The dispatches of ... the duke of Wellington, compiled by lieut. colonel Gurwood. [With] Suppl. to vol. 1/3 [and] Index. [With] Index, Volum 7


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Side 146 - Lestrade, and I shall be very much obliged to you if you will let me hear of any fresh, developments of so singular a chain of events.
Side 90 - Regent to remove me from the command of their armies. This would be a measure consistent with his former conduct in this contest, under the circumstances of my having unfortunately fallen in his opinion ; but this measure is entirely distinct from...
Side 215 - Alexander Campbell, with the 6th division, supported the light troops, by which they were attacked in front. These troops were supported by the cavalry, and by the 1st and 5th divisions, and Colonel Ashworth's brigade in reserve. These movements obliged the enemy to abandon all the positions which they successively took in the mountains, and the...
Side 104 - Officer who may come out in future, to settle all his business before he comes out, for that he will get no leave to go home. ' The inconvenience of their going is terrible, and the detail it throws upon me greater than I can well manage ; for I am first to instruct one, then a second, and afterwards, upon his return, the first again, upon every duty. At this moment we have seven General Officers gone or going home; and, excepting myself, there is not one in the country who came out with the army,...
Side 252 - Trusting to the known heroism of British troops, regardless of the numbers and position of their enemy, an immediate attack was determined on. Major Duncan soon opened a powerful battery of ten guns in the centre.
Side 252 - But before we could get ourselves quite disentangled from the wood, the troops on the Barrosa hill were seen returning from it, while the enemy's left wing was rapidly ascending. At the same time, his right wing stood on the plain, on the edge of the wood, within cannon shot.
Side 285 - I have the honor to enclose the copy of a letter which I have received from...
Side 252 - I received notice that the enemy had appeared in force on the plain, and was advancing towards the heights of.
Side 133 - Denis at Lisbon, who was absent all last year, I believe Mr. Briscall is the only Chaplain doing duty. ' I am very anxious upon this subject, not only from the desire which every man must have, that so many persons as there are in this army should have the advantage of religious instruction, but from a knowledge that it is the greatest support and aid to military discipline and order.

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