fully noted in the table of contents, that the reader may have the means of referring the pleasure, derived from such pieces as are not thus distinguished, to the poetical taste and moral feeling of the original compiler.

It is hoped that the lovers of sacred poetry-poetry that has caught its spirit from

" the book of

grace And book of nature".

may find in this little manual much to "make the Sabbath a delight," and to kindle and keep burning within them the love of God, and a desire of a better knowledge of his works, as well as of those words which, at sundry times and in divers manners, he spake unto the fathers of Israel by his prophets, and of those which, in later times, he hath spoken unto us by his Son.

J. P.


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Chatterton. 55


Montgomery. 57

A Fragment found in a Skeleton Case, Anonymous. 58

Peace of Mind,

Henry Moore. 59

The Missionary,

Montgomery. . 60

t1A Home everywhere,

S. Graham. 63

The dying blind Boy to his Mother, London World.66

İThe Woice and Temple of Nature, J. Brandon. 68


Southey. 69

İThe Orphan's Hymn,

From the Jubilee Herald. 70

*"0 that I had Wings like a Dove,”

T. T. 71


Southey. 72

“ Ye are the Sali of the

Mrs. Barbauld. 74

Psalm ciii.,

Montgomery. 76

Prayer for Resignation,

Burns. 77

Psalm xlvi.,

Montgomery. 78

Psalm xxiii.,

Addison. 79

The Star of Bethlehem,

H. K. White. 80

The Power of God,

Id. 81

Ode to Disappointment,

Id. 82

On hearing the clock strike twelve at night,



Id. 84

The World and the Gospel,

j. w. Cunningham. 85

Paternal Care of the Deity,

Id. 86

Sonnet on the author's Blindness,

Milton. 87

The Christian in the prospect of Death,

Cowper. 87

Blessed be thy name for ever,

James Hogg. 88

The Heavenly Minstrel,

Edmeston. 89

Comfort under Affliction,

C. Grant. 90

The Heavenly Rest,

Miss O'Connell. 91


H. K. White. 92


Conder. 93

tiThe time to weep,

Anonymous. 94

#The Eclipse, from the Persian, Charles J. Fox. 95

İMorning Meditations,

Hawkesworth. 96

İon the custom of planting flowers on the graves

of departed friends, Blackwood's Ed. Mag. 97

“ Angels sent to minister,”

Spencer. 98

$Thoughts in prospect of Death, Henry K. White. 99

iThis do in remembrance of me,”

Noel. 101

{The Grave,

Bernard Barton. 102


R. P. 103


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*The fall of the Leaf, from the Russian of


Translated by J. Bowring. 103


Montgomery. 105

“ He shall fly away as a dream," Anonymous. 107

The Harp of Judah,

L. E. 107

“We wept when we remembered Zion," Byron. 109

Sunday Morning, .

Cunningham. 109

Sunday Evening,

Edmeston. 110

God our Father, .

Mrs. Gilman, 112


Corpor. 112

Death of a Believer,

H-e. 113

{The World we have not seen,

Anonymous. 114

İThe Better Land,

Mrs. Hemans. 116

The Grave to the Believer a place of Rest, Logan. 117

ti The Old Man's Funeral, .

Bryant. 119

Midnight Meditation,

Noel. 121

Sunday Evening,

J. Bonring. 122

The Evening Cloud,

J. Wilson. 123

tiThe Star of Bethlehem, .

j. G. Percival. 124

{The Young Herdsman,

Wordsworth. 126

The Parting Spirit,

Edmeston. 128

The silent Expression of Nature, Anonymous. 129

İLife and Death,

New Monthly Magazine. 131

İSong of Saul before his last Battle,

Byron. 132

İDestruction of Sennacherib,

Id. 133

The Haven, Russian Poetry, translated


J. Bowring. 134

Grave of a Christian, .

Edmeston. 135

{The Hermit,

Beattie. 137

The Millennium,

Moore. 139

*Hymn to the Stars,

Monthly Repository. 139

Hymn from Psalm cxlviii.,

Ogilvie. 141

Address to the Stars,

New Monthly Magazine. 144

Destruction of Jerusalem, .

Moore. 145

ti Song of the Stars,

Bryant. 147

#" That ye through his poverty might be


W. Russell. 149

Death of a Christian,

Heber. 150

The Thunder-Storm, translated from the Russian of


by J. Borring. 151

The Summit of Mount Sinai,

Montgomery. 152

İEternal Union of Friends,

. Byron. 153

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