that of the monkey. None but a cowardly

lion would thus array itself in a monkey': THE MEDICAL FORTNIGHTLY


A. F. KOETTER, Otology.

T. A. HOPKINS, Genito-Urinary Diseases.

bide to thwart Russia obtaining what her manifest imperial destiny demands.

Issued Tenth and Twenty-Fifth of Every Month. Together, for the historical moment, tbese

Under the Editorial Direction of two nations are drawn anti-Russian, and both

FRANK PARSONS NORBURY, strive, as pals, to limit Russia's Asiatio aims,


CARL E. BLACK. by erecting across her natural pathway walls

With the following staff of Department Editors of political obstruction in India and in 0. E. LADEMANN, Internal Medicine. China. The lion in India prevents Russia's

R. B. H. GRADWOHL. Pathology and Bacteriology. outlet that way to the Southern seas; the

W. H. VOGT, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

WALDEMAR FISCHER, Ophthalmology. monkey in Corea, Manchuria, and even in

A. LEVY, Pediatrics. Siberia, if she could do so with impunity, by

W. T. HIRSCHI, Therapeutics. England's and America's help, would forever HERMAN STOLTE, Laryngology and Rhinology.

F. P. NORBURY, Nervous and Mental Diseases. cut off Russia's necessary juncture with the Pacifio Ocean.

ROBERT H. DAVIS, Dermatology. The whole startling spectacle of the lion hiding in cowardice bebind a monkey's skin, is as inbarmonious to our western ideas of

EDITORIAL civilized bravery, or the natural propriety of things, as is that of a Christian people, in. The time of meeting of the Illinois State citing a savage, pagan one, to garrote and rob Medical Society has been changed to the a Christian pieghbor. What she herself is

original dates, May 15, afraid to be caught doing openly, she asks

16 and 17, the regular

The Illinois this pagan ally to do for her. Thus the

time of the month which conscience of each presumably is satisfied.

State Medical

custom has established Here we see the African in this Asiatio wood.


for years. We are glad pile. His half-hidden personality and pur.

to note this change and pose, are well recognized by the Russians. hope that our readers will bear the dates in So well known to those gentlemen of diplo- mind and govern themselves accordingly. It macy is the true situation of these Asiatic is to be a good meeting, and the official proworld affairs, that I do not doubt, that not a gram, which appears in the Illinois State beggar's paltry kopeck of Russian coin,will Medical Journal, is an excellent one and ever be permitted to fall upon the out. covers subjecis now prominently before the stretched Japanese beggar-palm as indem- medical world in the field of progressive mednity-not even if extended for it from behind icine. both the eagle's and the lion's skin. No monkey should ever be permitted to

The question of marriage of defectives prom.

a make a cat’spaw uf America to draw from the Manchurian fire Russian chestnuts for

ises to have some regulation if the New York

bill, introduced in the Great Britain,

legislature becomes a

The Marriage THE aromatic tincture of rhus in 5 to 10

law. It is a long step

of Defectives. drop doses three times a day is at times a very

in the right direction, efficacious remedy for enuresis in children.

and will serve to be the

opening edge for a more universal adoption THE QUICK CURE TREATMENT FOR Gon- of legislative restoration of marriage. The ORRHEA. —Frederick A. Lyons reports that bill as introduced in the Senate is as follows: of the 400 cases treated for acute gonor. rhea, 95 per cent were cured in six days, "Marriages prchibited.-No insane, epi. and of which about 80 per cent in twenty- leptio, imbecile or feeble-minded person shall four hours. He injects one dram and a half be capable of contracting marriage and every of a four per cent solution cf silver nitrate. marriage between persons either or both of In most cases one injection was sufficient. whom are or have been insane, epileptio, im. It is painful at first, and after it the gono. becile or feeble-minded, is absolutely void. cooci have disappeared. However, if they A marriage between persons either or both of are still found the injection is repeated by a whom have been insane, epileptio, imbecile two per cent strength. The method depends or feeble-minded, shall not be deemed a vio. for its effect on the fact that the gonococci at lation of this section if at least tbirty days first lie on the superficial layer of the epithel. prior to such marriage such person shall ble ial cells, where they multiply, destroying in the office of the county olerk of the county them and causing the cells to exfoliate.-Den where such person resides and of the county ver Medical Times.

where such marriage takes place, a verified

e still four disappeare and after es sufio

certificate of two regularly licensed reputa. is especially affected and where nervous disble physicians of this state that such person eases of the degenerative types find their in. has been completely cured of such insanity, ception in hereditary condiitons. epilepsy, imbecility, or feeble-mindedness, New York is taking the right stand on this and that there is not probability that any question of marriage of defectives, and sooner such persons will transmit any such defects or later, the law thus cieated will demonstrate or disabilities to the issue of such marriage. its fitness and show the future possibilities

This act shall take effect immediately." of more stringent regulation. F. P. N.

It is a wise law, but bas one feature which doubtless will be abused, and that is the question of leaving to the decision of two

The meeting of the Missouri Association, to be physicians the recovery of persons once de.

held at Jefferson City, on the 15, 16, 17, bids clared insane. This is a very grave respon.

fair to be one of the sibility, and one that gives opportunity for

The Meeting of most notable in the much discussion on both sides of the ques.

the State

history of the association. It opens up that interminable question Medical

tion. The Committee of prognosis in mental disease, with all of its Association. on Soientific Communi. very varied pbases and chanoes for misapplied

cations has devoted a superficial consideration of wbat constitutes

bigh degree of energy and discrimination to unsoundness of mind. Even to physicians

insure a program which shall be scientifioally in daily contact with the problems of progno.

entertaining and instructive—it is this which sis in mental disease, the granting of a certi.

is the objcet of the meeting. Many matters ficate of a clear bill of mental health will be

of vitul conoern to the profession and its or. as perplexing question, while to the novice,

ganization will come up for consideration and who sees little of insanity and knows less, if action, and will make a feature second only he is honest, he will be confronted with one

to the scientific program. Jefferson City of its most difficult problems. The possibil.

being the capital city, is admirably prepared ities of calling remissions, recovery in maniac

to care for the association; unlike most depressive forms of mental disease are very

cities of its size, it has abundant hotel acmarked, and will be sure to create confusion,

commodations. The Missouri Pacific is cause sad errors in judgment and add some

planning a special train for the accommo. sorrow to the marriage state, which under

dation of the local delegation should its the authority of physician's certificate, prom.

number demand it, as now seems probable. ised to offer a happy future and freedom from

Regular trains will also make the trip one of the disasters which follow where insanity oc

comfort and celerity. curs in a family.

Present indications are that the St. This feature, naturally, can not be over.

Louis delegation will be exceptionally large.

This, we understand, is also true of all seo. come, as long as mind in its unfathomable

tions, and we expect the meeting to be largely currents, follows no law, understood and es.

attended and rich in its benefits. tablished by authenticated observation. We can only be guided by comparative observations, whiob in the hands of experienced alienists comes as near authority as we can THE annual meeting of the American Asso. expect, dealing as we do, with psycho-path- ciation is fast approaching, and consulting ology, which is far from being an exact

route cards is the order science. Again, mistakes will occur because The Boston of the day. The most of superficial observation and inquiry into Meeting of

favored route in this the many questions of heredity, and it will the A.M.A. section includes the St. take years to establish principles which may

Lawrence, and is being find application in the hands of the average offered by the Illinois Central and the Grand practitioner.

Trunk.This route gives us Chicago, Niag. We believe in the universal benefit to man ara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, by boat or rail kind which will accrue from this law, and down the St. Lawrence, thence to Boston and we hope to see it created in other states of return by the same route, or on to New York the Union. It should go further and make and return from thence by the Lebigh Valley alcoholism a bar to marriage, for from it to Buffalo and home by the going route. springs many of the ills and woes of in. Other routes are mentioned, but none offer sanity, epilepsy and feeble-mindedness found 80 varied sightseeing, and so much comfort in the offspring. Alcoholism, as proven by at so reasonable a figure. Ticket extension the observations of Magnus Huss, is the real can be made at Boston to allow for consider. fountain head of the defeotives, where mind able in the way of side trips.

and the day in the men de front

The Boston nieeting will be a great one SHORTLY after the scourge of earthquake and from all view points. Boston should draw fire on the Pacific coast an appeal was made the largest attendance in the history of the

to the profession of our association; she is the educational center of

city for a fund to be dis

The Local the country, and the days spent there must

tinctly devoted to the

Medical needs count for youch in the way of un.

needs of our fellows on usual scientific opportunity. Aside from

Relief Fund.

the coast who are in this these meetings give the chance to rub

need in consequence of shoulders with one's fellows and the men this great calamity. At the time of writing who are doing things, and a man always re- the returns are far from complete, but a fund turns aiming at being an abler doctor for of better than $500 has now been reported, the experience. It is to be hoped that the with the following doctors as contributors: Missouri delegation will be of such size as A. C. Ambruster, E. J. Martens, is in keeping with the present spirit of medi. C. M. Ament,

M. H. Mathews, cal progress in our State. One hundred men C. E. Anderson, J. F. Mayes, should go from St. Louis—there are more G. W. Bader,

M. H. McLean, than that who cannot afford to miss this O. F. Ball,

E. E. R. Meng, meeting. The editors of the FORTNIGHTLY J. M. Ball,

G. M. D. Merwin, will be pleased to make reservations for those H. W. Bartscher, K. W. Millican, of our readers who may wisb to join the Illi- E. F. Becker,

C. E. Moeller, nois Central-Grand Trunk party, or this may A. C. Bedal,

H. L. Nietart, be done through Mr. R. R. Churchill, C. P. H. S. Brookes,

F. Neuhoff, A., 707 Olive street, St. Louis.


C. E. Burford,

Carl Orth,
L. Caplan,

J M, Price,

J. H. Cawood, F. Reder, The trip by boat down the St. Lawrence H. W. Clausen, Frank Ring, through the "Thousand Islands” necessitates W. T. Coughlin. P. A. Rothman, a planning of the railroad trip to meet the G. C. Crandall,

H. Rothstein, boat schedule. Parties will leave St. Louis A. N. Curtis.

J. A. Sauls, and neighborhood over the Illinois Central H. C. Dalton.

A. G. Scblossstein, to reach Chicago in the forenoon of June 1st. H. Ehrenfest.

C. W. Scott, The itinerary from Chicago is best planned J. E. Faber.

Aug. Schmidt, as follows:

C. Fisch,

E. T. Senseny, Leave Polk St. Station, Chicago, June 1st, W. A. Fries,

C. Shattinger, 3:00 p.m., special; arrive Niagara Falls Sat A. Fulton,

A. C. Shelman, urday, June 2d, 7:30 a. m; leave Niagara D. C. Gamble.

W. B. Shields, Falls, Saturday, June 2d, 1:30 p. m.; arrive G. Gellhorn.

P. Skrainka, Toronto Saturday, June 2d, 4:30 p.m.; E. J. Goodwin,

W. T. Stege, leave Toronto Saturday, June 2d, 9:00 p.m.; R. E. Graul.

G. Sluder, arrive Kingston June 2d, 3:00 a. m. Pas. John Greeu, Jr., Elsworth Smith, sengers to remain a board sleeper until 5:30 E C. Greer

F. Spinzig, a. m. Leave Kingston by boat June 3d, J. A. Hardy.

I. G. W. Steedman, 6:00 a.m.; arrive Montreal, June 30, 6:00 G. W. Haverstick. A. J. Steele, p.m.; leave Montreal 8:45 p.m.; arrive in Max Hempel.

B. E. Stockwell, Boston, June 4tb, 7:00 a m.

F. L. Henderson, C. E. F. Streutker, Meals to be served as follows: Supper, June Phil Hoffman. . F. O. Strurbahn, 1st, Grand Trunk Ry, dining car a la carte. M. W. Hoge.

R. J. Terry, Breakfast and dinner, June 2d, Niagara George Homan. P. Y. Tupper, Falls. Supper, June 2d, Toronto, Union T. A. Hopkins,

H. A. Upsbaw, Station. Breakfast and lunch aboard boat J. E. Jennings. C. A. Ware, June 3d, table de hote. Supper, June 3d, H. M. Julian.

H. L. Wichmann, Montreal. Breakfast, June 4th, Boston. J. H. Kern,

H. L. Wichmann,

F. Kolben hoyer, Jno. Zaborsky, SNODGRAS LABORATORY.—The new patho. Otto Kollme,

C. R. Lightner, logical building to the City Hospital will be E. Magoon,

T. B. Mansfield. named Snodgras Laboratory in honor of the late Dr. Charles A. Snodgras, Health Commissioner, and will contain a memorial tablet. IN NEW YORK CITY, you should make A resolution passed by the Board of Health your headquarters at Hotel Belleclaire, lately ordered this action, and extended sym. Broadway and 77th. Write your friends to pathy to the family of Dr. Snodgras.

meet you there after the meeting in Boston.

ITY, Hotel


be sent to the Editors, St. Louis.

MANUAL OF OPERATIVE SURGERY. By John Fairbairn Birnie, A M., C. M. (Aberdeen), Professor Kansas State University, Kansas City. Second edition, revised and enlarged; with 567 illustrations, a number of which are printed in colors. Philadelphia: P. BLAKISTON'S SONS


· THE REVIEWER'S TABLE American Medical Association, Boston,

Books, Reprints, and Instruments for this department, should

Books June 5-8.

American Climatological Association, At. lantic City, N.J., May 12-14.

American Association of Physicians, Wash. ington, D.C., May 15-16.

& CO., 1012 Walnut street. Missouri State Medical Association, Jeffer

This valuable little book on Surgery con. son City, May 15-16. Iowa State Medical Society, Des Moines,

tains much useful first information. For the May 16-18.

student it embruces everything necessary from North Dakota State Medical Association,

minor details of sterilization to major work Fargo, May 16-17.

in gastric surgery. For the surgeon it is useNew Hampshire Medical Society, Concord,

ful as a reference book, for in it we find many May 17-18.

points of information that cannot be found American Association of Pathologists and

in larger works. Its text is beautifully Bacteriologists, Baltimore, May 18-19.

written, while its illustrations include works American Gynecological Society, Hot

of experts. Of special importance is its arti. Springs, Va., May 22.

cle on plastic surgery. Here we find in a Illinois State Medical Society, Springfield,

concise way the various incisions in the May 15-17. (Note change of time back to

cure of facial deformities. The article on

hernias is complete and instructing. date originally planned).


value is drawn from the illustrations and _Connecticut State Medical Society, New

teachings of the Mayos. Haven, May 23-24.

The reviewer re. Indiana State Medical Association, Win

gards this work in a olass of its own and

would not feel content with bis library if it ona Lake, May 23-25. Miobigan State Medical Society, Jackson,

were not included in it. The author deserves May 23-25.

much praise for placing this edition be. Medical Society of State of North Carolina,

fore the surgical public, and the publishers Charlotte, May 29-31.

should be given much credit for its neat Rhode Island Medical Society, Providence,

compilation and publication. May 31.

J. M. D. American Dermatological Association, Cleveland, May 30-June 1.

American Pediatric Society, Atlantic City, May 30-June 1.

a Guide for Surgeons and those who would become SurAmerican Surgical Association, Cleveland, May 30-June 1.

Medical Book Co. Price, $2.50. American Laryngological Association, Ni. Aphorisms bright and well founded make agara Falls, May 31-June 2.

up a large part of this book. These appeal American Association of Genito-Urinary to the reviewer as predigested and merit not Surgeons, New York, June 1-2.

only earnest study, but should be instilled or American Academy of Medicine, Boston, one may better say, injected into the intellect June 2-4.

of the student in such a way as to be thor. American Association of Life Insurance oughly absorbed and understood. Examining Surgeons, Boston, June 4.

· Aside from the real worth of this little book American Gastro-Enterological Associa. from a scientific standpoint the reviewer has tion, Boston, June 4-5.

experienced a pleasant evening in its review, American Urological Association, Boston, for its lines flow along in an unusually classic June 4-5.

manner, and can therefore be not only comAmerican Proctologic Society, Boston, nended for its surgical teachings, but as well June 5-6.

for its literary composition. American Medico-Psychological Society, In the review of this work the writer can Boston, June 12-15.

find much that is written "between the Massachusetts Medical Society, Boston, lines,” and can comprehend how space and June 12-13.

time have prevented the author from further Maine Medical Association, Portland, June developing many nuclear sparks of scientific 13-15.

surgery contained in its brief lines. This Minnesota State Medical Association, little volume born with the idea on the part Minneapolis, June 20.

of the author to impart to the embryonic sur. West Virginia State Medical Association, geon many golden rules and ideas deduced Webster Springs, June 20-22.

from an experience of thirty years of success

MEDICAL GUIDES ANE MONOGRAPHS SERIES.GOLDEN RULES OF SURGERY. Aphorisms, Observations and Reflections on the Science and Art of Surgery, Being


[ocr errors]

the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Self-Poisoning by Albert Abrams, A.M., M.D., Consulting Physician Denver National Hospital for Consumptives, The Mt. Zion and French Hospitals, San Francisco: President of the Emmanuel Sisterhood Polyclinic: formerly Professor of Pathology and Director of the Medical Clinic.Cooper Medical College,

ful surgical practice, is an evidence of scien. nationale Pour L'Assistance Des Alienestifio unselfishness. It is a fact wuch to be A Milan Railway Inhumanity-The Hazing deplored that this work and other similar ones Neuropath and College Circumspectionwere not written sooner, so as to enable those Automobile Delusion-Le Progres Medical, already engaged in surgical work to adopt its Number Four, November 14, 1905-Psychoteachings. The author after much considera- pathy in the Sanctuary-The Surplus Funds tion and study coins the term "tissue unrest" in the Treasury of the A. M. A.-The as a substitute for inflammation. Inflamma. McNaughton Case-Marriages by the Insane tion as a term to designate tbe tissue unrest -Lay Evidence as to Insanity-Philan. or resisting processes that have its oardinal thropy and Applied Science- An Unjust symptoms heat, pain, iedness and swelling, Judgment Against a Physician—The Crimes is according to the author obsolete, unreason- of Fatal Euthanasia-Personal Commendaable and meaningless. Would that the au- tion of a worthy Medical Insane Superinten. thor should have thus attacked the appendix dent-Schoolboy Truant, but cannot Help it. "Sitis" as generally employed to denote vari. Also a large number of Selections, Reviews, ous inflammations and relegated to the things Book Notices, etc. Sample copy free on that were but that are not at present.

request. Subscription, $5 per annum in adThe autbor has with much respect dedica vance. Address L. H. Hugbes, manager,3872 ted his work to Dr. Chas Mayo, and bus con- Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. ferred an honor upon him, to whom much honor and praise is rightfully due. D.

In .cough due to pregnanoy Dr. Jewitt

gives sedatives, such as a pill of palerinate of MAN AND AIS POISONS. A Physical Exposition of iron, quinine and zinc after meals; or can

nabis indica or bromides.


sion of the nergo problem in America in the San Francisco. Illustrated. New York : E. B. Treat & Co.

light of conditions in Africa, to appear in the (Price $1.50.) This well known author, has by his original

Muy Century from the pen of Mr. Charles and painstaking clinical researob, made for

Francis Adams, promises stirring reading. himself a permanent place in medical litera.

It is known that Mr. Adams, after careful ture, and this work, adds to his deserving

study of the black in Africa, believes that the position as a scientist, clinician and teacher.

nergo is essentially and hopelessly inferior to In this original review of man and his

the wbite man; that white and black cannot poisons he discusses the relations of poisons

tourish together under the same sytsem of to disease, fatigue and general nervous insta

government; and that the only solution for bility. Of especial interest and value is the

the United States of the problem of its relafull discussion of perverted metabolism in its

tions with San Domingo, Cuba and the relations to disease, and by careful elabora.

Philippines is to establish an up-to-date, detion be has established a working basis,

pendent people policy. Mr. Adams will set which is of great value to physicians in gen

forth fully his position and the findings in eral practice, and of special value to neurolo

Africa upon which he bases it-a position gists and alienists. We have been personally

sure to excite much lively discussion. very much interested in the author's original THEORY AND PRACTICE. - Sydenham, some views regarding neurasthenia and to have the 250 years ago, reommended that young men . supplementary work to reinforce those views, desirous of studying medicine should lay aside is of value. We congratulate the author on their books and read Don Quiote! He had bis deserving success in this field of research. a profound contempt for the book learning of

F. P. N. his times. While he knew the current tbe.

ories, instead of trying to make them the THE ALIENIST AND NEUROLOGIST for May basis of his practice he relied mainly upon contains, among many others, the following: observation of the natural processes of the Mixoscopic Adolescent Survivals in Ait, Lit. body and their various normal and abnormal erature and Psuedo Ethics—Psychoencephal. manifestations. His aim was to aid Nature onasthenia or Cerebrasthenia Simplex and and to avoid harming her. Instead, therePsychoencephalopasthenia or Cerebrasthenia fore, of the complex remedies and prescrip. Insaniens — Erotic Symbolism – Railway ticns of his times he gave simple remedies Brain Strain and Brain Strain Regulation and carefully watched their actions. He of Railways–Legal Aspects of Epilepsy studied bis patients and left theorizing to The Errors of Lombroso on Moral Insanity others. And he was wonderfully successful. and Crime-Just a Sample-Congres Inter- -American Journal of Clinical Medicine.

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