5 mf When the child, with grave fresh lip, 6 p When creation, in her pangs,
Youth, or maiden fair,

Heaves her heavy groan ;
When the aged, weak and grey,

When Thy Salem's exiled sons
Seek Thy face in prayer;

Breathe their bitter moan;
When the widow weeps to Thee,

dim When Thy widowed, weeping Church, Sad and lone and low;

Looking for a home,
When the orphan brings to Thee, cres Sendeth up her silent sigh,
All his orphan woe:

Come, Lord Jesus, come!” cres Hear then in love, O Lord, the

cry, cres Hear then in love, O Lord, the cry, dim In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high. dim In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.


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Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God." if GLORIOUS things of thee are spoken, Who can faint while such a river Zion, city of our God!

Ever flows their thirst tassuage ? He, whose word cannot be broken,

Grace, which, like the Lord, the Giver, Formed thee for His own abode :

Never fails from age to age. On the Rock of Ages founded,

3 f Blest inhabitants of Zion, What can shake thy sure repose ?

Washed in the Redeemer's blood ! With salvation's walls surrounded,

Jesus, whom their souls rely on,
Thou may'st smile at all thy foes.

Makes them kings and priests to God. 2 f See, the streams of living waters,

'Tis His love His people raises Springing from eternal love,

Over self to reign as kings,
Well supply thy sons and daughters, And, as priests, His solemn praises
And all fear of want remove.

Each for a thank-offering brings


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These are they which came out of great tribulation.I mf GOD hath two families of love, 4 mf We thank Thee, Saviour, for the grace

In earth below, and heaven above; By which they reached that blessèd place, p One is in battle sharp and sore,

By which they dwell in endless day, cres And one is happy evermore.

And sin and sorrow flee away. 2 mf The holy Church on earth must fight

5 mf In Thee, with all Thy saints, they rest, Against the devil and his might; The Church in heaven with war hath

And never more can be distressed; done ;

cres Oh, teach us so to live that we And yet the two are only one.

May follow them, as they did Thee; 3 mf For they, who loved their Saviour here 6 mf To think on all their faith and love

And died in God's true faith and fear, Until Thou callest us above, Have joined the glorious Church on To see Thee as Thou art, and bow high

Before Thy throne, as they do now. And live and reign beyond the sky.




Joseph BARNBY.

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200 Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of Thy name." I mf LORD of our life, and God of our salva-3 P Peace in our hearts, our evil thoughts tion,

assuaging, Star of our night, and Hope of every Peace in Thy Church, where brothers nation,

are engaging, cres Hear and receive Thy Church's suppli Peace when the world its busy war is cation,

waging : f Lord God Almighty.

Calm Thy foes' raging. 2 mf Lord, Thou canst help when earthly 4 mf Grant us Thy help till foes are backward armour faileth,

driven; Lord, Thou canst save when deadly sin Grant them Thy truth, that they may be assaileth,

forgiven; cres Lord, o'er Thy rock nor death nor hell Grant peace on earth, and, after we have prevaileth:

striven, dim Grant us Thy peace, Lord.

pp Peace in Thy heaven.



Rev. J. B. DYKES, Mus. Doc.

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One faith, one hope, one baptism.' I mf ONE sole baptismal sign,

3 P Oh, may that holy prayer,
One Lord below, above;

His tenderest and His last,
Zion, one faith is thine,

His constant, latest care,
One only watchword—Love;

Ere to His throne He passed, cres From different temples though it rise, cres No longer unfulfilled remain, One song ascendeth to the skies.

The world's offence, His people's stain ! 2 mf Our sacrifice is one ;

4 mf Head of Thy Church beneath,
One Priest before the throne,

The catholic, the true,
The slain, the risen Son,

On all her members breathe,
Redeemer, Lord, alone :

Her broken frame renew : coes Thou who didst raise Him from the cres Then shall Thy perfect will be done, dead,

When Christians love and live as one! Unite Thy people in their Head.


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é a

"I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day.”

i mf LORD, remove the veil away,

Let us see Thyself to-day !

Thou who camest from on high, For our sins to bleed and die, cres Help us now to cast aside

All that would our hearts divide ;
With the Father and the Son

Let Thy living Church be one. 2 mf Oh, from earthy cares set free,

Let us find our rest in Thee !

May our toils and conflicts cease ♡ In the calm of Sabbath peace, sres That Thy people, here below,

Something of the bliss may know,
Something of the rest and love
In the Sabbath-home above.

3 p From beyond the grave's dark night

What mild radiance meets my sight?
Softly stealing on the ear,

What strange music do I hear?
mf 'Tis the golden crowns on high !

'Tis the chorus of the sky !
dim Lord, Thy sinful child prepare

For a place and portion there.
4 mf Give my soul the spotless dress

Of Thy perfect righteousness;
Then at length, a welcome guest,

I shall enter to the feast,
f Take the harp, and raise the song,

All Thy ransomed ones among ;
Earthly cares and sorrows o'er,

Joys to last for evermore! Amen.

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(See also “ Day of Rest,” No. 302.)
203 This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest.'
I f O DAY of rest and gladness!

A day of sweet refection
O day of joy and light !

Thou art, a day of love,
O balm of care and sadness,

cres A day of resurrection Most beautiful, most bright!

From earth to things above. cres On thee, the high and lowly

4 mf To-day on weary nations Before the eternal throne

The heavenly manna falls ;
Sing, "Holy, holy, holy !”

To holy convocations
To the great Three in One.

cres The silver trumpet calls, 2 mf On thee, at the creation,

f Where Gospel-light is glowing The light first had its birth ,

With pure and radiant beams, On thee, for our salvation,

And living water flowing
Christ rose from depths of earth ;

With soul-refreshing streams. cres On thee, our Lord victorious

5 mf New graces ever gaining The Spirit sent from heaven ;

From this our day of rest,
And thus on thee most glorious

We reach the rest remaining
A triple light was given.

To spirits of the blest. 3 Thou art a cooling fountain

cres To Holy Ghost be praises, In life's dry dreary sand;

To Father and to Son; cres From thee, like Pisgah's mountain, f The Church her voice upraises We view our promised land;

To Thee, blest Three in One.


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