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(b) Military Services. To be opened by Mr. Professor Adami and Dr. McCallum, and Arnold Lawson (London).

followed by Dr. Gustav Mann (Oxford), Pro

fessor E. Waoe Carlier (Birmingbam), ProPEDIATRIOS.

fessor A. S. F. Grunbaum (Leeds), and Dr. President: George Alexander Sutherland, H. E. Roaf (Liverpool). Wednesday.- EtiM.D., London. Honorary Secretaries: Ed- ology and Life-history of Malignant New ward Stanley Ryerson, M.D., C.M., 261 Col Growths. To be opened by Professor H. R. lege street, Toronto; Josepb S. A. Graham, Gaylord (Buffalo); Professor Clowes (Buffa. M.B., 102 College street, Toronto; Ralph lo) and Drs. Buxton and Beebie (New York), Vincent, M.D., 1 Harley street, London, W. Professor G. Sims Woodhead (Cambridge),

The seotion will meet on Tuesday, Wednes Professor A S. F. Grunbaum (Leeds), Dr. day, Thursday and Friday (August 21st, 22d, Robert Muir (Glasgow) and others are ex23d and 24th), at 9:30 a. m., adjourning at pected to take part in the discussion. Thurs. 12:30 p.m, eaob day. The following prelim- day.-The Forms of Arteriosclerosis, their inary arrangements have been made: A dis Classification and Experimental Production. cussion on Congenital Pylorio Stenosis. The To be opened by Professor W. H. Welch medioal aspects of the subject will be intro. (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore), Dr.

Klotz (Montreal), and Dr. J. J. MacKenzie (Toronto); and followed by Professor L. Aschoff (Freiburg), Professor Leith (Bir



mingham), Professor Clifford Allbutt (Camduced by Dr. Edmund Cautley (London), and bridge), Professor W. Osler (Oxford), Pro. the surgical aspeots will be introduced by fessor Adami (Montreal), Dr. Pearce (Al. Mr. Harold J. Stiles (Edinburgh). A dis- bany), and Dr. Robert Muir (Glasgow). Fri. cussion on Pneumocoocal Infection. The day.-Papers upon Pathogenio Protozoa; by medical aspects of the subject will be intro- Dr. F. W. Mott (London), Acute and Chronic duced by Dr. Henry Ashby (Manchester). Changes in the Nervous System produced by

A Clinical Demonstration of interesting Trypanosoma Infections; Professor F. E. cases in one of the Toronto hospitals will be Novy (Ann Arbor), On the Nature of Spiro. arranged.

chaetes and the Prevention and Cure of Re.

lapsing Fever, with lantern demonstrations; PATHOLOGY AND BACTERIOLOGY.

and Dr. J. Ballah (Montreal), On the Life President: Professor J. G. Adami, M.D., History and Cultivations of Certain Patho. F.R.S., Montreal. Honorary Secretaries: genic Protozoa. Gideon Silverthorn, M.B., M.D., C.M., 266 College street, Toronto; Harold C. Parsons, B.A., M.D., C.M., 72 Bloor street W., To. President: Professor Wm. Dobinson Hal. ronto; Frank George Bushnell, M.D., Sussex libuton, M.D., F.S.R., London. Honorary County Hospital, Brighton.

Secretaries: Herbert E. Roaf, M.D., The The following preliminary arrangements Bio Chemical Department, The University, have been made: Tuesday.-On Nuclear Liverpool; Gustav Mann, M.D., 25 Beech. Pathology and Physiology, to be opened by croft Road, Oxford.

Hid Dr. Jo ver, with ventions Nature


on, M. Herbert hent, The Uni Bec)?

A large number of prominent American Surgical Treatment of Ascites Secondary to physiologists have accepted invitations to at. Chronic Hepatitis. Prostatectomy. Duo. tend, and British physiologists will thus have denal Ulcer. Peritonitis. the opportunity of making the personal ac. quaintance of their Ameroian colleagues.

THERAPEUTICS. Several French physiologists have also signi. President: Donald MacAlister, M.D., Camfied their intention to be present, and it is

bridge. Honorary Secretaries: Velyien E. toped that other foreigners may also accept Henderson, M.A., M.B., University of Tothe invitations sent to them. A joint dis

ronto; Charles Potter Lusk, M.D., C.M., 99 cussion on the Role of the Nucleus in Nutri. Bloor street W., Toronto; E. R. Morton, M. tion with the Section of Pathology has been D., 22 Queen Anne street, London, W. arranged, and anotber joint discussion with The following subjects have been selected the Section of Medicine will also take place, for discussion : Tuesday, August 21st.–The the subject being Over-nutrition and Under. Kidney, its Pharmacology and Therane, nutrition, with speoial relation to Proteid Wednesday, August 22d.-Serumtberapy. Metabolism in Heatlh and Disease. This Thursday, August 23d.-Joint Sessions with will be opened by Professor Chittenden.. the Section of Medicine on the subject of

Heart- blook. Friday, August 24th. --The PSYCHOLOGY.

Place of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in President: Wm. Julius Mickle, M. D., the Medical Curriculum. The Secretaries London. Honorary Secretaries : Alfred will be glad to receive specimens, drawings, Thomas Hobbs, M.D., Guelph, Ontario; tracings, or preparations for exhibition dur. Goldwin Howland, B. A., M.B., 540 Spadina ing the session. Avenue, Toronto; John Turner, M.B., Essex County Asylum, Brentwood.

HONORARY LOCAL SECRETARIES. The following subjects have been selected Frederic Newton Gisborne Starr, M.B., for special discussion in the Section of Psy- Medical Building. Toronto. Professor John ohology: General Paralysis. Epilepsy. De Josepb Mackenzie. B.A., M.B.. Medical mentia Praecox. Psychology and Medicine.

Building, Toronto. David James Gibb

Wishart, B.A., M.D., L.R.C.P., Medical

Building Toronto.
President: Frederiok Montizambert, D. S.
PO., F.R.C.S.E., D.C.L., M.D, Ottawa.

TORONTO ARRANGEMENTS COMMITTEE. Honorary Secretaries: Joseph D. Page, M. Dr. Geo. A. Bingham, 68 Isabelle street, D., Quebec; F. G. E. Pearson, M.D., Brant. Toronto. Dr. C. J. C. O. Hastings, 258 ford, Ontario; Edward Sergent, L.R.O.P., Wellesley street, Toronto. Dr. A. A. Mao. County Offices, Preston; Arthur A. Mussen, donald, 341 Bloor street West, Toronto. ProM.D., Municipal Offices, Liverpool.

fessor J. J. Mackenzie, Medical Laboratories The following special subjects have been Toronto. Dr. Alex. McPhedran, 151 Bloor suggested for discussion: Protection and street West, Toronto. Dr. R. A. Reeve, Control of Milk Supply. Prevention of Tu. President-elect, 48 Bloor street E., Toronto. beroulosis. Training and Supervision of Dr. F. N. G. Starr, 112 College street, ToMidwives. Notification of Phthisis. Pro. ronto. Dr. J. Algernon Temple, 333 Bloor vision and Administration of Isolation Hospi- street W., Toronto. Dr. D. J. Gibb Wishtals. Isolation Hospitals and “Return” art, 47 Grosvenor street, Toronto. Cases. Medical Inspection of Children attend. ing Elementary Schools. Quarantine and

THE LOCAL DELEGATION. Inspection of Shipping. Medical Examina

Arrangements have been made for the tion of Immigrants. Supyly of Water Gas”

party from St. Louis for through service and Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

from this city tu Toronto over the Illi.

nois Central and Grand Trunk systems. SURGERY.

Those who took this route to the recent President: Sir Hector Clare Cameron, M. meeting of the A. M. A. will appreciate D., Professor of Clinical Surgery, Glasgow. the wisdom of its selection. A rate of $21.60 Honorary Secretaries: Harry A. Beatty, M. with a return limit of fifteen days is made B., 207 Simcoe Street, Toronto; Frederick from August 1st to September ist, giving William Marlow, M.D., C.M., F.R.C.S., 699 ample time for the many side trips which Spadina Avenue, Toronto; Sinclaire White, will be offered. Reservations may be made F.R.C.S., Randoor, Sheffield.

through the editor of the FORTNIGHTLY or at Arrangements have been made for special the office of the Illinois Central, 707 Olive discussions on the following subjects: The St., St. Louis,


from Central America are stopped at the quarantine station, and the vessels fumi.

gated before being allowed to come up to A Cosmopolitan Blweekly for tho General Practitioner

the city. None of the crews of sbips in The Medical Fortnightly is devoted to the progress of the Practice and Science of Medicine and Surgery. Its aim is to pre

the Central American trade bave been persent topics of interest and importance to physicians, and to this mitted to enter Louisiana since the quaran. end, in addition to a well-selected corps of Department Editors, it bag wecured correspondents in the leading medical centers of tine was put on. Europe and America. Contributions of a scientifio nature, and original in character, solicited. News of Societies, and of interesting medical topics, cordially invited.

OVER ONE MILLION IMMIGRANTS IN ONE Advertising forms close on the first and fifteenth of each month. Time should be allowed to submit proof for correction

YEAR.–Strange peoples are coming to Amur. Advertising rates on application.

ica these days and the promise to bring us Remittances and business communications should be addressed to the Fortnightly Press Co.

new problems and to engraft new characSubscription, $2.00 a year, in advance, including postage to any part of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Postage to

teristics on us as a nation Figures of the foreign countries in the Universal Postal Union, including New Immigration Bureau show that the immi. foundland, $1.00 a year additional. Entered at the St. Joseph post-office as second-class matter.

gration to this country during the fiscal year The Medical Fortnightly will not be discontinued at expiration of subscription, as many of our readers prefer not to have

ending June 30 last, was 73,574 greater than their files broken on account of failure to remit. Unless we re it was during the fiscal year of 1905. The ceive a distinct request to discontinue, and payment for all arrearages, this magazine will not be discontinued.

immigration during the past year aggregated Subscriptions may begin at any time; volumes end with

1,100,073, against 1,026,499 for the previous • June and December.

Contributors should understand that corrected typewritten year. It is notable that the class of immi. copy is essential to clean proof and prompt publication, and is much more satisfactory than manuscript. Original articles grants was not so high as in many previous should be as condensed as justice to the subject will allow. Editorial offices in St. Louis and St. Joseph, where speci


years, woso

years, most of them coming from Austriamen copies may be obtained, and subscriptions will be received

Contributions and books for review should be addressed to the Managing Editor, 319 and 320 Century Building, St. Louis, just passed 12,433 persons were debarred for Mo.

various causes, principally disease of some

sort. During the year seventeen aliens imMEDICAL MELANGE. ported for immoral purposes were arrested

and deported. Commissioner Sargent says

every effort is being made to break up the Iodised phenol has been used with sucoess

"white slave traffic." in the treatment of ringworm of the scalp and body.


LAW.-It appears that the recently enacted CANAL. —Tbe health department of the City

pure food law is going to disturb a lot of peo. of Chicago estimates that the establishment

ple who have developed a taste for foreign of the superior drainage system by means of

"delicacies," such as come to us from Spain, the celebrated drainage channel flowing into

Germany and China. The Chinese will feel the Misisssippi river current, and which has

this especially. They import all sorts of been in operation for the past six years, bas

strange things that have never been seen by saved in the time mentioned upward of 5,000

000 a government inspector. It is not known lives in the municipality. The statement is

whether it is intended to stop the importabased upon the mortality from impure water

tion of birds' nest soup and sharks' fins, or diseases for a period of four years preceding

whether the ingredients for chop suey will the opening of the drainage canal and for the

all hereafter have to come from Chicago. It six years since that event.

is known that the Chinese do a large trade in

the imported duck eggs, some of them fifty YELLOW FEVER IN CENTRAL AMERICA.— years old-the older the better for real epi. News reports received at New Orleans state oures. The real thing in duck eggs comes that yellow fever is spreading in Central put up in a curious pitoh and felt sort of America. A letter from Livingston, Gau. packing. They are consumed solely in Chin. temala, says that the fever is raging in that ese restaurants. But the food inspectors at section in a rirulent form, and is spreading the ports of entry claim that there is aninto the interior along the Gautemalan North other brand of preserved eggs from China, ero railroad. The spread of the fever bas largely doctored with borio acid and sold caused a number of American banana to bakers and confectioners. The trade in planters to suffer financial losses on account these has been stopped already, and it is of a lack of labor, many of their employes not known whether the more ancient brand being stricken. New Orleans is maintaining will be interdicted too. The barmless Lia most rigid quarantine against all tropical Che nut will not come under the ban, as countries, and there is no danger of the infec. that is a simon-pure article and does not tion reaching the United States through the need any doctoring, and can not be made mouth of the Mississippi river. Fruit ships any worse than it naturally is.


Indorsed and Successfully used by leading Physicians in the

treatment of

In order to prove the efficiency of GLYCOZONE, I will

Prepared only by
send a $1.00 bottle free
to Physicians accompanying their request with 25c. to pay
forwarding charges.

Charles marchand
A copy of the 18th edition of my book of 340 pages, on the
“Rational Treatment of Diseases Characterized by the Pre-

sence of Pathogenic Germs,” containing reprints of 210 un.
solicited clinical reports, by leading contributors to Medical Chemist and Graduate of the "Ecole Centrale des
Literature, will be mailed free of charge to Physicians

Arts et Manufactures de Paris" (France) mentioning this Journal.

57-59 Prince Street, NEW YORK.

Look well to your prescriptions-a careless or dishonest pharmacist may ruin your reputation.

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Highly Recommended in all STOMACH TROUBLES Particularly The Vomiting of Pregnancy


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