Foods and Their Adulteration: Origin, a Manufacture, and Composition of Food Products, Description of Common Adulterations, Food Standards, and National Food Laws and Regulations. With Eleven Colored Plates and Eighty-six to Other Illustrations

Blakiston, 1911 - 641 sider

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Side 593 - ' animals, ' ' as herein used, includes not only mammals, but fish, fowl, crustaceans, mollusks, and all other animals used as food. 2. Fresh meat is meat from animals recently slaughtered and properly cooled until delivered to the consumer.
Side 599 - ... (8) per cent of sucrose. 2. Comb honey is honey contained in the cells of comb. 3. Extracted honey is honey which has been separated from the uncrushed comb by centrifugal force or gravity. 4. Strained honey is honey removed from the crushed comb by straining or other means.
Side 595 - MISCELLANEOUS MILK PRODUCTS. 1. Whey is the product remaining after the removal of fat and casein from milk in the process of cheese-making.
Side 165 - An act defining butter, also imposing a tax upon and regulating the manufacture, sale, importation, and exportation of oleomargarine,
Side 605 - Red wine is wine containing the red coloring matter of the skins of grapes. White wine is wine made from white grapes or the expressed fresh juice of other grapes. • 2. Dry wine is wine in which the fermentation of the sugars is practically complete...
Side 591 - June 30, 1904. for the purpose, among others, " to enable the Secretary of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists, and such other experts as he may deem necessary, to establish standards of purity for food products and to determine what are regarded as adulterations therein, for the guidance of the officials of the various States and of the courts of justice.
Side 595 - Flour is the fine, clean, sound product made by bolting wheat meal and contains not more than thirteen and one-half (13.5) per cent of moisture, not less than one and twenty-five hundredths (1.25) per cent of nitrogen, not more than one (1) per cent of ash, and not more than fifty hundredths (0.50) per cent of fiber.
Side 607 - Wine vinegar, grape vinegar, is the product made by the alcoholic and subsequent acetous fermentations of the juice of grapes and contains, in one hundred (100) cubic centimeters (20° C.), not less than four (4) grams of acetic acid...
Side 599 - ... per cent. of total ash ; not more than five-tenths (0.5) per cent. of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid, and not more than twenty-five (25) per cent.
Side 599 - Cinnamon is the dried bark of any species of the genus Cinnamomum from which the outer layers may or may not have been removed.

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