will shew. And several of them were the Sermons which he usually preach'd in bis Diocese, and elsewhere, in the latter Part of his Life, as being best calculated, in bis own opinion, so it may be juftly presum’d) for doing Good to Mankind, and the Discharge of his own Duty, as a Minister of the Gospel.

Could these Sheets have carried any Impresion of that Energy and Zeal with which the Living Author of these Discourses addressd them to his Auditors, and to which they owed no small share of that Beauty and Influence which they once had from his own Mouth, they would bave been more welcome and more valuable to the Reader. One Excellence indeed they cannot be depriv’d of, which, in some measure, will supply the Want of those external and additional Graces that accompanied and adorned them in the Pulpit, viz. that Spirit of Piety which yet enlivens and breathes through them


all, and demonstrates them to be the
real Issues of his Heart, and the very
Dietates of his Soul, by such Marks of
Evidence as are easy to be discover’d,
tho' difficult to be describd, and im
possible to be counterfeited.

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