The Vaccination Acts and Instructional Circulars, Orders, and Regulations: With Introduction, Notes, and Index

Knight, 1869 - 152 sider
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Side 44 - Any Person who shall after the passing of this Act produce or attempt to produce in any Person by Inoculation with Variolous Matter, or by wilful Exposure to Variolous Matter, or to any Matter, Article, or Thing impregnated with Variolous Matter, or wilfully by any other Means whatsoever produce the Disease of Smallpox in any Person...
Side 80 - And it is hereby mutually agreed by and between the parties hereto, that...
Side 120 - County of aged is not now in a fit and proper State to be successfully vaccinated, and I do hereby postpone the Vaccination until the Day of Dated...
Side 34 - Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, shall, at some such appointed time, within three calendar months after the birth of such child, or in the event of the death, illness, absence, or inability of the father and mother, then the person who has...
Side 44 - Act) be made or laid within three months from the time when the matter of the complaint or information arose : ii.
Side 78 - ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT entered into this day of , one thousand eight hundred and , between of the one part, and the guardians of the poor of the union, in the county of , of the other part. WHEREAS the said guardians have...
Side 123 - Act during the past year, and such report shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament within fourteen days after the making thereof if Parliament is then sitting, and, if not, then within fourteen days after the next meeting of Parliament.
Side 123 - Education being one of them ; and all orders and acts of the Privy Council under this Act shall be sufficiently made and signified by a written or printed document, signed by one of the Clerks of the Privy Council, or such officer as may be appointed by the Privy Council in this behalf ; and all orders...
Side 92 - On the fifth or sixth day a distinct vesicle is formed, having an elevated edge and depressed centre. On the eighth day it appears distended with a clear lymph. The vesicle on this, its day of greatest perfection, is circular and pearl-coloured ; its margin is turgid, firm, shining, and wheel-shaped.

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