Annual Reports of the War Department, Volum 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903

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Side 392 - That before any money shall be expended in the construction or test of any gun, gun carriage, ammunition, or implements under the supervision of the said Board, the Board shall be satisfied, after due inquiry, that the Government of the United States has a lawful right to use the inventions involved in the construction of such gun, gun carriage, ammunition, or implements, or that the construction or test is made at the request of a person either having such lawful right or authorized to convey the...
Side 277 - For purchase and repair of instruments, to be issued to officers of the Corps of Engineers and to officers detailed and on duty as acting engineer officers, for use on public works and surveys...
Side 244 - States notes, or national-bank notes, shall make his payments in the moneys so furnished; or when they are furnished to him in drafts, shall cause those drafts to be presented at their place of payment, and properly paid according to...
Side 277 - ... extra-duty pay to soldiers necessarily employed for periods not less than ten days as artificers on work in addition to and not strictly in...
Side 392 - That all material purchased under the foregoing provisions of this act shall be of American manufacture, except in cases when, in the judgment of the Secretary of War, it is to the manifest interest of the United States to make purchases in limited quantities abroad, which material shall be admitted free of duty.
Side 25 - Continuing the work of providing for the proper shelter and protection of officers and enlisted men of the Army of the United States lawfully on duty in the Philippine Islands, including...
Side 50 - unsuitable for the public service." As all public sales of subsistence supplies in good condition in bulk now taking place are being made under the guise of the stores being "unsuitable," and such an appropriation of the wording of section 1236 to cover transactions which would else be without even the color of authority of law is strained and unsatisfactory, I earnestly recommend that the above draft of law be pressed upon the attention of Congress. As illustrating the wastefulness which is consequent...
Side 262 - January 16, 1886, submitted by the Board on Fortifications or other Defenses, popularly known as the Endicott Board. This Board indicated the localities where defenses were most urgently needed, determined the character and general extent of the defenses, with their estimated cost, and recommended for first consideration the names of 27 principal ports, arranged in the order of their importance. The first act of Congress designed to carry out the recommendation of the Endicott Board was approved...
Side 262 - THE BOARD OF ENGINEERS. The regulations for the government of the Corps of Engineers provide for a Board of Engineers, consisting of not less than three officers designated by the Chief of Engineers, with the sanction of the Secretary of War. This board acts in an advisory capacity to the Chief or Engineers upon important questions of engineering.
Side 48 - That the command of such military post or camp and of the officers and troops of the United States there stationed shall remain with the regular commander of the post without regard to the rank of the commanding or other officers of the militia temporarily so encamped within its limits or in its vicinity.

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