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1. The president and direčersia"
when legally thofen, are the proper"
fons to execute acts ordered to be done
by the prefident, directoriandrom",
: 2. £ to pay as the latter my
order, is broken by not paying according
to the order of : £ dire-
tors. The interest acquired by ibitib-

ing for sharesin the fockpiani
rated company, is a good confini"
tofupport an action again" theft bitri-
ber. "The promise to pay in ind tales
as the prefident, directoriandon't
shall appoint, is not fuch a promi'
will fupport an action as for a promi.
fory note. Unia Tripik Cafu'o' :


2. The aa of the legislatured 17% which

was re-enacted on 3d ' 1%ht".
tains no implied granto the follunder
water ther in mentioned, to the"
ration of New-York. The ":
that act, only attornics' the public.
There'vation in theirrdelve d'
1801, of flipagearfing!" are:-
ed under grants made by th:"'.
fuance of that law, is void. The cop"
ration has no right to flip' :
running into the Eaff-rivin" front
£ A slip is an interval £
cancy between two piers Mayor, s
v. Scott, 5


- - al. Entr'and
See Action, 2. Bail, 1. Forcible # I.

Detainer, I. Limits, r. 7,

£ 11.15. 16.22, 24. 25.38.4"
50.56. 66.69. 76.86.

d not £"

hether co" shoul , New-

I. 8: £ of delay. Townfand” 5

Tork Infuran: Co

. Costs muft abide

when the £ 4).

mpany. the #
t of th

: £ not tim" :

Bradl, 11

try the cause.

see venue. "

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tice, Court, 2. Libel, 3. Partners and Part-

falling due of the first instalment, and
nership, 2. Practice, 13.17.95.

the añignor is then liable for the whol:
amount, the affignee not being obliged
to wait till the last instalment is paya-
ble. If the first instalment be not de- Deeds.
£ in the :£# : :
1. s the contrary evyn, tire - • *
to have been paid. The £ is not See Grant, 1. £:* r. Pre
precluded from his action against the ption,
affignor, because he has not roved his
debt ander the obligor's estate. Ten Default
Ayes & Elmendor/ v. Tilsit, 437 efault.
Countermand. See Bond, 1. Practice, 2.26. 28.44 82.86.

see Practice, so 76. Demurrer.

Counter Affidavits. See Practice, 29.
- 1. If the court he fatisfied that a demurrer is
See Practice, 60. £ in merely for delay, and the oppo-
te side has noticed the demurrant, who
does not appear, the demurrer will be

Court of Errors.
overruled, and a rule for judgment or-
- dered, the party obtaining it statin
see Venire, r. *imself ready to open the rule if #
cause of demur' or merits be shown.
Cross Suits. Grift v. Pas Wagena, 498
See Practice, 68. Deposit.
!, Custom-House Officer. See Agreement, 1.
# ---~ :-
it." See Justification, r. Deposition.
D See Witness, r.
£ IDamages.
£ Defire.
*/ See A&ion, 2. Breach of Orders, 1. Prac- -
* tice, 82.95. See Truft, z.
1. l
Day Calendar. Discontinuance.
See Practice, 2. See Practice, 42. -
#y Debt. Lifcovery of New Evidence. *:
. See Escape, 2. See Practice, 21. |
2. is a
Declaration. Distress. |
i - -
See Affumpsit, 3. Frauds, statute of 1. Jug. See Affumpfft, 2. Insurance, 5. Trefpañ, r. i

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4. A paper noticed to be prod

6. Parol evidence cannot be "

A: ex. dem. Putna" Bder th: *
... An

writ agai the defendant in his own
fuit, £ the draint is!'"
and imprisoned on the ''
£ntiff can not, in an £
£ by the defendant, for fill: £
fonment, give, under th:
the special matterine' £
of justification, under * : but
more easy pleading i: d:-
may do it in order to shew that in trut-
£ant was not arreffed." his uth-
tions, but by : :* 255
- ick v. Manly,
rity. Herrick." y ural," :
led for, is evidence; and they'
ticing has not £" #3#
J.ence to Whitney ". re":5
Clark/on, . --- m air

5. Copies of Letters, &c. £

reign court of vice-admiral),
authenticated under

court, when retur" !
iñued from the fupre: court," *

readin evidence.
c twist: to

fhow that a decd stating" :#
chains was meant." £ #

y un of in-

of pro -
ment of pr is evident: .#

fcondin debtors' act" -
# in the debtor “”
Elmendarf". Tillitt, a writ d :

8. It':

- widence -
term aft, is not evide all beat
'. #: the pro ing,"




. See Limits, r.

fidered as of that term. Gordon v.

A note of hand cannot be given, if "

dence in an action to recover * ftake de-
posited on a wager. Delamatter v.
- 598



see Mandamus, 1. Practice, 47. 49.

See Ejectment, 2. Nonfuit, 1. Practice, 4.
6, 44.51. 53.74. 76


See Public Profecutions, 1.


See Indictment, 2.



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See Administrators. Justice", i.

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Practice, 12. 27.92. Pri-
foner, I.


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False Imprisonment.
See Evidence, 3.
False Papers.
See Insurance, 8.

See Indictment, 2. Physician, 1.

Feigned Iffic.
See Practice, 80.


See Practice, rr. 23.

Forcible Entry and Detainer.

1. An indictment for forcible entry and de-
£muff fiateafcifin in the profesutor
£he time of the entry, and also fhew
an entry by the defendant. To entitle
to costs it must appear that the Party":
£d the indictment. The fupr:”
Court may award re-restitution. ‘The

Aeople v. Shaw, 22.5

see Intrusion, 1. People 1.


See Bond, 1. Infolvent, r.

Frauds, Statute of:

1. The statute of frauds does not require the
agreement to make a conveyance # be
f: forth in the declaration, in an action
for not conveying according to cove:

nant, 45


See Average, 2.

French Intercourse Bill.

See Infurance, 5.


ee Corporation, 2.

1. If the grant of a lot of land by deed, spe-

e number of acres, with a refer:
enée to a map, the whole lot will pass
according to the '' though the deed
fpecify fewer acres than the map gives.

jaci/on Q. P:/2ndorf, 493

cify t

General Seflions.
Sce Indićtment, r.

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