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HOME OFFICE, ST. LOUIS, MO. ZHIS Company sells Five per cent Interest-Bearing Gold Bonds

U for Savings Investment on partial payments of one dollar per week and over.

Also Five per cent Interest-Bearing Gold Coupon Bonds calling for a Cash Investment of $500.00. The Gold Coupon Bonds carry semi-annual five per cent interest coupons.

Both the partial payment Savings Bonds and the Gold Coupon Bonus are ideal forms of investment for phvsicians and other professional men who, from the nature of their pursuits and profession are in the habit of receiving varying sums of money at 'uncertain intervals, and which incomes in the absence of a stipulated scheme of investment, is likely to be distributed in a way that secures no profit of any kind to the earner.

Assets ..... ............ April 1, 1902.................. $125,000.00
Assets................... April 1, 1903............... $237,279.39
Assets......... April 1, 1904.... $505,756.97

Assets...........July 1, 1905.. $927,332.58 PROTECTION FUND, March 24, 1905, $500,000.

Under the plans of the NORTH AMERICAN INVESTMENT COMPANY OF THE UNITED STATES, fifty-two dollars a year paid in weekly instal. ments of one dollar each, or an investment in a lump sum of $500, each draws interest at the rate of 5 per cent a year, and—to furnish UNQUESTIONED SECURITY for principal as well as interest—the Company, under State inspection, has deposited with the Treasurer of the State of Missouri FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS($500,000.00) as a security fundNO OTHER SIMILAR COMPANY IN THE WORLD CARRIES SO LARGE A PROTECTION FUND of this kind for the protection of its investors

No other savings investment company in the world can show so consistent and steady an in Cut out and mail this coupon TODAY. crease in its business. The Savings Investment Bonds of the company operate in reverse of North American Investment Co. life insurance. By means of dividends and

Odd Fellows Bullding, St. Louis. Mo. other distribution of accrued profits the bonds PAY MORE THAN FIVE PER CENT PER

Gentlemen- Please mail me literature ANNUM on the amount invested.

setting forth the savings investments ofIt will amply repay any physician or other

fered by the company. professional man to make a close inquiry ininto the plans and operations of the Company. Name

To facilitate such correspondence the reader is requested to make use of the subjoined in Street quiry blank by mailing the same to The North American Investment Co. Odd Fellows Building, St. Louis, Mo.

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MEDICAL MEMORANDA. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. — Betz Body Hot Air Outfit, almost new. Will sell oheap, or exchange for microscope. Address at once, Sadoac," care "Fortnightly."

BOARD OF EXAMINERS.—The Civil Service Commissioners of Illinois have appointed the following Board of Examiners to conduot the examin. ation of applicants for positions as assistant physicians in the State Hospitals for the Insane, viz , Drs. Hugh T. Patrick, Frank Billings, John B. Murphy and Harold N. Moyer, of Chicago, and Dr. Frank P. Nor. bury, of Jacksonville. This board will prepare the list of questions and grade the papers, the commission itself supervising the examination.

Pass CHRISTIAN, THE FAVORITE RESORT OF THE SOUTHLAND.-Phy. sicians who have traveled extensively have pronounced the climate of Mississippi on the Gulf of Mexico, the ideal one for winter, especially for that class of patients who have a tendency to bronchial troubles, and who do not stand the rigorous winters of the north. The Mexican Gulf Hotel, at Pass Christian, is one of the famous hostelries of the South, and under the management of Mr. E. F. Carroll, has grown more popular than ever. Take a trip yourself, doctor, and you will find a climate equalled only in the south of France. Here you will find boating and fisbing during our Northern midwinter, and an average tem perature of 70 deg. F. The Pass is only fifty miles from New Orleans, and easily reached in two hours via the L. & N. R. R. Do not overlook the fact that not a single case of yellow fever occurred at Pass Christian during the recent epidemic, a fact that speaks volumes for the hygienic surroundings and the peouli. arly healthy climate of this resort. Write to Mr. Carroll for full particu. lars.

VIRTUE RUNNING WILD.—The sentiment which underlies the present efforts of certain worthy medical men, to protect the profession from im. position and to make our tberapy clean, reliable and trustworthy, is entirely laudable and commendable. The extenat to which some of these gentlemen are permitting their enthusiasm to carry them is lamentable. The judgment passed upon many of the pharmaceutical preparations which have stocd the test of time for years in the practices of thousands of successful medical men, has seemed hasty and all-advised. To one who is prejudiced in neither direction, who endeavors to look at the matter with perfect fairness, it is very questionable if it is right that a small faction of the American Medical Association should use the organ owned by all of the members to condemn or detract from the reputation of long established pbarmaceutical preparations, many of which are used regularly by a large part of the membership of the association. The manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical preparations is and must be commercial in its character. It can never be strictly professional. The average preparation which has been used by medical men of intelligence for years with good results must have something in its favor, even if its manufacturers are not willing to conduct their business exactly as we may wish to dictate. I have no desire to uphold in any way the secret medical nostrum, but I ques. tion as a matter of fairness, the propriety of attacking any well-tried preparations until it is demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the members of the Association are. opposed rather than being users of the preparation in question. Those who have been placed in positions of power—which may be used for the accomplishment of evil as well as good-should appreciate that such an office is one of trust and there should be an effort to carry out the will and wish of the majority rather than to be led by personal prejudice or petty motives.-G.T. F, in the The Chicago Clinic and Pure Water Journal.

RESPIRATORY AFFECTIONS: SYMPTOMS AND THEIR TREATMENT. -(By Justin Herold, A.M., M.D.) The past few months have afforded me, and no doubt others, opportunities to test the efficiency of the therapeutic qualities of the various remedies vaunted as certain to relieve the harassing symptoms attendant on the diseases produced by the bacillus of that nineteenth-century infant, “La Grippe." I refer to this epidemio partio. ularly, because it had not manifested itself in such virulent form since the memorable grippe epidemic of 1889. The author of this paper, in the past few months has had occasion to employ the several preparations recommended for the relief of the distressing respiratory symptoms attendant upon “la grippe. These manifestations, from my view.point, have been characterized principally by cough and dyspnea, in other words, "dys. pneio cough.” Expectorant mixtures, anodyne solutions, together with hypodermic medication, proiluced in me a disgust; and why? Simply and undeniably for the reason that the ordinary cough mixtures contain the opium preparations in sucb combinations as to leave a depressing effect, which, especially in cases of the grippe of the “depressing or melan. cholic'' type, enhances the already depressed feeling. Combinations of expectorants with stimulating ingredients had no less the same effect. Glyco-beroin, in all the cases in which I bave used it, has never caused vomiting, an important point for the physician. Anotber important point noted was that this preparation of heroin-glyco-heroin (Smith)-never played pranks with the structures composing the vasomotor system. Now, what do we, in treating disease, want in addition to a good stomach and a stable nervous attachment? We want rapid action. That I effected through the use of glyco-beroin. You cannot produce toxic effects with this preparation, as its effects are lasting, and in most cases do not necess. itate the use of the drug at very frequent intervals. Glyco-beroin allays cough, without doubt better than any remedy I have used this winter. And that without the sometimes disastrous results of other preparations of the papaver group. Respiraion is stimulated, not in number, but in the depth of the inspiratory act; thus full and complete oxygenation takes place, an important adjunct to the helpful effects of drugs in general, and saving the patient that expensive tank of oxygen. Given full and complete oxygenation, all other symptoms must accordingly diminish; thus temperature and pulse-rate are reduced to a normal condition. Elimina. tion of noxious products not being interfered with the excretion of urine is brought to the normal under the use of glyco-heroin. It is well known that diminished quantity of urine follows as a result of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract; thus the standard quantity of urine is enhanced by the judicious use of glyco-heroin :

I beg to submit the following cases:

Case I.-Acute Laryngitis.-George F. N., aged 14 years. Coasting, perspiration, and no overcoat, a good combination to bring on an acutely inflamed laryngeal mucous membrane. Pain on swallowing, talks in wbis. . pers, temperature 101.5 deg. F., pulse 135, respiration 23, cough, barking like dog, uncomplicated case of laryngeal inflammation. Stokes' expectorant did not relieve, seemed to increase cougb. Glyco-heroin, full doses of one teaspoonful every three hours, while producing much sleepiness, re. duced inflammation, cough, and pain in three days. I then combined it with squills and syrup balsam tolu, to be given every four hours until completely relieved.

Case II.- Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma and Emphysema.-Mrs. H. D., aged 44, has had asthmatic attacks, every fall and spring, for the past eleven years; not in winter, but only at the beginning and end of seasons. Iodines, senega, squills, digitalis, and cupping gave relief, but with the penalty of a return of more severe attacks. Dyspnea, cough and expeotor. ation in this case was something frightful to witness. In this case, prompt hypodermio injection of 1.8 grain of morphia relieved somewhat, followed by the use of glyco-heroin, one teaspoonful every hour for three doses, then every four hours, and on the third day every six hours. In this case the glyco-heroin seemed to continue the effect of the morphia.

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Or Variation in Vigor of Treatment, is Secured



Certainly nothing can be so eminently de

sirable in an instrument of therapeutic The Physicians

value than to have it instantly respond to Vibragenitant

the will of operator in varying the quality

of treatment. BAM J. GORMAN & Co.


provided with a small lever, against which the index finger rests as the hand grasps the machine. This lever works like a throttle. A slight pressure of finger starts the machine, and a further pressure reduces the length of stroke from 3-16th down to a mere tremor.

FLUID VIBRATORY APPLICATORS are patented and manufactured exclusively by us. They open a new era in the development of sensitive organs. All fully de

scribed in our catalogue. Sent FREE $50.00

SAM J. GORMAN & CO., 520 Baltimore Building, CHICAGO.

A careful physician and an honest pharmacist-a strong combination united for the patient's welfare,

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