Holy Ghoft; which is the other thing I come to speak to.

2. The Advocateship of the Holy Ghost, as I said before, is not in Heaven, but in the World: Doth not so much respect God, as the World, and the Deyil. His Office is in the place of Christ to plead the Cause of the Church against its Enemies; to be its Patron and Defender upon Earth, and to manage the Affairs of it so, that it may be victorious in this World over all its Oppofers. Under this Notion of an Advocate he is plainly represented in John 16. v. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. a Passage which I before referred to, but shall now explain more fully, because it is an express Declaration of the Advocateship of the Holy Spirit, and a clear Account of the Effects that should ensue upon his Descent on the Apostles, as the Patron of the Christian Cause. — Nevertheless I tell you the Truth, fays our Lord to his Disciples, It is expedient for you that I go away : for if I go not away, the Comforter

Advocate] will not come to you : But if I depart I will send him unto you, and when he is come he will reprove the World of Sin, and of Righteousness, and of Judgment. Of Sin, because they believe not on me : Of Righteoulness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more : Of Judgment, because the Prince of this World is judged. Now we shall have a very easy Admission into the Sense of this difficult Passage, as it hath been usually

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accounted, if we translate napa'xant, Ad-
vocate, instead of Comforter, and they [CU TUN
xóou », convince the World, as it is in the
Margin, instead of reprove the World, as
our Translators have render'd it in the Text.
That there is good Ground for the former
Alteration, appears not only from what hath
been said upon my first Head, by way of
Criticism upon the Word nepárant, but
from the Acts attributed to him in this Place,
for reproving or convincing the World of Sin,
and Righteousness, and Judgment, are the
proper Acts or Offices of an Advocate, but
by no means of a Comforter. And that we
have sufficient Authority for the latter Al-

teration is evident from a parallel Place to 4.46. this in the eighth Chapter of this Gospel,

τις εξ υμών ελέγχει, or as fonie Copies read
it ļnézeu; which of you convinceth me of
Sin, that is, which of you can fhew me that I
am guilty of Sin in teaching and in acting
as I do? And besides, tho' it may be good
Sense to say that the Holy Ghost shall re-
prove the World of Sin, yet that Term is not
applicable to the two Instances that follow;
for it is not Sense to say, he shall reprove
the World of Righteousness, or of Judgment.
Another Passage there is in Tit. 1. 9. which
will fnew us the full Import of thérnei in
this Place. There it is faid, that a Bishop
should be qualified not only to exhort, but
alfo ελέγχειν τες αντιλέγοντας, το convince the

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Gainsayers; to justify the things of Christ against all Opposers.

This then certainly is the Sense of the Word in this Passage that we are upon, viz. that when the Holy Ghoft, the Advocate for Christians, is come,

he will convince the World, he will justify the Cause of Christ to the World, both in point of Sin, in point of Righteousness, and in point of Judgment. The Office of an Advocate is to defend and make good the Cause he hath undertaken. So the Holy Ghost, having, as an Advocate espoused the Cause of Chris, he will maintain it, and justify it against all Opposie tion.

As to the three particular Instances in which he will justify it, we now come to give an Account

And here, in the first place, let us confider what this Cause of Christ was, that this Advocate undertook to justify and defend. The Cause of Jesus Cbrift was plainly this : God sent him into the World as the great Prophet, who was to declare his Will to Mankind, in order to their Salvation. But he was looked upon by the Jews, as a false Prophet, as an Impostor and Deceiver : And instead of giving him that Entertainment and Reception that was due to him, they crucified and New him. All which was brought to pass by the Contrivance and Inftigation of the Devil, the Prince of this World, who having long usurped an Em


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pire and Dominion over Mankind, was loth to be thrown out of his Possession; which he was sure to be, as soon as Jesus should be believed on in the World. And there, fore by procuring that he should be thus punished as a Malefactor, thought by this Means to quash for ever all his Pretences of being a Prophet, and so to secure and establish his own Kingdom. This was the Çause of Christ which the Holy Ghost came to vindicate.

Now the Question comes, What the Holy Ghost was to do in the Vindication of it? In what Instances he was to shew himfelf an Advocate for this Cause which he had espoused ? In Answer to this Question, if we consider our Saviour's Case, we cannot even, according to the Principles of common Reason, and the Use and Practice of Mankind in these Matters, desire more to be done by him than these three Things :

ift, To justify the Truth of our Saviour's Mission; to convince the World that Jesus. Chris was that great Prophet which God had promised to fend for the Salvation of Mankind, and that it was a great Sin in those to whom he was sent, that they did not believe in him.

2dly, To vindicate the personal Innocence and Righteousness of Jesus Christ, to shew that he was really a virtuous, holy Perfon, however he was thought of in the World; and at the same Time to make out the

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Equity and Righteousness of God in suffering him to be so evil treated.

3dly, To make out the Justice or the Judgment of God upon those that were the Authors of those Injuries that Chris suffer'd in the World: To fnew that he was so far from countenancing or abetting the wicked Conspiracy against Jesus, that he gave a manifest Evidence of his Justice by retaliating upon the principal Agent and Contriver of it, what he thought to have done to Jesus: That is, destroying and casting him out of all that Power and Dominion which he had hitherto possessed in the World.

These three Things, I say, in common Reason, and according to the Course of Proceedings among Men in like Cases, were the principal Points which it concerned the Holy Ghost, as an Advocate, to vindicate the Cause of Christ in. And these are the very Things which our Saviour faid he should do, when he came into the World; and accordingly. when he came he did them effectually

First of all, he convinced the World of Sin, because they believed not in Jesus Chrift, yiz. He gave a Proof beyond all Exception and Contradiction that Jesus Christ was the great Prophet sent from God; and that the Jews who did not receive him were guilty of a very great Sin; and ftill a greater in that they crucified him. For let this only


v. 9.

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