PAGE. Bathing Beaches, Sanitary Control of, W. H. Dittoe..

252 Bauman, James E., Inflammation of the - F.yes of the New Born.

416 Bense Act Crippled....

43) Better Sanitation Needed in Rural Schools.

344 Beware of Cancer Quacks, Ed...

395 Birth Certificates, Question Asked on, Ed.

442 Birth Rate, The, Ed..

124 Birth Registration, Abs..

569 Birth Registration Area, Ohio Admitted to.

552 Birth Registration, Certificates of, Now Being Issued.

272 Birth Registration, Federal Children's Bureau Urges More Complete.

139 Birth Registration, School Teachers Asked to Cooperate in Campaign for.. 420 Birth Registration, The Importance of:.....

65 Birth Statistics for Ohio....

378 Births and Death, Registration of, Abs.

213 Births and Deaths, Why, Should be Registered, John Emerson Monger. 167 Births in Ohio Cities for 1915-1916...

420 Blind, Ignorance and Carelessness Make Many, Ed.

411 Blindness From Ophthalmia Neonatorum, Ed...

140 Blindness, Physician Blamed for Child's, Abs..

251 Blindness, Prevention of........45, 101, 167, 223, 274, 321, 384, 432, 482, 530, 576 Blood_Test Requirement, Court Upholds, Affecting Milk Dealers.

265 Blue Envelope, The, Ed...

188 Board Members Can't be Employed by the Board; Appropriation of Funds for Specific Purpose.

174 Board of Health, Woman Appointed on City, Ed.

445 Bonus for Better Milk and Cleaner Dairies..

19 Boric Acid, How to Prepare a Saturated Solution of.

461 Boudreau, Frank G.Measles in Ohio....

6 The Present Status of Milk Supervision in the Cities of Ohio.

76 Scarlet Fever in Ohio..

237 Bureau of Admissions and Discharges.

44, 100, 166, 222, 273, 320, 383, 432, 481, 532, 576 Burns, Deaths From. for 1916, Ed..

413 Calendar, Health Officer's, for a Year Duties Listed by Months.

556 Camp Sickness. To Avoid, Keep Fingers Clean, Ed.

284 Campaign of Education is Proposed, Ed.

395 Cancer, Deaths From, in Ohio, Ed.

393 Cancer is Preventable. Ed..

394 Cancer, Nurses Asked to Fight.

105 Cancer Problem, The, D. Tod Gilliam, M. D..

112 Cancer Quacks, Beware of, Ed..

395 Cancer Statistics, Latest.

130 Cannot Sell Milk From Diseased Cow...

377 Carbon Monoxide and Gas Heated Appliances.

114 Card Rating System for Food Handlers..

175 Care for Expectant Mothers...

534 Careful Work Needed But Hysterics Are Not, Ed.

537 Careless Die Young. The, Ed.

493 Case of Two Men, The..

319 Censoring Health News.

388 Census Bureau. Preliminary Figures on 1916 Mortality Are Issued by. 516 Certificates of Birth Registration Now Being Issued.

272 Chapin, Charles V., Garbage as Food for Swine...

116 Charities and Correction, Public Health to be considered by Conference of. 170 Child, Concentrating on the, in the Fight Against Tuberculosis, Ed..

+ Child Hygiene, Division of...

168. 579 Child Hygiene Exhibit Shown During Farmers' Week.

102 Child Labor Peril, The. Ed..

331 Child Labor Problem, The. Frances M. Hollingshead.

513 Child Saving. A War Time Measure, Frances M. Hollingshead.


PAGE. Child, The Ohio School, in 1917, Frances M. Hollingshead.....

425 Childbirth, Mortality of Mothers in.

471 Children and Chattels, Ed.

329 Children, Daily Health Chart for..

137 Children in War Time.....

460 Children, Protecting, From War's Ravages, Ed.

491 Children, State Board of Health Adopts Rules Governing Physical Examination of School.....

147 Children's Bureau, Federal, Urges More Complete Birth Registration. 159 Children's Diseases, Kidnapping and, Ed.

235 Child's Blindness, Physician Blamed for, Abs.

251 Chillicotheans, Would Inoculate.

582 China, Condemns Patent Medicine Raid on.

370 Choosing the Pound of Cure, Ed.

61 Cigar Cutter, San Francisco Banishes the, Abs.

275 Cincinnati, Anti-Tuberculosis Work in..

551 City Health vs. Rural Health, Ed..

328 Cleveland Also Has Scoring Plan, Ed.

540 Cleveland Babies, Protecting....

581 Cleveland Nursing Force Crippled.

324 Code, Lancaster Has New Sanitary.

437 Code, New Plumbing, Ready September 1, Ed.

331 Colds, Common, W. C. Rucker.

509 Combine for Health Work.

534 Commissioner Names Health Officer..

582 Commissioner of Health Appointed, Ed.

392 Common Colds. W. C. Rucker.

509 Communicable Disease Prevalence During December..

41 Communicable Diseases, Division of..93, 160, 162, 220, 270, 380, 429, 476, 524, 571 Communicable Diseases in the Schools, Ed..

330 Compulsory Vaccination Law Held Constitutional, Abs..

148 Conference, Eleventh, of Ohio Tuberculosis Hospital Superintendents. 92 Conference of Charities and Correction, Public Health to be Considered by.. 170 Conference of Pennsylvania Physicians Called by Department of Labor and

99 Conference of the State Board of Health With Representatives of Municipal

Health Departments
Conference of T. B. Workers in Twin Cities..

321 Conference, War Time Health Measures Proposed at Washington.

212 Congress Authorizes Leprosarium.

165 Conservation of Air Resources, Ed.

540 Conservation of Value, Abs.

582 Construction Camp, Peculiar Poisoning in a, R. P. Albaugh.

195 Consulted the Wrong Man...

190 Control of Venereal Diseases, Ed.

189 Coordination of Tuberculosis Activities in Ohio, John R. McDowell.

191 Correction, Public Health to be Considered by Conference of Charities and. 170 Council, Public Health. Appointed..

380 Council, The Public Health, Ed..

393 County Health Officials' Association, Ed.

121 County Health Officials Organize..

223 County Health Work....

108 County Organization of Health Officers, Ed.

3 County Takes Over Open-Air Schools.

115 Court Upholds Blood Test Requirement, Affecting Milk Dealers.

265 Courtplaster, Report on Tetanus in..

427 Courts Uphold Order Requiring All Milk to be Pasteurized Bebore it can be Sold...

350 Croxton, Fred C., The Ohio Institute for Public Efficiency; Its Relation to Health Departments.

73 Cure for Worry, A..

194 Daily Health Chart for Children.




PAGE. Dairies, Bonus for Better Milk and Cleaner...

19 Dairy and Milk Inspection, Association Urges Higher Development of. 80 Dayton, Plan Change in..

582 Dayton Schools, Hygiene Director for:

348 Death, Automobile as an Instrument of, Ed.

443 Death Claims One Out of Every Ten Babies Born in 1916..

423 Death From Lead Poisoning.

251 Death Rate, Tuberculosis, Decreases.

259 Death Rate for 37 Largest Cities in Ohio for March and April, 1917.

311 Death Rate, Ohio, by Counties and in 37 Largest Cities of Ohio. .225, 268 Death Rate, Ohio, by Counties for March and April, 1917...

310 Death Rates, Ohio's, and the Country's, Ed...

536 Death Rates...

(See Mortality) Death Removes Dr. Matson, Ed.

396 Death Toll of Lobar Pneumonia, Insurance Statistics Show Growth in. 519 Deaths From Burns for 1916, Ed..

443 Deaths From Cancer in Ohio, Ed.

393 Deaths, One-Seventh of All, in Ohio Last Year Were of Infants.

465 Deaths, Registration of Births and, Abs.

213 Deaths, Why Births and, Should be Registered, John Emerson Monger: 467 Defective Diagnosis, Another Instance of..

563 Delay, What, Has Cost, Abs.....

519 Department Men, Two More, Enter Service, Ed.

536 Department's Flag, The Stars in the, Ed....

492 Dependecy, Old Age, Abs...

445 Diphtheria Antitoxin Production, J. Gilbert George.

131 Diphtheria Epidemic, How a, Resulted From a Nearby "Tonsilitis" Outbreak 553 Diseases...

... (See Venereal Diseases, Communicable Diseases, Notifiable Diseases, Occupational Diseases, Etc.) Disinfection by Fumigation, Shall Terminal, be Discontinued.

140 Display Your Service Flag, Ed....

490 District Hospital, New, Ohio's Fifth.

499 District Sanatorium for Five Counties, Urges Erection of..

58 District Tuberculosis Hospital, The: Its Value to the Community, J. Harris. 16 District's New Tuberculosis Hospital, Plans Under Way for Third..

554 Division of Administration..

380 Division of Child Hygiene.

168. 579 Division of Communicable Diseases....93, 160, 162, 220, 270, 380, 429, 476, 524, 571 Division of Industrial Hygiene..

..384, 433, 484, 529, 577 Division of Laboratories..... 46, 102, 169, 224, 274, 319, 386, 433, 483, 531, 578 Division of Plumbing Inspection..

.386, 434, 485, 532, 580 Division of Public Health Education and Tuberculosis..

..44, 53, 100, 166, 167, 222, 273, 320, 383, 431, 481, 529, 575 Division of Sanitary Engineering.

385, 434, 485, 531, 580 Do You Know That...

46 "Do Your Bit to Make Sammy_Fit,” Ed.

489 Doctors to Work for District Tuberculosis Hospital.

156 Draft, The Army, and Physical Disability, Ed..

332 Drinking Fountain. When is a Sanitary, Really Sanitary?

346 Drops in Baby's Eyes..

475 Education, Campaign of, is Proposed, Ed. Education, Health Comes First in New, Abs.

19 Educational Work....

.222, 273, 320, 383, 431, 481, 529, 575 Elyria Milk Regulations, The.

355 Escaping Quarantine, Abs...

387 Even the Judge Did Not Know Law, Ed.

442 Exhaust-Gas, Motor, Claims a Victim..

580 Exhaust-Pipes, Garage, Must be Large Enough, Ed.

539 Exhibit, Child Hygiene, Shown During Farmers' Week.

102 Exhibit, Report on State Health....

101 Exhibit. The Public Health, at Marion.

101 Eyes, Drops in Baby's.


395 361

PAGE. Eyes of the New Born, Inflammation of the, James E. Bauman..

446 Eyes, Your Baby's, How to Save Them, Ed...

443 Factories, Six Toledo, Bad.

534 Factory Production, Good Air and, Ed..

3 Farmers to Learn Rural Sanitation and Hygiene - Wanted, Ed...

285 Federal Children's Bureau Urges More Complete Birth Registration..

159 Federal Government Works to Protect Health....

171 Federalize, Plan to, Our Public Health Machinery, Ed.

123 Fellowships for Public Health Men.....

114 Filtration Systems, Ohio Cities Getting Pure Water by New.

559 Financing of Sewage Disposal Improvements, Ed..

64 Fine, State Health Board Awarded, Abs.

31 Flies, Kill the Winter, Now, Ed..

443 Foley, Miss, Visits Ohio..

105 Food Handlers, Card Rating System for..;

475 Food, High Cost of, May Cause More Pellagra..

15 Food Standpoint, Sanitation and Health From the..

474 Food Substitution Ideas, Freak, Warning is Issued Against.

506 Food Supply, Destroy Rats to Save.... Food Workers, Health License for..

216 For Clean Swimming Pools, Ed.

234 "For What Doth It Profit," etc., Ed.

329 Fresh Air Schools, Abs..

221 Fumigation, F. Adams.

209 Fumigation, Shall Terminal Disinfection by, be Discontinued.

140 Garage as a Health Menace, The, Ed....

124 Garage Exhaust-Pipes Must be Large Enough, Ed.

539 Garages, Unventilated, Health Menace, Ed..

444 Garbage as Food for Swine, Charles V. Chapin..

416 Garbage, Predicts Big Profits for City in Manufacture of Alcohol from Green

255 Gas Claims a Victim, Motor Exhaust.

580 Gas Heated Appliances, Carbon Monoxide and.

114 Gas Poison, Impaired Memory Result of, Ed.

444 George, J. Gilbert, Diphtheria Antitoxin Production.

131 Gilliam, D. Tod, The Cancer Problem.

412 Good Air and Factory Production, Ed.

3 Great Britain, A Warning From, Ed..

440 Guide to Formulating a Milk Ordinance, A (Bulletin No. 585, U. S. Department of Agriculture)....

564 Harris, J., The District Tuberculosis Hospital: Its Value to the Community 16 Hay-Fever Subjects, General Institutions for....

309 Hayhurst, Emery R. Occupational Diseases..

33 Results of a Survey of School House Hygiene in Stark County, Ohio.. 340 Health Board..

582 Health Board Bankrupt.

581 Health Board, The Modern, and Its Cooperation With the Plumbing Craft. 359 Health Board to do Life Extension Work.. Health Center, Found....

581 Health Chart for Children, Daily..

137 Health : City Health vs. Rural Health, Ed.

328 Health Comes First in New Education, Abs..

19 Health Commissioner, New York, Pleads for Medical Inspection.

339 Health, Commissioner of, Appointed, Ed....

392 Health Department, Illinois, Also Supports War on Venereal Diseases. 560 Health Department, The Relation of Industry to the, Dr. C. D. Selby.

66 Health Departments, Its Relation to; The Ohio Iinstitute for Public Efficiency, Fred C. Croxton..

73 Health Experts, Ohio Contributes.

424 Health, Federal Government Works to Protect.

171 Health is Wealth...


38 30

PAGE, Health, Last Meeting of State Board of.......

306 Health Leagues, Junior, Frances M, Hollingshead.

462 Health License for Food Workers....

216 Health Measures, War Time, Proposed at Washington Conference.

212 Health Menace, Unventilated Garages, Ed..

444 Health News, Censoring...

388 Health Officer as Teacher, Ed.

235 Health Officer, Commissioner Names.

582 Health Officer, Kansas, Gives Some Good Tips, Ed..

285 Health Officer, New Akron..

534 Health Officer on the Job, A.

276 Health Officer Plan, Another State Considers District, Abs. Health Officer, Prosecuted for Interfering With...

180 Health Officers' Association, County, Ed..

121 Health Officer's Calendar for a Year — Duties Listed by Months.

556 Health Officers, County Organization of, Ed....

3 Health Officers, Logan County, Form an Association.

176 Health Officers, Vegligent, to be Investigated...

148 Health Officers' Round Table...55, 106, 174, 229, 276, 322, 388, 435, 486, 534, 581 Health Officers' Salaries, Opinion of Attorney General in re.

323 Health Officers Wanted..

246 Health Officers, War Meeting for...

438 Health Officials Organize, County.

223 Health Officials, Questions and Answers of Interest to.

.55, 174, 276 Health Officials, Military Authorities Promise Aid to, in Discovering Tuberculosis Cases..

500 Health Officials, Railroad to Cooperate with, in Its Territory.

112 Health, Over Three Millions for..

116 Health Problem and the Army, The, Ed..

18.3 Health Protection in Industries Manufacturing War Materials, Dr. R. P. Albaugh

300 Health Protection, Villages Without.

146 Health, Sanitation and, From the Food Standpoint.

474 Health, State Board of, Adopts Rules Governing Physical Examination of School Children...

147 Health Survey of Porthsmouth, H. J. Southmayd.

398 Health, The New Public.

257 Health Week, Negro..

13! Health, Woman Appointed on City Board of, Ed.

445 Health Work, Combine for..

534 Health Work, County,

108 Help Make Ohio a "Registration State," John Emerson Monger.

214 Hollingshead, Frances M. Baby Week...

121 Child Saving, A War Time Measure.

260 Junior Health Leagues..

462 Ohio's New Registration Bureau for Mothers. The Child Labor Problem..

513 The Ohio School Child in 1917.

425 Hospital....

(See Tuberculosis Hospital and District Hospital) Hospital Association Elects Officers.,

256 Hot Weather, Rules for Keeping Comfortable Despite, Abs.

29,9 House Hunters, Tips to...

363 Housing Laws, Need, in Rural Sections.

498 Human Anthrax..

180 Humane Officer, Sanitary Policeman Acting Also as.

174 Hygiene Director for Davton Schools..

318 Hygiene Expert, Toledo Employs...

323 Hygiene, Farmers to Learn Rural Sanitation and - Wanted. Ed.

285 Hygiene, Pesults of a Survey of School House, in Stark County, Ohio, E. R. Hayhurst...

340 Hygienic Sinners, Abs.


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