The rifleman; or, Adventures of Percy Blake, Volum 473


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Side 69 - The Earl of Chatham, with his sword drawn Stood waiting for Sir Richard Strachan ; Sir Richard, longing to be at 'em, Stood waiting for the Earl of Chatham.
Side 265 - Pindarrees were encumbered neither with tents nor baggage; each horseman carried a few cakes of bread for his own subsistence, and some feeds of grain for his horse. The party, which usually consisted of two or three thousand good horse, with a proportion of mounted followers, advanced at the rapid rate of forty or fifty miles a day, turning neither to the right nor left till they arrived at their place of destination.
Side 211 - Then oh ! what pleasure, where'er we rove, To be doom'd to find something, still, that is dear, And to know, when far from the lips we love, We have but to make love to the lips we are near.

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