Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, Utgaver 1-21


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Side 5 - When two or more members rise at once, the Speaker shall name the member who is first to speak...
Side 4 - He shall have the right to name any member to perform the duties of the chair, but such substitution shall not extend beyond an adjournment.
Side 5 - After a motion is stated by the Speaker, or read by the Clerk, it shall be deemed to be in the possession of the House, but may be withdrawn at any time before a decision or amendment.
Side 13 - There shall be printed, of course, and without order, 389 copies of all original bills reported by committees of either House; and 800 copies of all messages from the Governor (except messages certifying his approval of bills), all reports of standing or select committees, and all reports or communications made in pursuance of law; and 796 copies of the journal of each House, which number shall be denominated the usual number.
Side 8 - Every bill shall receive three several readings, previous to its final passage, and the third reading shall be on a day subsequent to that on which the bill passed in committee of the whole, unless the House, by a vote of two-thirds of the members present, shall direct otherwise.
Side 7 - The rules of the senate shall be observed in the committee of the whole, so far as may be applicable, except limiting the number of times of speaking and except that the ayes and noes shall not be taken.
Side 5 - An act more effectually to provide for the national defence, by establishing an uniform militia throughout the United States " which act is in the words following vizt.
Side 6 - When the reading of a paper is called for, except petitions, and the same is objected to by any Senator, it shall be determined by a vote of the Senate, without debate.

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