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for October 25th says that an interesting ALCOHOL in diabetes is advocated by commentary on recent progress is shown in Amerioan Medicine on the ground that there a statement recently made by the president is reason to believe that the first step in of the London Royal College of Veterinary sugar metabolism by the cells is to convert Surgeons, who asserts that in so short a it into alcohol. During the period tben period as three years from the present time that sugar and starches are withheld it is

There will be employment for only 300 vetbelieved to be well to deliver alcohol to the erioary surgeons in London. Before automo. cells in minute doses and frequently, in biles were introduced into the Englisb capi. order that the body may, by being built up, tal 6000 veterinary surgeons were practising secure control of sugar metabolism. Small their profession in that city. This is prob. doses frequently repeated and well diluted

ably the first instance in the world's hisappear to give excellent results.

tory where machinery has affected those

following a profession; heretofore only the THE Hot Sand Bag.-Many people appre trades have been in any way affected by the ciate the value of a bot water bag to relieve introduction of some labor-saving device. pain or improve the ciroulation. It is said

THE PUBLIC HEALTH DEFENSE LEAGUE. that a hot sand bag is still better for this

-A national society for the protection of purpose. A physician gives the following

health and morals, to be known by the above directions: “Get some olean, fine sand, and

title, was formed November 15 in New York dry it thoroughly in a kettle on the stove;

City, under the auspices of the New York make a bag about eight inobes square, of

County Medical Society. Resolutions flannel, 6ll it with the dry sand, sew the open

adopted define the objects of the society as ing carefully togetber, and cover the bag with

follows: To disseminate accurate information cotton or linen oloth. This will prevent the

concerning practices dangerous to public sand from sifting out, and also enable you to

health; to work for the enactment of laws in heat the bag quickly by placing it in the oven

the interest of public health; to work for the or on the top of the stove. After once using

prevention of quackery and criminal prao. this you will never again attempt to warm

tices; to prevent adulteration and substitu. the feet or hands of a sick person with a

tion of drugs and foods, and to prevent the bottle or a brick. The sand holds the heat

sending through the mails of matter advocat. for a long time, and the bag can be tucked

ing quack medicines. A large number of up to the back without hurting the invalid.”.

laymen were present and practically directed TABLET IN HONOR OF DR. WALTER REED.

Wiem Read the meeting. -At its annual dinner, November 21, the MASSACHUSETTS ADMITS THE HOMEOPATHS. Society of Ex-Internes of Kings County -At the one hundred and twenty-fifth annual Hospital, Brooklyn, presented to the hospital meeting of the Massachusetts Medical So. association a bronze memorial tablet in mem. oiey, held at Boston, June 12 and 13, the ory of the late Walter Reed, who was an in. question of amending the by-laws relating to terne there in 1871, prior to his entrance into membership in the society provoked an ani. the medical department of the United States mated discussion. For thirty years or more Army. The presentation address was made the society had forbidden its members to by Dr. A. T. Bristow, and that of acceptance practice "spiritualism, homeopathy, allo. by R. W. Hibberd, commissioner of public pathy, Thomsonianism, eclecticism or any charities of New York City. Short addresses other irregular or exclusive system, generally commendatory of Dr. Reed and his work were recognized as suoh by the profession, or demade by Dr. Howard Kelly of Johns Hop. clared so by the councilors of the society.” kids University, Dr. Joseph Bryant of New Practically homeopaths formed a class chiefly York City, the Rev. Lindsay Parker, and under discussion, and a committee, of which Colonel Phiilp F. Harvey, assistant surgeon Dr.F. C. Shattuck of Boston, was chairman, general, United States Army. The tablet after calling attention to the demise of bears the following inscription:

some of the other sects, presented an amend. "Erected by the Association of Ex-In- ment allowing, under strict educational ternes of Kings County Hospital to the mem. qualifications, one to become a member, proory of Walter Reed, M.D., interne in this vided he does not profess to treat diseases hospital, 1871. Major and Surgeon, 0. S. by, or does not intend to practice any excluA.; chairman, U. S. Yellow Fever Commis- sive system, generally recognized as such by sion, 1900-1901. He robbed the pestilence the profession, or declared so by the council. of its terrors and caused the cities of the ors of the society." After considerable dissouthland to sit in peace within their gates." cussion, the amendment was adopted.

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'A Cosmopolitan Blwookly for the General Practitioner The Medical Fortnightly is devota

evoted to the progress of the Practice and Science of Medicine and Surgery. Its aim is to pre

o medica! Fortnightly is devoted to the progress of the vont topics of interest and importance to physicians, and to th ond, in addition to a well-selected corps of Department Editors, it bas secured correspondents in the leading medical centers of Europe and America. Contributions of a scientifio nature, and original in character, solicited. News of Societies, and of interooting modical topics, cordially invited.

Advertising forms close on the first and fifteenth of each month. Time should be allowed to submit proof for correction Advortising rates on application.

Remittances and business communications should be addressed to the Fortnightly Press Co.

Subscription, $2.00 a year, in advance, including postage to any part of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Postage to foreign countries in the Universal Postal Union, including Newfoundland, $1.00 a year additional. Entered at the St. Joseph post-office as second-class matter.

The Medical Fortnightly will not be discontinued at expiretion of ubscription, as many of our readers prefer not to have thoir files broken on account of failure to remit. Unless we roooivo a distinct request to discontinue, and payment for all arrearages, this magazine will not be discontinued.

Subscriptions may begin at any time; volumes ond with Sune and December.

Contributors should understand that corrected typewritten copy is essential to clean proof and prompt publication, and is much more satisfactory than manuscript. Original articles should be as condensed as justice to the subject will allow.

Editorial offices in St. Louis and St. Joseph, where specimen copios may be obtained, and subscriptions will be received.

Contributions and books for review should be addressed to the Managing Editor, 319 and 320 Century Building, St. Louis,

B Tinct. belladonnae......

gtt. in
Tinct opii campb......
Pulv. aluminis..

.. gr. vj
Syr. acaciae. .............. 388

Aquae..................... Ziss. — M. Sig. : A teaspoonful every two or three hours at six months of age.—Meigs and Pepper.

FERMENTATION DYSPEPSIA. — When fermentation is present with anorexia the fol. lowing formula after Ewald is advised : B Tinct. nuois vom.............. 3vj.

Resorcin sublim.............. gi. IXXV

Elix, simplicis...... ........ 3iij M. Sig : Ten to fifteen drops every two hours in a small amount of water. Or: B Ext. condurango flu.......... f3v

Resorcin sublim.............. 3) M. Sig. : Thirty drops four times a day in water.

When anemia is present with the gastro. intestinal symptoms the following combination is recommended: B Quin, sulp............... gr. XVII)

Strych. sulph............ gr. }
Ferri sulph.............. gr. Xij

Acici arsenosi............ gr. } M. Ft. pil N. xii. Sig.: One pill three times a day.-Practical Medicine Series.

GONORRHEAL RHEUMATISM.-W. J. Robin. son, in an abstract in Merck's Arobives, states that if after getting rid of the gonococcus there is evidence of involvement of the joints, the following combination is recommended as a local application: B Acidi salioylici................ 3i

Mentholis.................... gr. XV
Guaiacolis.................... 388

..... fzi M. Sig.: To be painted over the affected areas with a camel's hair brush and the parts covered with cotton and oil silk.

Or, as a liniment, the following:
B Methyl salicylatis..........

Olei veratrinae.........
Linimenti f3i

Linimenti belladonnae. ........ fzi M. Sig. : Rub in well and cover with cotton and oil silk or muslin.

As an ointment the following composi. tion: R Chloralis hydratis.............. 3i

Camphorae. .......
Mentholis...... ....Aa 388
Acidi salicylici..

aa zi

Lanolini q. 6. ad......
M. Sig. : Apply externally.





............ 3 iij.
Tinct. opii.....

... 3 jos
Ol. terebinthinae....
Ol. caryophyl............... 3j

Spir. vini reot. U.S.P., 3 vj
M. Sig. Liniment.-Manley.
B Soda salicylate .............. 3lij

Tinot. aconite................ 3ss
Wine colchicum root.......... Ziss

Aromatio ziij M. Sig. Teaspoonful in water every two or four hours. — Clin. Reporter.

B Tinct. cantharidis ....


Tinct. capsici................mxx
Glycerinae.................. 388

Spts. odoratae....... 3vj. --M Sig. : Apply to head two or three times daily.-Gross.


(C2H604 + C2H803) ABSOLUTELY HARMLESS. Indorsed and Successfully used by leading Physicians in the


CONTAGIOUS DISEASES of the STOMACH and INTESTINES. In order to prove the efficiency of GLYCOZONE, I will

Prepared only by send a $31.00 bottle free to Physicians accompanying their request with 25c. to pay forwarding charges.

A copy of the 18th edition of my book of 340 pages, on the narud M archand “Rational Treatment of Diseases Characterized by the Pre

न sence of Pathogenic Germs," containing reprints of 210 un. solicited clinical reports, by leading contributors to Medical Chemist and Graduate of the “Ecole Centrale des Literature, will be mailed free of charge to Physicians

Physicians Arts et Manufactures de Paris" (France) mentioning this Journal.

57-59 Prince Street, NEW YORK.

ook well to your prescriptions—a careless or dishonest pharmacist may ruin your reputation.









- Warner & Co.Highly Recommended in all STOMACH TROUBLES Particularly The Vomiting of Pregnancy


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Send stamp for specimen copy, premium list and schedule for game “ 500." Address


Managing Editor, ST. JOSEPH, MO.

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The Season's Greetings ...
Retrospect and Prospect.............................
The “Funny” Paper ..................................
The Hospital Society Elects Officers......... ....
No More Bacteria by Mall........
The St. Louis Medical Soclety


Foreign Bodies in the Larynx and Tracheo-

Bronchial Tract ........................ L. D. BROSE, 663
Symposium on the U.S. Pharmacopeia and the

National Formulary
Some Faults........ ..............Louis H. BEHRENS, 667
The U. S. Pharmacopeia...... HENRY M. WAELPLEY, 669
The National Formulary and Its Elegant Prepar-
ations (with Exhibit of Preparations)........

..................... PROF. FRANCIS HEMM, 672 The Prescribing of Proprietary Remedies.......

....................J. C. FALK, 675

678 678 679 679 679

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official Journal Medical Society of City Hospital Alumni, St. Louis

"I like the idea of the two trous in



was the comment of a physician, and this peculiarity
is worthy of special note.

Each Tablespoonful of Hemaboloids contains as much iron as
20 minims (1.33 c.c.) Tr. Ferri Chlor.

The larger part of the iron in Hemaboloids exists in organic combination with the nucleo-proteids, obtained from vegetables rich in iron.

This vegetable food-iron is "ferrated" with a less resistant
organic iron compound, to neutralize the sulphur compounds in the
bowel, thus preventing the destruction and permitting the absorp-
tion of the food-iron in Hemaboloids, and that of the daily food

Dose: One Tablespoonful 3 or 4 times a day.


Yonkers, N. Y.

May the new year Bring peace and plenty to you and yours.

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