* When small the space, or pure the ambient air, Each form is seen in bright precision clear; But if thick clouds that purity deface, If far extend that intervening space, There all confus'd the objects faintly rise, 475 As if prepar'd to vanish from our eyes. + Give then each foremost part a touch so

bright, That o'er the rest its domineering light May much prevail ; yet, relative in all, Let greater parts advance before the small. 480

Qua minus est spatii aërei, aut quà purior aër, Cuncta magis distincta patent, speciesque reservant :

350 Quaque magis densus nebulis, aut plurimus aër § Amplum inter fuerit spatium porrectus, in auras Confundet rerum species, et perdet inanes.

Anteriora magis semper finita, remotis Incertis dominentur et abscedentibus, idque 355 More relativo, ut majora minoribus extent.

* XXXVIII. Of the Ina XXXVIII. Aër interpoterposition of Air.

situs. + XXXIX. The Relation $ XXXIX. Distantiarum of Distances,


* Minuter forms, when distantly we trace,
Are mingled all in one compacted mass ;
Such the light leaves that clothe remoter woods,
And such the waves on wide-extended floods.

+ Let each contiguous part be firm allied, 485
Nor labour less the separate to divide ;
Yet so divide that to th' approving eye
They both at small and pleasing distance lie.

Forbid two hostile colours close to meet, And win with middle tints their union sweet; 490

ŚCuncta minuta procul massam densantur in unam; Ut folia arboribus sylvarum, et in æquore fluctus.

|| Contigua inter se coëant, sed dissita distent, Distabuntque tamen grato, et discrimine parvo. 360

| Extrema extremis contraria jungere noli; Sed medio sint usque gradu sociata coloris.

* XL. Of Bodies which ♡ XL. Corpora procul disare distanced.

tantia. + XLI. Of contiguous and || XLI. Contigua et Dissita. separated Bodies.

+ XLII. Colours very op- (XLII. Contraria extrema posite to each other never fugienda. to be joined.

Yet varying all thy tones, let some aspire * Fiercely in front, some tenderly retire.

+ Vain is the hope by colouring to display The bright effulgence of the noon-tide ray, Or paint the full-orb’d Ruler of the skies. 495 With pencils dipp'd in dull terrestrial dyes : But when mild Evening sheds her golden light; When Morn appears array'd in modest white; . When soft suffusion of the vernal shower Dims the pale sun ; or, at the thund'ring hour, 500 When wrapt in crimson clouds, he hides his head, Then catch the glow, and on the canvass spread.


Corporum erit tonus atque color variatus ubique; Quærat amicitiam retro; ferus emicet ante.

$ Supremum in tabulis lumen captare diei, 365 Insanus labor artificum ; cùm attingere tantum Non pigmenta queant : auream sed vespere lucem, Seu modicùm mane albentem; sive ætheris actam Post hyemem nimbis transfuso sole caducam; Seu nebulis fultam accipient, tonitruque rubentem,


* XLIII. Diversity of Tints and Colours.

+ XLIV. The Choice of Light.

† XLIII. Tonus et Color varii.

$ XLIV. Luminis delec- , tus.

* Bodies of polish'd or transparent tone, Of metal, crystal, iv'ry, wood, or stone; And all whose rough unequal parts are rear'd, 505 The shaggy fleece, thick fur, or bristly beard ; The liquid too; the sadly melting eye, The well-comb'd locks that wave with glossy dye; Plumage and silks ; a floating form that take, Fair nature's mirror, the extended lake; 510 With what immers'd thro' its calm medium shines By reflex light, or to its surface joins ;These first with thin and even shades pourtray, Then, on their fatness strike th’ enlivening ray, Bright and distinct,—and last, with strict review, Restore to every form its outline true. 516

+ Lævia quæ lucent, veluti crystalla, metalla, Ligna, ossa, et lapides ; villosa, ut vellera, pelles, Barbæ, aqueique oculi, crines, holoserica, plumæ ; Et liquida, ut stagnans aqua, reflexæque sub undis Corporeæ species, et aquis contermina cuncta, 375 Subter ad extremum liquidè sint picta, superque Luminibus percussa suis, signisque repostis.

* XLV. Of certain Things relating to the practical part.


+ XLV. Quædam circa Praxim

* By mellowing skill thy ground at distance

cast, Free as the air and transient as its blast; There all thy liquid colours sweetly blend, There all the treasures of thy palette spend, 520° And every form retiring to that ground Of hue congenial to itself compound.

+ The hand that colours well must colour bright; Hope not that praise to gain by sickly white ; | But amply heap in front each splendid dye, 525 Then thin and light withdraw them from the eye,.

§ Area, vel campus tabulæ vagus esto, levisque Abscedat latus, liquidèque bene unctus amicis Tota ex mole coloribus, unà sive patellâ; 380 Quæque cadunt retro in campum, confinia campo.

|| Vividus esto color, nimio non pallidus albo ; Adversisque locis ingestus plurimus, ardens :. Sed levitèr parcèque datus vergentibus oris.

Cuncta labore simul coëant, velut umbra in eâdem,

:: :: 385

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