The attendance at this banquet was better than 100, and the enthusiasm aroused pre. sages well for the work of the society during 1906.

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HARE'S THERAPEUTICS. A Text-book of Practical Therapeutics, with Especial Reference to the Application of Remedial Measures to Disease and their Employment Upon a Rational Basis. By Hobart Amory Hare, M.D., B. So., Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, New (11th) edi. tion, enlarged and thoroughly revised to accord with the cighth decennial revision of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, 1905. In one octavo volume of 910 pages, with 113 engravings and four colored plates. Philadelphia and New York: Lea Brothers & Co., 1905. (Cloth, $1.00, net ; leather, $5.00, net; half morocco, $5.500 net.)



WORKING ORGANIZATION OF THE ST. Louis MEDICAL SOCIETY FOR 1906.-- Presi. dent Homan has appointed the following standing committees to assist him in his administration of the affairs of the St. Louis Medical Society for the current year:

Elections - Thomas A. Hopkins, chairman; Since the appearance of the 1905 edition of Walter Baumgarten, Julius H. Gross. the U. S. Pharmacopoeia many new prepara

Executive-John C. Morfit, chairman; tions have been introduced, some official Davis Forster, John Green, Jr.

drugs have been excluded, and the dosage and Publication and Debate-Geo. M. Tuttle, strength of many tinctures, extracts aud obairman; Hudson Talbott, Albert E. Taus fuid extracts, have been altered, all of which sig.

are included in Hare's new book on TheraLibrary-James M. Ball, chairman; M. peutics. The physiological action, therapeuW. Hoge, Mary H. McLean.

tics and administration of drugs are clearly Microscopy and Pathology- Albert E. outlined, and particular stress is put on the Meisenbach, chairman; Wm. W. Graves, E. indications and reasons when during the F. Tiedemann, Wm. H.Mook, L. M. Warfield. course of a disease certain drugs are indicated

Public Health and Legislation-Clarence or contra-indicated. The chapter devoted to M. Nicholson, chairman; Hugo W.Bartcher, the treatment of diseases will be of great aid Robert Luedeking.

to the physician until he finds time to conEthios (elected )-Paul Y. Tupper, chair. sult special books on this subject. man; Benj. M. Hypes, Frank L. Henderson.

Contested Elections (three Junior Ex. Presidents)-Frank L. Henderson ('05), B. DIABETES MELLITUS.By Prof. D. Carl von Noorden. M. Hypes ('04), A. R. Kieffer ('03).

New York: E. B. Treat & Co., 19.5. (Price, $1.50.)

The author's extensive knowledge of the

pathology, chemistry and physiology of diaCALCIUM OXALATE CalcuLI.-As prophy. betes mellitus enables him to give us valualaxis Bruce advises regular daily exercise in ble information in the dietetic, hygienic and the open air-change to bracing, bill or coast medioinal treatment of this disease. The inregion; cold or tepid baths with friction; disoriminate use of fixed diet lists or of exclusion of rhubarb, tomatoes and onions drugs does more harm than good, but the au. from diet and using cabbage, farinaceous thor advises us to study and treat each vase puddings and all kinds of sweets sparingly; individually. an alkaline stomachio tonio just before meals, or acid stomachic tonic after meals. SALINE THERAPY. By Prof. D. Carl von Noorden.

New York: E. B. Treat & Co., 1904. BRAIN TUMOR.-J. Grinker, Chicago (Jour. The author reports a number of cases, sufA.M. A , Dec. 23), reports a case of brain tu. fering from anacidity, subacidity and hyper. mor, locally diagnosed antemortem as occu. acidity of the gastric juice who received sapying the subcortical region under the lower line mineral waters, some of which were two-thirds of the anterior central convolu. much benefited while others grew worse, detion of the left side, but not involving the pending on the cause of this symptom and base of the brain. The autopsy revealed a the diet instituted. The chapter devoted to large subcortical glioma involving the region the effect on absorption of food, especially indicated and not clearly defined from the on the digestion of fat is very thorough, and surrounding brain tissue. The author re- proves that the use of mineral waters and a marks on the absence of local cortical symp. diet rich in fat are permissible, at times toms in the case, the probable limitation of being bighly beneficial to the patient. The the motor area to the region anterior to the same is true of fruits and vegetables. The Rolandic fissure in man, the impossibility of diet must be regulated according to the dis. making an exact anatomio diagnosis of the eased condition and the effect which certain nature of the growth and the general inoper. articles of food have on the patient. This ability of glioma because of its tendency to little book will be found useful to any one infiltrate and its usual deep situation in the who is interested in the various mineral white substance of the hemisphere.



Comprising the Regular Contributions of the Fortnightly De

partment Stati.

PATHOGENIC MICRO-ORGANISMS, INCLUDING BACTERIA AND PROTOZOA. A Practical Manual for Students, Physicians and Health Officers. By William Hallock Park, M.D., Professor of Bacteriology and Hygiene, C'niversity and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, etc., assisted by Anna W. Williams, M.D, Assistant Director of the Research Laboratory. Second Edition, Enlarged and Thoroughly Revised, with 165 Engravings and 4 full-Page Plates. Philadelphia and New York: Lea Brothers & Co., 1905. (Cloth $3.75 net.)

PATHOLOGY AND BACTERIOLOGY. This well-known work appearing in its

R. B. H. GRADWOHL, M. D. second edition certainly represents a working manual of excellence in bacteriology for any

Intestinal Origin of Pulmonary Tuberculoone interested and working along these lines,

sis.-A. Calmette and C. Gurein (Annales whether he be student, physician or labora

de l'Institut Pasteur, No. 10 Tome XIX, tory bacteriologist. The part devoted strictly

October 25, 1905) call attention to the fact to the pathogenic bacteria has been revised

that Bebring olaims that all cases of pulmonand brought up-to-date, facts submitted and

ary tuberculosis seen in the adult are not in. conclusions drawn in the bright, concise and

fected through the respiratory tract, but are thorough manner so characteristio of that in.

due to infection in early life through the in. defatigable and able worker and writer, Dr.

testinal canal. The writers determined to at. Wm. Park, the author of this work. Park

tempt a solution of this problem and conse. Deeds no introduction to our readers. To

quently selected for their experimentation the those of us who have seen his work in the

kid as an animal easily susceptible both in New York Department of Health, as was the

young and adult life to the tubercle infection. good fortune of the reviewer, the work in

Advantage in these experiments was taken of hand is a speaking and written likeness of its

the work of Nocard, Rabieau and Schroeder author. For those who have not had the

who proved that it is easy to produce a tuber. pleasure of Dr. Park's acquaintance, a care

culous mammitis by injection tubercle bacful study of his work will give one an idea of

illi directly into the mammary glands of his ability in this new-found science of bac.

goats. As a preliminary measure, Calmette teriology. The chapters on the Protozoa are

and Guerin injected goats with cultures of of invaluable aid to those who have not had

buman, bovine, aviary and pseudo-tubercle time or occasion to follow the recent litera

bacilli. It was found that the injection of ture on this line. The study of the protozoa

bovine tubercle bacilli into the mammary bas received a new impetus in the last few

glands produced a rapidly fatal local mamyears, particularly by tbe work of those on

mitis tuberculosa, without extension of the this side the Atlantio. The chapters on pro

lesions into other parts; that the human tutozoa written by tbe able assistant director of

berole bacillus produced similar effects, not the Health Department Laboratory teem with

so pronounced however (many animals surthese new facts and discoveries. The work

viving the infection for a while); that the of Mallory and his followers on the protozoo.

cultures of the pseudo-tubercle bacillus and an-like bodies found in scarlet fever; the

the avian tubercle bacillus were comparawork by Theobald Smith on the tick of Texas

tively inoffensive. Finally, these prelimin. fever; the study of trypanosomes in man,

ary tests demonstrated that the differentiaparticularly the work of Schaudin on the

tion between the human and the bovine bac. spirochaeta pallida found in syphilitic le.

illus could be made by comparison of the sions is given in extenso. We cannot com

effects on these goats. The tests were then mend the work too highly; certairly it is the

carried out by infecting pregnant goats and best that has yet appeared in our language,

allowing their young to be suckled from and compares equally wlll with any that has

these tuberculous-infected mammary glands.

At the same time living cultures of the differappeared in any language. R.B.H.G.

ent varieties of the tuberole bacillus were introduced into the intestinal canals of fullgrown goats by means of esophageal hollow tubes. Typical tuberculosis was developed.

The conclusions of the two writers were that Post-NASAL ADENOIDS.—These growths in the immense majority of cases tuberculo. ale characterized by open mouth and vacant sis pulmonalis is not contracted by inhala. expression, a peculiar muffled voice; and by tion, but by ingestion, as has been so long the appearance of a reddish-gray mass hang. contended by Behring. They reject the the. ing down from the vault and obscuring the ory of Behring's that adult tuberculosis is opper part of the nasal septum. The only the result of a latent and tardy intestinal tu. treatment worth consideration is operative berculosis developed in early infancy. They removal with curette and finger under co. believe that adults are more easily infected caine or general anesthesia.

through the intestinal canal than are infants,

(mesent their eagung, aire

i.e., that the young are better protected and yet milk from such animals may fairly through their early life by their ganglionic swarm with virulent tubercle bacilli. (mesenterio glandular) system than are adults. They believe that it is easier for infection to travel from the intestinal canal through the blood and lymphatic systems of

INTERNAL MEDICINE. adults than of children. They believe also

0. E. LADEMANN, M. D. that the swallowing of sputum holding tu. berole bacilli in adults means re-infeotion af.

Pavy's Test for the Percentage Estimation ter re-infection, with absorption through the

of Sugar in the Urine.-Sabli (Deutsche Med. lymph stream, causing new foci to form in Wochenschrift, No. 36, 1905) upholds the different parts of the lungs. For this reason muobly disfavored Pavy method of sugar ti. they advocate that tuberculosis patients

tration with the ammoniacal copper solution should never swallow sputum, and that there and proposes a modification which overcomes should be a strenuous attempt made to keep the technical difficulties heretofore entailed, the mouth clean and free from these bacilli namely: (1) The exclusion of air during the after expectoration, particularly before eating.

process of titration, necessitating an air

tight fastening of the buret to the flask in The Pulmonary Lesion of Tuberculosis. order to prevent an oxidation of the color. M. H, Vallee (Annales de l'Institut Pasteur, less solution; (2) as a consequence of the No. 10, Tome XIX, Oot. 25, 1905) in a paper gradual addition of the urine cuprous oxread before the International Congress of ide will be precipitated by the removal of Tuberculosis, discusses the lesions and the

ammonium occasioned by the too prolonged methods of infection in pulmonary tubercu. boiling of the solution. The author dig. losis. He narrates a number of experiments cusses its application in the clinio, and for made upon calves with bovine tuberculosis. general practice, highly commending it as a Calves were treated with tuberole bacilli by simple, rapid and reliable method for the direot injection into the trachea. jection into the trachea. It was quantitative estimation of sugar in the urine,

It was found at autopsy on these animals that while giving it preference to the methods of Sox local tuberoulosis of the mucosa was brought

hlet-Allihn, Lehmann's iodometrio titration, about in every case by such injections, that the areometric fermentation test, the polari. the tuberculous process did not spread to the metric estimation or Lohnstein accurate ferlungs, even though the secretion from the mentation saccharometer. Sabli prepares tuberoulous areas in the trachea was carried the ammoniacal copper solution as follows: down the bronchial tree and deposited in all

No. 1. accessible parts of the lungs. It was also determined by means of pulverizations of

Crystalized copper sulphate... 4.158 grams living virulent oultures of tubercle bacilli

Distilled water...............500

0.0. into the naso-pharynx that while immense

No. 2. caseous tuberculous lesions were produced in

in Sodium potassium tartrate...... 20.4 grams the retro-pharyngeal glands, all oiher organs, Potassium hydrate C.P.

20.4 grams lungs, liver, etc., remained free from tuber

Ag. ammonia (S. G. 0.88)......300.0 0.c. culosis. Another series of experiments

Distilled water, ad.............500.0 0.c. wherein young calves were allowed to feed upon the milk from a cow with tuberculous Ten cc. of the combined solutions (5 oc. mammitis showed that these animals con. each), which exactly reduce 0.005 grams of tracted tuberculosis of the lungs and peri. sugar, are put into a flask of 75-100 cc. cabronchial lymph nodes, said infection taking pacity to which is added 30 oc. of water, the place through the intestinal canal. The mes. addition of the latter being to prevent an enterio glands however, showed but very min. early escape of the ammonia. The flask is ute changes. These experiments proved that gradually heated until it simmers on an asinfection can take place through the intes.. bestos gauze. Violent boiling is to be tinal canal, afterwards reaching the lungs, avoided. The urine, before placing in the without producing any marked changes in buret for titration, is diluted fifty times its the intestinal mucosa or in the mesenteric volume with distilled water. In diluting the lymph nodes. The writer believes that adult urine it is better to use 10 co. to 500 cc. of cases of tuberculosis are due to a tuberculous water than in the proportion of 1 to 50. Tiinfection through the intestinal canal. He tration is practiced until the simmering ampoints to the work of Rabinowitch, Mobler moniac copper solution is completely oxyand Moussu who showed that cows may have dized and the percentage of sugar estimated tuberculosis of internal organs without any by the usual mathematical calculation. Sabli manifestations of tuberculosis of the udder, also emphasizes the necessity of the practi tioner in making his own sugar tests rather tines, where they develop to their full maturthan trusting them to a third party. He ity. Schaudinn bas successfully demon. mentions an instance in which a physician strated the presence of the larva in the circu. treated a patient for months with the diagno. lation of the heart and lungs in monkeys sis of diabetes based on the finding of sugar after a cutaneous invasion. The author in the urine by a third person. The diabetic maintains that alterations of the skin must diet which had been given during this time necessarily be a consequence where invasion reduced the individual to an emuciated con- through the epidermis has taken place. As dition, when the discovery was finally made a matter of fact, characteristic skin lesions that the urine contained no suagr. Quanti. bave long been described occurring endemi. tative tests should always be made by the cally in certain localities, especially in the physician if he desires to apply therapeutic tea plantations of Assom under the name of measures intelligently.

panighav, in the southern portion of the The Blood in Pulmonary Tuberculosis.-U).

United States, as water itob or water scabies,

eto. The first symptom is intense itobing lom and Craig (Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.,

beginning on the soles of the feet and extend. Sept., 1905) deduct the following conclusions from a hematologio study of 39 cases of pul

ing to the dorsal surface. The skin at the

onset is red, and after one or two days vesi. monary tuberculosis, with special reference

cles form which increase in size and number to prognosis: 1. In pulnionary tuberculosis without cavity formation

terminating in painful ulcerations. The erupa mild anemia,

tion is usually limited to the feet, rarely ex. with a decrease in erythrocytes and relatively

tending to the ankles, the remaining surface greater decrease in hemaglobin, is constant.

of the body is never involved. Tlie condi. 2. From the standpoint of prognosis an in

tion, if left to its own course, lasts several crease in erythrooytes, in cases without cav. ity formation, is of favorable significance.

weeks and may be complioated by gangrene 3. In advanced cases a decrease of leucocytes

and phagedenic ulcers. Panighav occurs is of unfavorable import. 4. The actual in.

exclusively during the rainy season in per

sons working on the plantations with bare crease of lymphocytes seems to correspond to

feet. Ankylostoma eggs are almost invariathe increase of resistance on part of the or.

bly found in the feces of those working on ganism to the tuberculous infection, but

plantations whenever panigbav prevails en. further study is required to confirm this

demically. Dubrenilh considers this evidence deduction. 5. The transitionaal cells seem

as sufficient proof that the larva of ankylos. to follow the same rule as the lymphocytes

toma (duodenale, americanum, caninum) pen. in this regard. 6. At the begining of the

etrates the skin, and on reaching the gastro. investigation the eosinopbiles seemed to in.

intestinal traot completes its development, and crease with the patients improvement, but

further holds this to be the usual mode of infurther study did not support this view.

fection where ankylostomiasis occurs endem. The Effect of Tea on the Gastric Secre

ically. He also points out the importance of tion.- Sosaki's (Berliner klin. Wouhen, observing skin eruptions during such a prev. schrift, No. 49, 1905) investigation in this di. alence of the disease. rection consisted in effecting a gastric fistula

Sahli's Desmoid Reaction.—Eichler (Ber. in an esophagotomized dog according to the

liner klin. Wochenschrift, No. 48, 1905.)Pawlow method and feeding large quantities

This reaction, as suggested by Sahli, consists of strong tea (10 gms. to 400 co. of water). He noted a uniform reduction in the gastric

in swallowing a pill of methylene blue en. secretion. These results are of considerable

closed in a rubber capsule or sack, wbich is diagnostic import in deducting inference as to

sealed at tbe cpen end by a fine piece of raw

catgut ligature. Tbe prepared capsule is to the secretory function of the stomach in giving an Ewald test-meal.

be administered shortly after the main meal.

Gastrio secretion containing the normal Ankylostomiasis of the Skin.— Dubrenill amount of pepsin and hydrochloric acid read. (Presse Médicale, No. 30, 1905) dwells at ily digests the piece of catgut, permitting the length on the subject of ankylostomiasis and escape of methylene blue, wbich is easily de. says, among other things, that the experi. tected in the urine several hours later. ments of Loos, Kairo and others prove beyond Eichler has given this test an unprejudiced the peradventure of a doubt the fact that the trial in thirty patients in whom a previous ankylostoma larva enter the body through Ewald test-meal had been given to determine. the skin and by the venous circulation is the gastrio sooretory funotion. The author transported to the pulmonary alveoli, thence quite agrees with Sahli, who regards the re. to the bronchi, and finally wonders through action as a convenient and practical method the esophagus into the stomach and intes- of determining the digestive funotion of the organ. A positive reaction in from fifteen to should be observed. Milk and farinaceous ar. twenty hours after the ingestion of the cap- ticles must be used freely, while meat is to be sule sufficiently proves, with but few excep- restricted. The bowels should move freely, tions, that the mucosa of the stomach se- and if necessary mild saline physics, comp cretes both pepsin and hydrocbloric acid in licorice powder or comp. jalap powder can sufficient quantity to carry on adequate di. safely be used. Large hot normal saline epe. gestion. A negative reaction, however, points mata are very useful as they increase diuresis to no particular gastric affection, it signifies, and cause the bowels to move freely. Pregin general, a gross disturbance in the secre- nancy should not be interfered with, unless tory function. In order to inore accurately there is grave danger to the mother and all determine matters it is necessary to resort to other useful means have failed. If eolampthe use of the stomach tube.

sia occurs, chloral (30 grains) and potassium bromide (60 grains) combined given per rectum often are useful. Hot water baths, hot

air baths, and hot mustard poultices also do THERAPEUTICS.

good. Chloroform anesthesia in rapidly reW. T. HIRSCHI, M.D.

curring convulsions, and'morphine injections

in less frequent attacks are highly recom. The Significance of Spinal Anagesia for the mended. Phlebotomy followed by intravenDiagnosis and Treatment of Rectal and Analous normal saline solution injections also Diseases.—(T. Neugebauer, Zent, für Chirur. does good. If the case does not improve with gie, No. 44, 1905.) -The writer observed 560 these methods of treatment labor must be in. of spinal anagesia, the majority of which had duced. If the convulsions occur at long in. a complete relaxation of the sphincter ani tervals the cervix may be dilated by introduc. muscles during the anesthesia, so the lower ing bougies and rupturing the membranes. portion of the rectum could easily be in. If the convulsions recur often rapid manual spected. For this reason he prefers this dilation is resorted to. At times, forceps de. method of anesthesia for operations in the livery, craniotomy, version, or Cesarean sec. region of the anus and rectum. He fre- tion are necessary. quently observed a spontaneous reduction of incarcerated bernia during spinal anesthesia. The same, however, also occurs with general anesthesia.

DEPARTMENT OF LEGAL MEDICINE. Nausea and vomiting after Narcosis.-(T.

R. B. H. GRADWOHL, M. D. D. Luke, Edinburgh Med. Jour., Sept., 1905.)–Ether causes nausea and vomiting

The Influence of the Presence of Organic coming on soon after, being severe, but last.

Coloring Agents in the Determination of the ing only a short time. Chloroform causes

Presence of Blood by Means of the Spectronausea and vomiting much later and lasting

scope.-Giese (Viertel jahschrift fuer gerichtlonger. Purging the day previous to anes

liche Medizin und of entliches Sanitats. thesia is injurious, and if it should be nec.

wesen, Band XXX, Heft 2, October, 1905) essary this should occur at least two days

states that Dvornitschenko in 1900 said that before operating. Severe fasting is not ad.

every year a new method of identifying blood visable.Milk diet should be avoided for a

would be described. This article is on the day or two following anesthesia, since ether

subject of the identification of blood by and chloroform produce a temporary hyper

means of the spectroscope where small quanacidity. The patient must remain quiet for

tities of blood are submitted for examination a few days and receive a rectal enema (one

and that, too, in cases where the blood is half litre of normal saline solution) immedi.

in wearing apparel of dyed stuff of various Ately after narcosis, to hasten the elimination

kind. The presence of the anilin color or of the anesthetic and reduce the thirst. The

the dye-stuff is a hindrance to the exhibi. mouth should be washed repeatedly with a

tion of the typical spectrum of blood, acmild astringent. Warm water may be taken

cording to most authorities. In order to soon after an anesthetic. No drugs are of

definitely determine whether or not blood benefit to prevent vomiting.

on dyed material will give the characteris

tio spectrum, Giese mixed blood with anilin The Treatment of Albuminuria and Eclamp- colors and dipped pieces of dyed goods in sia Occurring in Pregnancy.-(Boxall, British blood, allowing the pieces to dry in the in. Med. Jour., Sept 23, 1905.)-In all cases of cubator, and then extracted them in various pregnancy associated with persistent albu. extraction fluids-10% potassium cyanide minuria, especially if the urine is diminished solution, weak sodium bydrate solution, in amount and casts are present a strict diet acetio acid and carbolic acid. He tried both

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