will shew. And feveral of them were the Sermons which he usually preach'd in his Diocese, and elsewhere, in the latter Part of his Life, as being beft calculated, in his own Opinion, (fo it may be justly prefum'd) for doing Good to Mankind, and the Discharge of his own Duty, as a Minister of the Gospel.

Could thefe Sheets have carried any Impreffion of that Energy and Zeal with which the Living Author of thefe Difcourfes addrefs'd them to his Auditors, and to which they owed no Small Share of that Beauty and Influence which they once had from his own Mouth, they would have been more welcome and more valuable to the Reader. One Excellence indeed they cannot be depriv'd of, which, in fome meafure, will fupply the Want of those external and additional Graces that accompanied and adorned them in the Pulpit, viz. that Spirit of Piety which yet enlivens and breathes through them



all, and demonftrates them to be the real Iffues of his Heart, and the very Dictates of his Soul, by fuch Marks of Evidence as are easy to be difcover'd, tho' difficult to be defcrib'd, and impoffible to be counterfeited.






ONCERNING the Witness of the



ROM. viii. 16. The Spirit itfelf beareth Witnefs with our Spirit, that we are the Children of God.

DIS C. II. P. 24.

Concerning the Advocateship of the Holy Spirit, and the proper Diftinctions between that, and the Advocatefhip of our Saviour.

Deliver❜d in Three Sermons, on this Text, JOHN xiv. 16. And I will tray the Father, and he fhall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever.



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DISC. III. p. 64.

Of grieving the Spirit. Of the Sealing of the Spirit. Of the different Notions of Redemption in Holy Scripture.

Deliver'd in Two Sermons on this Text,
EPH. iv. 30. Grieve not the Holy Spirit of
God, whereby ye are fealed to the Day of

DISC. IV. p. 105.

Of the various Callings in Life: And the Inferences from thence. That Christianity makes no Change in human Callings, or in the Civil Relations of Life: And the Inferences from thence. Of the Requifites of a lawful Calling, and how it is to be distinguish'd from one that is unlawful. Of Gaming.

Deliver'd in Two Sermons, on this Text, 1 COR. vii. 17. But as God hath diftributed to every Man as the Lord hath called every one, fo let him walk: And fo ordain I in alb the Churches.

DISC. V. p. 143.

Of Diligence and Watchfulness in our Chriftian Calling. How our Time is to be fpent, and our Leifure improv'd, to useful Purposes: And particularly what Wis


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dom and Prudence Chriftians are to use in evil and dangerous Times.

Deliver'd in Two Sermons, on this Text,

EPHES. V. 15, 16. See then that ye walk circumfpectly, not as Fools, but as Wife, redeeming the Time, because the Days are


DISC. VI. p. 191.

The Danger of Cloaking or Diffembling our Sins. Confeffion of Sins neceffary to Repentance. What Sort of Confeffion that muft be.

Deliver❜d in Two Sermons, on this Text, PROV. xxviii. 13. He that covereth his Sins fball not profper: but whofo confeffeth, and forfaketh them, fhall find Mercy.

DISC. VII. p. 210.

The Efficacy of Believing, to Salvation.
Against Infidelity.

Deliver'd in Two Sermons, on this Text, MARK XVI. 16. He that believeth, and is baptized, fhall be faved: But he that believeth not, fhall be damned.

DISC. VIII. p. 243.

Of Conformity to the Customs and Ways of the World. How far allowable, and how far not.


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