The Books in this Catalogue are in Cloth, gilt-lettered, except where

other bindings are described.


S. d.

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Adeline's Helen Leslie; or, Truth and Error.

18mo African Girls; or Leaves from the Journal of a Missionary's Widow.

Illustrated. Limp cloth, gilt edges. 18mo 6 Aids to Daily Meditation. Being Practical Reflections and Observations on a Passage of Scripture for each Day in the Year

Crown 8vo 3 6 Alleine's World Conquered; or, a Believer's Victory over the World.

18mo Alphabetical Arrangement of the Wesleyan Ministers and Missionaries

with their Stations from the Commencement of their Itinerancy.

Thirteenth Edition. Edited by the Rev. M. C. Osborn. Crown 8vo Alpine Missionary (The); or, the Life of J. L. Rostan, Missionary Pastor

in France, Switzerland, and the Channel Isles. By Rev. M. Lelièvre. Translated by the Rev. A. J. French, B.A.

Crown 8vo 3 6 Ancient Egypt: Its Monuments, Worship, and People. By the Rev. Edward Lightwood.

26 Illustrations. Royal 16mo Annals of the Christian Church. From First to the Nineteenth centuries. By Mrs. Parker.

Ten Portraits, engraved on steel. Crown 8vo 3 6 Arthur's (Rev. W., A.M.) The Life of Gideon Ouseley.

With Portrait. Crown 8vo 3 6

Tree marbled Calf, Gilt edges 10 6 The Tongue of Fire; or, the True Power of Christianity.

Cloth, plain edges. Royal 32mo

Cloth, Gilt edges 4
Asbury (Francis). The Pioneer Bishop, Life and Times of. By
W. P. Strickland.

Royal 32mo
Gilt edges

4 Authentic Report of the Discussion held in Rome on the Evenings

of February 9th and 10th, 1872, between Catholic Priests and Evangelical Ministers, concerning the Coming of St. Peter to Rome. Translated by the Rev. William Arthur, M.A.

Paper covers, Crown 8vo 6

Cloth Bailey's (E.) Ragged Jim's Last Song; and other Ballads. 18mo 9 Baker's (Rev. John, M.A.) The Good Sea Captain; or, the Voyage of Life. A Memoir of Captain Robert Steward.

Limp cloth, gilt edges, 18mo 6 Banks' (Rev. J. S.) Martin Luther, the Prophet of Germany.

13 Illustrations. Foolscap Svo
Three Indian Heroes: William Carey the Missionary, Henry

Lawrence the Statesman, Henry Havelock the Soldier.
With Illustrations and a Portrait of Havelock. Foolscap 8vo I 6

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Baptism (Infant) Scriptural; and Immersion Unnecessary. By the
Rev. John Hannah.

Limp cloth, 18mo 6
Barr's (Rev. J. T.) Sunday-Scholar's Guide and Young Person's

Limp cloth, gilt edges, 18mo

8 Barratt's (Rev. R. C.) Long Life and Peace. Memorials of Mrs.

Elizabeth Shaw. For Eighty-seven Years a Member of the Wesleyan-
Methodist Church.

Foolscap Svo 3 Barrett's (Rev. Alfred) Boatman's Daughter. A Narrative for the Learned and Unlearned.

18mo 4 Devotional Remains of Mrs. Cryer.

Royal 18mo 6 Life of the Rev, John H. Bumby. With a Brief History of the Wesleyan Mission in New Zealand

3 Ministry and Polity of the Christian Church; Viewed in

relation to the Principles Professed by the Wesleyan-

Foolscap 8vo 3 6
Pastoral Addresses ; adapted for Retirement and the Closet.

Foolscap 8vo., 2 Vols., each Vol. I 6 Baxter's (R.) Saints' Everlasting Rest. Revised by the Rev. J. Wesley.

Crown 8vo. 2 6 Beecham’s (Dr. John) Essay on the Constitution of WesleyanMethodism.

Svo Benson's (Rev. Joseph) Commentary on the Holy Scriptures.

6 Vols., antique cloth, red edges, Imperial 8vo 63

6 Vols., half-bound, in call, Imperial 8vo 93 Commentary on the New Testament.

2 Vols., antique cloth, red edges, Imperial 8vo 21 Bentley (S.) The Living Sacrifice. A Biographical Notice of Sarah Bentley, of York. By the Rev. John Lyth, D.D.

18mo Blatch's (William) Two Lectures on the Historical Confirmation of the Scriptures.

18mo 6 Bleby's (Rev. H.) Romance without Fiction; or, Sketches from the

Portfolio of an Old Missionary. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo 5 The Stolen Children: A Narrative compiled from Authentic Sources.

Illustrated, gilt edges. Foolscap 8vo 6 Böhler (Peter), Bishop of the Church of the United Brethren, Memorials of. By the Rev. J. P. Lockwood.

Crown 8vo

I 6 Bramwell's (Rev. W.) Memoirs. Containing Extracts from his Corre

spondence, and a Delineation of his Personal and Ministerial Character.
By the Rev. Thomas Harris.

Gilt edges. Foolscap Svo 3
Cheap edition. Royal 32mo
Gilt edges

4 Brief Biographies of Twenty-One Eminent Christians. Royal 18mo 6 Briggs' (F. W.) Chequer Alley : a Story of Successful Christian Work.

Foolscap Svo 6 Broadbent’s (Rev. Samuel) Missionary Martyr of Namaqualand. Memorials of the Rev. William Threlfall.

18mo 6 Bulmer's (Mrs. Agnes) History of Joseph.

Illustrated. 18mo
History of Moses.

Illustrated. 18mo

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Bumby's (Rev. J. H.) Life. With a Brief History of the Wesleyan

Mission in New Zealand. By the Rev. Alfred Barrett. Bunting's (Rev. Dr. Jabez) Sermons.

2 Vols. Crown 8vo Bunting (Rev. William Maclardie), Memorials of: being Selections from

his Sermons, Letters, and Poems. Edited by the Rev. G. Stringer Rowe.

With a Biographical Introduction by T. Percival Bunting. Post svo Burton's (Rev. H. R.) The Breakfast Half-Hour. Third Edition.

Royal 16mo. 25 Illustrations. Bush's (Rev. Joseph) Bread from Heaven. Cloth, gilt edges. Royal 32mo

Mary Bell Hodgson. A Memorial. Limp cloth, gilt edges. 18mo

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Captive Set Free. An Allegory.

I'mo Carvosso's (Rev. B.) Attractive Piety; or, Memorials of W. B. Carvosso.

18mo Carvosso's (w.) Memoirs. By Himself. Edited by his Son. Gilt edges,

Royal 18mo
Cheap Edition, Royal 32mo

Gilt edges
Catechisms of the Wesleyan-Methodists. Three Parts in One Vol.
Illustrated by Imagery and Narrative. By the Rev. B. Smith.

Crown 8vo Christ in the Wilderness; or, Practical Views of Our Lord's Temptation. By the Rev. Luke H. Wiseman, M.A.

Crown 8vo. Christian Armed against Infidelity. Treatises in Defence of Divine

Revelation. Selected by the Rev. Thomas Jackson. Foolscap 8vo Christian Miscellany, and Family Visitor. 48 pp. Illustrated. Monthly. Yearly Volume, 1877. 576 pp. Coloured Frontispiece and 36 Engravings 1846 to 1876.

8vo. Each Volume

Cloth Covers for the Yearly Volumes. Each Christmas Stories. By Mark Guy Pearse. Numerous Illustrations.

Gilt edges. Crown 8vo Christopher's (Rev. S. W.) Class Meetings in relation to the Design and Success of Methodism.

Crown 8vo Chronicles of Capstan Cabin; or, the Children's Hour. By J. Jackson Wray.

Imperial 16mo. 28 Illustrations Clark's (Dr. Samuel) Scripture Promises. With a Life of the Author by the Rev, David M'Nicoll.

Royal 32mo

Gilt edges Clarke's (Dr. Adam) Life. By the Rev. J. W. Etheridge, M.A. Post Svo

Cheap edition. Royal 32mo

Gilt edges Clifford's (J. R. S.) Homes and Home Life in Bible Lands.

Numerous Illustrations. Foolscap 8vo Climbing: a Manual for the Young who desire to Rise in Both Worlds. By the Rev. B. Smith.

Crown 8vo Coke's (Dr. Thomas) Life. By the Rev. J. W. Etheridge, M.A. Post 8vo.

Cheap edition, Royal 32mo.

Gilt edges

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Companion to the Christian's Pattern. By Kempis.

Roan, 32mo Companion to the Wesleyan Hymn-Book: being a Selection of Tunes,

comprising all the Metres in the (Old) Hymn-Book, arranged in Four

Parts, with Accompaniment for the Organ and Pianoforte. Crown 8vo Confessional (The) in the Church of England, and Essays on the

Anglican Controversy. By the Rev. J. C. Leppington. Royal 18mo Cottage Sketches, from Real Life. By the Rev. T. H. Walker. Fcap. 8vo Coulson's (Rev. J. E.) Peasant Preacher. Memorials of Mr. C. Richardson

Royal 32mo

Gilt edges Coultas' (Harland) The Zoology of the Bible. With Preface by the

Rev. W. F. Moulton, D.D. With 126 Illustrations. Imperial 16mo Cruden's (A.) Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures.

Imperial 8vo

Half-bound in Morocco Crump's (Rev. S.) Soon and Safe. A Short Life Well Spent. Illus. 18mo Cryer's (Mrs.) Devotional Remains. With an Introduction by the Rev. Alfred Barrett.

Royal 18mo Cubitt's (Rev. G.) Enoch ; or, Personal Piety.

18mo Obed-Edom; or, the Ark in the House.

18mo Philippian Jailer; or, Conversion.

18mo Scriptural Expositions; containing Philippian Jailer, Enoch, Obęd-Edom, and Antioch.

18mo Columbus; or, the Discovery of America.

18mo Cortes; or, the Discovery and Conquest of Mexico. 18mo

Granada ; or, the Expulsion of the Moors from Spain. 18mo Daniel Quorm and his Religious Notions. By Mark Guy Pearse.

Illustrated, gilt edges. Crown 8vo
Dixon's (Dr.) Life. By his Son, Rev. R. W. Dixon, M.A., Minor Canon

in Carlisle Cathedral Church. With Three Portraits of Dr.
Dixon, and a Vignette of his Birthplace.

Crown 8vo
Life of the Rev. W. E. Miller. Limp cloth, Foolscap 8vo

Cloth extra
Doddridge's Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. Royal 32mo

Gilt edges Doncaster's (Rev. John) Friendly Hints, addressed to the Youth of Both Sexes, on Mind, Morals, and Religion.

18mo Dove (Christopher) Memoir of. By the Rev. Peter M'Owan. 18mo (M. and A.) Memoirs of. By the Rev. Peter M'Owan.

Limp cloth, gilt edges, 18mo Dream of Pythagoras, and other Poems. By Emma Tatham. Fifth Edition. With Memoir by the Rev. B. Gregory.

Crown 8vo

French Morocco, extra, gilt edges Dunn's (Rev. Lewis R.) The Mission of the Spirit ; or, the Office and

Work of the Comforter. Edited by the Rev. Joseph Bush. Crown 8vo Dutch Tiles; being Narratives of Holy Scripture; with Pictorial Illustrations; for the Use of Children and Young Persons.

18mo Dwyer's (Rev. John) Christian Thoroughness. A Memorial of T. A. Shillington, Esq., J.P., of Portadown.

Crown 8vo

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S. d.



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Dwyer's (Rev. John) Christian Work for Gentle Hands. Thoughts on
Female Agency in the Church of God.

18mo 6 Early Days; 1861, 1862, 1864, to 1876. Each Yearly vol. Royal 18mo 6

Cloth covers for the Yearly Volumes. Royal 18mo 6 Early Days; New Series, 1877. Profusely Illustrated, Cn. 4to. coloured covers 6


Cloth, illuminated, gilt edges 6 Early Methodist Preachers (Lives of), Chiefly Written by Themselves. With an Introductory Essay by the Rev. Thomas Jackson.

Library Edition. 6 vols. Crown 8vo 15

Cheap Edition. 6 vols. Foolscap 8vo 9 Edmondson's (Rev. J.) Scripture Views of the Heavenly World. 18mo

Short Sermons on Important Subjects. With an Introduction
by the Rev. T. Jackson.

2 vols. Crown 8vo 6 0 Eggleston's (Rev. J.) Christianity compared with Popery. A Lecture.

Limp cloth, gilt edges, 18mo 8 Elliott's (Rev. Charles, D.D.) Delineation of Roman Catholicism, drawn

from the Authentic and Acknowledged Standards of the Church of
Rome; in which her peculiar Doctrines, Morals, and Usages are
Stated, Treated at Large, and Confuted. New EDITION with a
Supplement; being an Exposition of certain changes which the
Papacy has undergone during the Pontificate of Pius IX. By
William Harris Rule, D.D.

12 6

Half-bound in Morocco 17 6 The Supplement is sold separately. Price 25. 6d. Entire Sanctification Attainable in This Life: being John Wesley's

“ Plain Account of Christian Perfection," and John Fletcher's “ Practical Application of the Doctrine to Various Classes of Christians.” Royal 32mo

Gilt edges 4 Entwisle's (Rev. J.) Memoirs. By his Son.

Crown 8vo

3 0 Etheridge's (Rev. J. W., M.A.) Life of Dr. Adam Clarke. Post 8vo 3 6 Life of Dr. Thomas Coke.

Post svo 3 6


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Faraday, Michael. By W. R. Burgess. Illustrations.

18mo. Farrar's (Rev. John) Biblical and Theological Dictionary; Illustrative of the Old and New Testaments. 4 Maps and 96 Engravings.

Crown 8vo

Half-bound, in calf
Ecclesiastical Dictionary; Explanatory of the History, Anti-

quities, Heresies, Sects, and Religious Denominations of the
Christian Church.

Crown 8vo

Half-bound, in calf
Proper Names of the Bible; their Orthography, Pronunciation,

and Signification. With a Brief Account of the Principal
Persons and Places.

Key to the Pronunciation of the Names of Persons and
Places mentioned in the Bible.

18mo Father of Methodism (The): A Life of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M., for

the Young. By Edith Waddy. Numerous Illustrations. Foolscap Svo Father Reeves, the Methodist Class Leader. By Edward Corderoy. 18mo

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