The Craftsman, Volum 1


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Side 52 - And as far as it may lie in you, let no arbitrary power be intruded : the people of this kingdom love the laws thereof, and nothing will oblige them more, than a confidence of the free enjoying of them : what the nobles upon an occasion once said in parliament, " Nolumus leges Angliae mutari," is imprinted in the hearts of all the people.
Side 273 - ... conferring all the honours and all the offices of the three kingdoms, without a rival; in dispensing whereof, he was guided more by the rules of appetite than of judgment...
Side 95 - In the midst of these execrations entered a man, dressed in a plain habit, with a purse of gold in his hand. He threw himself forward into the room, in a bluff, ruffianly manner: A smile, or rather a sneer, sat on his countenance.
Side 276 - By God, Stenny, you are a fool, and will shortly repent this folly, and will find, that, in this fit of popularity, you are making a rod, with which you will be scourged yourself.
Side 229 - ... by an express warrant in writing, under the hand of one of the principal secretaries of state, for every such opening, detaining, or delaying...
Side 224 - ... fending out annual Fleets at a very great Expence ? And yet, it is faid, his Majefty, before the laft Treaty with Sweden, pretended no Title to .thofe Countries, but a Mortgage from a Prince, who had no other himfelf than Conqueft. And dares any one propofe to a...
Side 229 - ... shall presume wittingly, willingly, or knowingly to open, detain or delay, or cause, procure, permit, or suffer to be opened, detained or delayed, any letter or letters, packet or packets, after the...
Side 95 - Snear, sat on his Countenance. His Face was bronz'd over with a Glare of Confidence. An arch Malignity leer'd in his Eye. Nothing was so extraordinary as the Effect of this Person's Appearance. They no sooner saw him, but They all turn'd their Faces from the Canopy, and fell prostrate before him.
Side 93 - Beams of it grew fo warm a? it approached, that the Hearts of the Inhabitants leaped for Joy. The Face of War was no more. The fame Fields, which had fo long been the Scene of Death and Defolation, were now covered with golden Harvefts. The Hills were cloathed with Sheep. The Woods fung with Gladnefs. Plenty laughed in the Vallies. Induftry, Commerce and Liberty danced hand in hand through the Cities.
Side 273 - ... he was made a baron, a viscount, an earl, a marquis, and became lord high admiral of England, lord warden of the cinque ports, master of the horse, and entirely disposed of all the graces of the king, in conferring all the honours and all the offices of the three kingdoms, without a rival...

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