The Publishers Weekly, Volum 8

F. Leypoldt, 1875

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Side 20 - LONGER ENGLISH POEMS. With Notes, Philological and Explanatory', and an Introduction on the Teaching of English. Chiefly for use in Schools. Edited by JW Hales, MA, late Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Christ's College, Cambridge, Lecturer in English Literature and Classical Composition at King's College School, London, etc.
Side 20 - HISTORICAL OUTLINES OF ENGLISH ACCIDENCE; comprising Chapters on the History and Development of the Language, and on Word-Formation. By the Rev. Richard Morris, LL.D., Member of the Council of the Philological Society, Lecturer on English Language and Literature in King's College.
Side 135 - Agassiz and Gould's Principles of Zoology; Touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and Natural Arrangement, of the Races of Animals, Living and Extinct, with numerous illustrations. For the use of Schools and Colleges. Part 1. Comparative Physiology. By Louis Agassiz and Augustus A. Gould. Revised edition
Side 624 - CHOICE EDITIONS OF CHOICE BOOKS. Illustrated by CW Cope, RA, T. Creswick, RA, E. Duncan, Birket Foster, JC Horsley. ARA. G. Hicks, R. Redgrave, RA, C. Stonehouse, F. Tayler, G. Thomas, HJ Townshend, EH
Side 559 - Lectures Delivered at the Koyal Institution of Great Britain in February and March, 1874. By R. BosWORTH SMITH, MA, Assistant Master in Harrow School; late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. With an Appendix containing Emanuel Deutsch's Article on "Islam.
Side 20 - $1.75. WORDS AND PLACES ; or, Etymological Illustrations of History, Ethnology, and Geography. By the Rev. Isaac Taylor. New Edition, thoroughly revised and condensed for school use. Extra
Side 432 - Bonds. Cost, Traffic, Earnings, Expenses, and Organizations. With a Sketch of their Rise, Progress, Influence, etc. Together with an Appendix containing a full Analysis of the Debts of the United States and of the several States. By Henry V. Poor.
Side 18 - SOLID GEOMETRY AND CONIC SECTIONS. With Appendices on Transversals and Harmonic Division. For the use of Schools. By JM Wilson, MA, Mathematical Master of Rugby School. Second Edition. Extra
Side 169 - THE CHILDHOOD OF RELIGIONS. Embracing a Simple Account of the Birth and Growth of Myths and Legends. By EDWARD CLODD, FRAS
Side 80 - Harper's Hand-Book for Travelers in Europe and the East : Being a Guide through Great Britain and Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Tyrol, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Spain. With over One Hundred Maps and Plans of Cities. By W. PEMBROKE FETRIDGE,

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