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Abbreviations: Abs. — Abstract: Ed. – Editorial.
Original Articles are followed by Author's name.

PAGE. Abatement of Houses of Prostitution, The New Law of Ohio for..:

290 Accommodating Official, An..

375 Acetanilid in Cold Medicines, J. S. McCunė.

135 Adams, F., Fumigation...

203 Administration, Division of.

380 Administration, Public Health, With Special Reference to Towns and Rural Communities, Paul Preble.

126 Administration, The Successful, of Municipal Health Affairs, Abs...

211 Admissions and Discharges.....44, 100, 166, 222, 273, 320, 383, 432, 481, 532, 576 Admissions and Discharges, The State Bureau of Tuberculosis Hospital, Amy L. Mercer

455 Akron Health Officer, New.

534 Akron, Public Health Work in.

388 Air Resources, Conservation of, Ed.

540 Albaugh, R. P.

Health Protection in Industries Manufacturing War Materials...... 300 Peculiar Poisoning in a Construction Camp...

195 Alcohol From Green Garbage, Predicts Big Profits for City in Manufacture of

255 American Academy of Public Health, The, Abs.

75 American Public Health Association Establishes Two Bureaus.

116 "And the Street Cars Are So Crowded Now Too !", Abs. Another State Considers District Health Officer Plan, Abs.

30 Anthrax, Human..

180 Antitoxin Production, Diphtheria, J. Gilbert George.

131 Anti-Tuberculosis Work in Cincinnati..

551 Appeal to Physicians, An....

349 Appropriation of Funds for Specific Purpose; Board Members Can't be Employed by the Board..

174 Army, A Sensible Suggestion From Austrian, Ed..

282 Army Camps, White Zones Around the. Ed.'.

280 Army Draft and Physical Disability. The, Ed.

332 Army Officers, Must Aid, in Their Efforts, Ed.

281 Army, The Health Problem and the. Ed...

185 Army. Trachoma and the, John S. McMullen.

296 Art of Living Long. The...

512 Aspirin, Its Characteristics and Adulteration. Jason L. Russell.

138 Association Urges Higher Development of Dairy and Milk Inspection.

80 Attorney General, Opinion of, in re Health Officers' Salaries..

323 Automobile as an Instrument of Death, Ed...

443 Babies Born in 1916, Death Claims One Out of Every Ten.

423 Babies Dying in Poor Homes — Low Wages of Fathers the Cause.

308 Babies, How Measles and Whooping Cough Menace Ohio..

555 Babies. Protecting Cleveland...

581 Baby Week, Frances M. Hollingshead.

121 Baby's Eyes, Drops in....

475 Baby's Eyes, Your, How to Save Them. Ed.

443 Bad Well_Plays Havoc at Golden Wedding

464 Baldwin, Edw. R., Latent Tuberculosis: Its Importance in Military Preparation. Abs...?

303 B. & O. Educating Employes in Public Health.


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