Id.


Road Reform.

Lecture by H. MURRAY,

Honorary Secretary to the Scottish National Toll Abolition Association. 2d.

Pauperism and the Poor Laws. Lectures de

livered in Edinburgh under the Auspices of the Chalmers' Association, in 1869-70, with kindred Papers. Edited by THOMAS IVORY, Esq., Secretary to the Association.




Of Scarce and Valuable Books,



The Apophthegmes of Erasmus,


Literally reprinted from the scarce edition of 1564. the only difference being. that, to make it easier for the general reader, the contractions have been filled in, and the Greek quotations, which were exceedingly incorrect, have been put right. A Memoir of Erasmus has been added; also an Appendix of Notes and Illustrations, Facsimiles of leaves of the Original Edition, and a Portrait.

Probably no old English work so abounds with colloquialisms and idiomatic expressions. It is a pleasant, gossipy book, containing a good deal of grave, pleasant humour, the thoughts and sayings of great men, with the notes and remarks of Erasmus upon the same. It is well printed on antique ribbed paper, demy 8vo, 540 pages.

** Only 250 are printed, which are numbered and signed. Price £1 1s.

"This reprint of Udall's work is most creditable to Mr. Roberts. There is amusement in every page in the matter of it, and no less in the manner, especially in the hearty old English words and phrases. In its way the book is perfection."-Notes and Queries, Aug 25, 1877.

"The book is full of interest, both in thought and expression. One can't look at a single page without finding some good thing. The trade should be proud of you, as I'm sure that every student of English is grateful to you."-F. J. FURNIVALL.

"Your ERASMUS is capital. You have got together an excellent collection of illustrative extracts in your Appendix. I have enjoyed them immensely."—The Rev. A. B. Grosart, LL.D.

Drolleries of the Restoration.

Three Vols. Fcap. 8vo. 400 copies only on Small, and 50 on Large Paper, all numbered and signed. Literal Reprints of Westminster, Merry and Choyce Drolleries, Antidote to Melancholy, &c.; reproduced with the utmost exactitude, for students of old literature, page for page, and line for line, not a word being altered, or a single letter departing from the original spelling. With special Introductions, drawing attention to the Political Events of the times referred to, and some account of the Authors of the Songs; also, copious Appendices of Notes, Illustrations, Emendations, &c, by the Rev. J. W. EBSWORTH, M.A. The originals are of extreme rarity, perfect copies seldom being attainable, and fetching enormous prices. So great favourites were they in the Cavalier times, that most copies have been literally worn to pieces in the hands of their many admirers.

There is no collection of songs in the language surpassing Westminster DroLLERY, and as representative of the lyrics after the first twelve years of the Restoration it is unequalled: by far the greater number are elsewhere unattainable; while CHOYCE DROLLERY is one of the rarest books in the language. Handsomely printed, issued to Subscribers at 31s. 6d., at present offered for £225.; or Large Paper, original price £3 35., present price £4 45.

As the edition was so limited, not a great many sets remain on hand, and as it is not intended to reprint them, Collectors should lose no time in securing copies.

These Books have been praised by most of the leading Reviews, including the Athenæum, Academy, Bookseller, &c. Also in letters from eminent literary men, F. J. FURNIVALL, J. P. COLLIER, J. Ő. HALLIWELL-PHILLIPS, W. Chappell, A. B. GROSART, &c., &c.

"It has been a real labour of love for the editor to lay before us these reprints, and we thank him very heartily. We should not be able, without such examples as those before us, to estimate rightly the condition of our England at the time when such works were produced.”—Athenæum, Sept. 16th, 1876.


Brathwaite's Nature's Embassie:

Divine and Morall Satyres-Shepheards Tales, both parts-Omphale-Odes, or Philomel's


Tears, &c.

The "Shepheards Tales are so graceful and melodious, so full of allusions to old customs, sports, and the actual details of the country life of the period-the England of the time of Shakespeare-that it is very surprising that the book has not been reprinted before, and "Philomels Tears" are among the most charming Odes of the period, and will be appreciated by all true lovers of old-fashioned poetry.

The original has long been in great request with Collectors, and has grown to be very scarce and dear. One of our foremost booksellers lately catalogued a copy without the very scarce first part of the "Shepheards Tales" at £10, and it readily found a purchaser at that price.

Four hundred copies only on Small Paper at 10s. 6d., 50 on Large Paper at One Guinea, and 10 on Whatman's Paper at Two Guineas. Every copy numbered and signed

"Mr. Roberts has expended on the book all the wealth of his experienced taste; and type, paper, and binding are all most winning."-Academy.

"There is a pleasant flavour of the old times in this volume, and much opportunity of adding to a dictionary of quotations. The whole is creditable in the highest degree to Mr. Roberts."-Notes and Queries.

Nearly Ready, Uniform with the above:

Brathwaite's Strappado for the Diuell.

Epigrams and Satyres alluding to the time, with diuers measures of no lesse Delight. 300 only on Small Paper at 12s. 6d., and 50 on Large Paper at 218. Every copy numbered and signed.

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