British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, and Show Preparation

L.U. Gill, 1903 - 662 sider

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Side 433 - The hindquarters should be strong and muscular, quite free from droop or crouch. The thighs long and powerful, hocks near the ground, the dog standing well up on them like a fox-hound, without much bend in the stifles.
Side 188 - Have haply foil'd the turf. See ! that old hound, How busily he works, but dares not trust His doubtful sense ; draw yet a wider ring.
Side 455 - They should also be sharp-pointed, and the hair on them should not be long, but velvety, and they should not be cut. The ears should be free from any fringe at the top. Neck short, thick and muscular ; strongly set on sloping shoulders. Chest broad in comparison to the size of the dog, and proportionately deep.
Side 580 - Although the frame is hidden beneath a mantle of hair, the general outline should be such as to suggest the existence of a vigorous and wellproportioned body.
Side 381 - Meadow, till all the butchers' dogs pursued one of the bulls (maddened with noise and multitude) clean through the town. This sight so pleased the Earl, that he gave the Castle Meadow, where the bulls...
Side 434 - Terrier should be cloggy or in any way coarse; speed and endurance must be looked to as well as power, and the Symmetry of the Foxhound taken as a model. The Terrier, like the Hound, must on no account be leggy, nor must he be too short in the leg.
Side 440 - This variety of the breed should resemble the smooth sort in every respect, except the coat, which should be broken. The harder and more wiry the texture of the coat is, the better ; on no account should the dog look or feel woolly, and there should be no silky hair about the poll or elsewhere. " The coat should not be too long, so as to give the dog a shaggy appearance, but at the same time it should show a marked and distinct difference all over from the smooth species.
Side 512 - A level, bright steel blue, extending from the back of the head to the root of the tail, and on no account intermingled with any fawn, light or dark hairs. The head, legs, and feet should be a clear, bright, golden tan, free from grey, sooty, or dark hairs. The tail should be very dark blue or black.
Side 167 - ... the shoulders sloping and narrow at the points, the dog standing lower at the shoulder than at the loin. Body. — Rather short and very compact, ribs well sprung, and brisket deep and capacious. The loin should be very stout and gently arched, while the hindquarters should be round and muscular, and with well let down hocks, and the hams densely coated with a thick, long jacket in excess of any other part. Coat. — Profuse, and of good hard texture ; not straight, but shaggy and free from curl.
Side 125 - The head should be broadest at the ears, tapering slightly to the eyes, with the muzzle tapering more decidedly to the nose. The muzzle should be pointed, but the teeth and lips level. The head should be long, the skull flat rather than round, with a very slight rise over the eyes, but with nothing approaching a stop. The skull should be coated with moderately long hair, which is softer than the rest of the coat. The nose should be black (though in some blue-fawns the colour is blue), and slightly...

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