Journal of the Institute of Actuaries, Volum 19

List of members issued with v. 35- with separate paging.

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Side 167 - A Treatise on the Valuation of Annuities and Assurances on lives and survivorships, on the construction of tables of mortality...
Side 323 - ... of the said funds for whatever time shall have elapsed since the last preceding cash dividend ; and the balance shall constitute the net surplus of the company subject to an equal division between the said funds as herein provided.
Side 327 - ... year, and for which foreclosure or suit has not been commenced for collection, or which, after judgment obtained thereon, shall have remained more than two years unsatisfied, and on which interest shall not have been paid...
Side 31 - An Act to authorise the proprietors of entailed estates in Scotland to grant provisions to the wives or husbands and children of such proprietors.
Side 328 - ... any company may declare dividends not exceeding ten per cent on its capital stock, in any one year, that shall have accumulated and be in possession of a fund, in addition to the amount of its capital stock, and of such dividend, and all actual outstanding liabilities, equal to one-half of the amount of all premiums on risks not terminated at the time of making such dividend.
Side 323 - ... of the premiums received on policies having less than one year to run from date of policy, and a pro rata proportion of the premiums received on the policies having more than one year to run...
Side 323 - ... company, so as to be or render the same liable for any claim or claims for loss by fire or otherwise, except as herein provided.
Side 323 - ... special reserve fund, and an amount equal to the unearned premiums of such company, to be ascertained as hereinbefore provided, shall constitute the capital and assets of such company for the protection of policy-holders, other than such claimants, and for the further conduct of its business...
Side 287 - Claims under Policies (after deduction of sums re-assured) . . Surrenders Annuities Commission Expenses of Management Dividends and Bonuses to Shareholders (if any) Other Payments (Accounts to be specified) Amount of Funds on 18 , the end of the period as per First (or Third) Schedule (FORM referred to under heading No.

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