Southern District.
Appointed. Names. Residence. Office. Salary.

1825 Alfred Conkling, Albany, Judge, $2,000
1823 Samuel Beardsley, Utica, Attorney 200&fees
1830 Rutger B. Miller. do.

Clerk, 1815 John W. Livingston, Skaneateles, Marshal. STATED TERMS.-At Albany on the third Tuesday in January and second Tuesday in May; and at Utica on the last Tuesday in August.

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All JUDICIAL officers, except Justices of the Peace, are appointed by the Senate on the nomination of the Governor.


SUPREME bainted. 123 John Savage, Albany, Chief 1923 Jacob Sutherland, Albany, 129 William L. Marcy,


The. Court for the Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors, consists of the President of the Senate, the Senators, the Chancellor, and the Justices of the Supreme Court, or the major part of them.

If the Chancellor or a Judge of the Supreme Court be impeached, he shall be suspended from office until his acquittal.

Onan appeal from a decree in chancery, the Chancellor shall assign the reasons for his decree; and on a writ of error brought on'a judgment of the Supreme Court, the Justices shall give the reasons for their judgment;

but neither shall have any voice in the decision of the case on trial. The reasons to be assigned by the Chancellor, or Justices of the Supreme Court, shall be submitted in writing, before the argument of the appeal, or writ of error, as the case may be.

On any interlocutory or other question, either on appeal or writ of error, not affecting the merits of the cause, or point decided, in the Court of Chancery, or Supreme Court, the chancellor or justices may vote.

The President of the Senate presides in the Court of Errors.

This court has full power to correct and redress all errors that mayhappen in the Court of Chancery, pr in the Supreme Court.

The writs and process of the court shall be signed by the clcrk, and tested in the name of the President of the Senate.

Sessions of the court may be holden at the capitol, in the city of Al. bany, at such times as the court shall, from time to time, direct; but not more than two such sessions, shall be holden, during the recess of the Legislature in any one year; and when so holden, during the recess of

John I. Schenck
3 Stephen Allen
» Alpheus Sherman
S Jonathan S. Conklin
Walker Todd
Samuel Rexford
a Nathaniel P. Tallmadge
da David M. Westcott
2 Moses Warren

Lewis Eaton

William Deitz 9 Herman J. Quackenboss 99 Reuben Sanford ons Jolin Molean. jr. My Isaac Gere William J. Dodge 1816 John F. Bacon, Albany,

James Livingston, Green James D. Wasson, Alba

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Salary. $32,000


the Legislature, the President of the Senate and the ceive the same compensation for travelling and a attending a meeting of the senate.

The Clerk shall receive the same daily compensa dance, at any term during the recess, as is allowed senate.

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1831. Edward P. Livingston, Columbia, Presiden
1828 Reuben Hyde Walworth, Albany, Chancell


1823 John Savage, Albany, Chief Justice,
1823 Jacob Sutherland, Albany,

1829 William L. Marcy,

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· Elected.
1827 John I. Schenck

1827 Nathaniel S. 1828 Stephen Allen

1828 William H. 1829 Alpheus Sherman

1829 Alvin Brons 1830 Jonathan S. Conklin 1830 Henry A. F 1827 Walker Todd

1827 Grattan H. 1828 Samuel Rexford

1828 John F. Hu 1829 Nathaniel P. Tallmadge 1829 Levi Beards 3830 David M. Westcott

*1830 Charles W. 1827 Moses Warren

1827 George B. 1 1828 Lewis Eaton

1828 Hiram FM 1829 William Deitz

1829 Thomas Arr 1830 Herman J. Quackenboss 1830 William H. 1827 Reuben Sanford

1827 Timothy H. 1828 John McLean. jr.

1829 Albert H. T 1829 Isaac Gere

1830 Philo C. Fu 1830 William J. Dodge

1830 Trumbull C 1816 John F. Bacon, Albany, Ex-officio, Clerk,

James Livingston, Greenbush; Sergeant a James D. Wasson, Albany, Crier.

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le city of A rect; bat art recess of the the recess of

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COURT OF CHANCERY. The powers of the Court of Chancery are vested in the CHANCELBOR, who holds his office during good behaviour, or until he attains the age of sixty years. His salary is $2000. This court was organized under the constitution of the state in March, 1778, though from the earliest judicial history distinct from a court of law. The Chancellor appoints the Register and Assistant Register, and Clerks in Chancery, "who hold their offices during his pleasure. He also appoints the Re. porter in Chancery, and licenses all Solicitors and Counsellors to practise in the Courts of Chancery. He may appoint Commissioners to Lake Affidavits to be read in the Courts of Chancery at his discretion.

Masters and Examiners in Chancery are appointed by the Senale, on the nomination of the Governor, and hold their offices for three years. Masters must be of the degree of Counsellor at Law, or Solicitor, or Counsellor in Chancery.

Le Supreme Court consists of a Chief
nico may hold the court.

The Justices of the Supreme Court hold
artisur, or until they attain the


of f each. 1 Juices of this court may appoint the edasis to be read in the Supreme dem necessary. There are four d an is required by law to appoint sor


Jadin Savage,


Appointed. Names.


Office. 1328 Reuben H. Walworth, Albany;

Chancellor. 1828 Isaac W. R. Bromley, Albany,

Chancellor's Clerk, 1823 James Porter,

Albany, Register. 1829 John Walworth,

N. York, Assistant Register. 1828. Alonzo C. Paige, Schenectady, Reporter. 1820 John D. Kirck,

N. York,

Sergeant at Arms. 1829 John C. Donnelly, Albany, Serg't. at Arms.

The salary of the Reporter is $500; that of the Chancellor's Clerk is $600.

STATED TERMS.-On the fourth Mondays of January and August, at the Capitol in the city of Albany; and on the fourth Mondays of May and October, at the City Hall, in the city of New York.

The Stated Terms are appointed by the Chancellor, and may be al; tered by him as the public convenience may require Term shall be held eight days, at least, and longer if necessary,

MOTION DAYS.—The first and third Tuesdays of every month dur. ing vacations are assigned for hearing motions and petitions before the Chancellor, at the Capitol in the city of Albany. Motions and petitions shall have a preference over Calendar causes on the first day of the Term, and on Monday of every week thereafter during the Term, but on no other day, without a special order,

Resid d. Names.

Albul Jacob Sutherland, Albar Wiliam L. Marcy,

Alban Greene C. Bronson,

Alban William Paxton Hallett,

N. YO js Jolin Fairlie,

NYO Jokin Keyes Paige

Albar a Philip Wendell,

Alban Thos: H. Hubbard,

Utica. EXhanan W. Williams,

Utica William M. Oliver, Gene John A. Coffin,

Gene John L. Wendell,

Alba William Campbell


Alba John B. Roome,

N. Y James D. Stebbins,

Clint **: Reporter's sulary is $500.

STATED TERMS—At Albany, on the fie
Monday, of October; at New York
Xx Ulica, on the first Monday of July.
Nis, July, and October Terms.
The several Terms may be continued
ai thereof

, until and including the fifth at of each Term; but no argument of

loe fifth week of any Terra, unless

Every stated

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SUPREME COURT. The Supreme Court consists of a Chief Justice of whom may hold the court..

The Justices of the Supreme Court hold theis behaviour, or until they attain the age of sixty y $2000 each.

The Justices of this court may appoint as ma take affidavits to be read in the Supreme Court may deem necessary. There are four Clerks whom is required by law to appoint some prop deputy


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Appointed. Names.

Residence. 3823 John Savage,

Albany, 1823 Jacob Sutherland,

Albany, 1829 William L. Marcy,

Albany, 1829 Greene C. Bronson, Albany, 1830 William Paxton Hallett, N. York, 1829 John Fairlie,

N. York, 1823 John Keyes Paige,

Albany, 1827 Philip Wendell,

Albany, 1825 Thos. H. Hubbard,

Utica, 1820 Elhanan W. Williams,

Utica, 1829 William M. Oliver,

Geneva, 1829 Jolin A. Coffin,

Geneva, 1828 John L. Wendell,

1823 William Campbell,

John B. Roome,

N. York,
James D. Stebbins,

The Reporter's salary is $500.

STATED TERMS.--At Albany, on the first Mor third Monday, of October; at New York on the f and at Utica, on the first Monday of July. They ly, May, July, and October Ternis.

The several Terms may be continued and held ment thereof, until and including the fifth Saturda ment of each Term; but no argument of any caus ing the fifth week of any Term, unless by conser counsel.

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In SUPREME COURT-May 27th. 1830.

I. It is ordered, that hereafter the following motions will be heard in term upon the regular course of days for hearing non enumerated mo. tions:

1 Motions in criminal cases.
2 Motions in real actions.
3 Calling persons bound by recognizance.
4 Motions in proceeding upon attachment.
5 Motions to correct the calendar.

II. That hereafter two terms of the court shall be held in each month except as hereinafter specified, for the purpose of hearing all other nonenumerated motions, such terms shall be held in the Capitol in the city of Albany, on the Thursday succeeding the first and third Tuesdays in each month; except that no such term will be held in the months of January, May and July. In the month of October, but one term wilę be held, which will be on Thursday succeeding the first Tuesday; and in November on Thursdays succeeding the third Tuesday.

III. The rules and practice now established relative to non-enumerated business, shall continue to constitute the practice of this court.

IV. Motions to bring on arguments upon demurrers and bills of er. ception out of their order, upon the calendar, on the ground of their frivolousness, shall be made upon the opening of the court on any day during the first week of the calendar terms respectively, and not after wards, By the Court,


Where such causes and malters 3
of such Judge, or,
2. Where the subject matter in contra
Izd district.

1. Where the defendants or persons
bn, resides within such limits

, subject
* Chancellor
The Vice Chancellors of the sereral
w in each year, at such times and in
a tey shall respectively appoint, at the

' and when so appointed, the said
ito years. They may also hold som
sd places as they shall deem proper.

s stated or special term may be hold e time that any such term shall be b Morion Days,—The days for hea cocellers of the first and third circus istays of each month, at the Capitol z City Hall in the city of New Yor! luceilors at their places of residence

Tax Clerks of the several counties, ww York)

. are, by virtue of their offices Tu Clerk of the Supreme

Court, resi Okrk of the Sittings and Circuit Cour sity of New.York. Buch of the Circuit Judges possesses: preme Court at chambers, and in the urs of Oyer and Terminer and Jail I

lines and places of holding Circuit Terminer,

and Vice Chancellors' C Circuits of this state. for the years

CIRCUIT COURTS, The state is divided, by law, into eight Judicial Circuits, corresponding with the eight Senate Districts, which may be altered from time ta time, by the Legislature, as the public good may require. The Circuit Judges hold their offices

during good behaviour, or until they attain the age of sixty years. Their salary is $1250 each.

Éach Circuit Judge is a Vice Chancellor within his circuit, and shall, concurrently with the Chancellor, and exclusively of any other Circuit Judge, have and exercise all the original jurisdiction and powers which now are, or hereafter may be, vested in the Chancellor, in all causes and matters in equity, and in all matters of which the cognizance is, of shall be vested in the Chancellor, by virtue of any statute, in the follows. ing cases;

FIRST CIRCU ypointed. 1923 Ogden Edwards, New York, 1829 John Walworth, New York, 1830 William Paxton Hallett, N. 1:30 Thomas Wills, New York, Is

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