ACTS X. 4.

Thy Prayers and thy Alms are come up for å

Memorial before God.

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SER M. III. p. 52.

Preach'd before Queen Mary, 1692.
The Prodigal Son. The true and miserable

State of Sinners. Consideration usually the
first Step to Repentance.

LUKE XV, 17, 18.
And when he came to himself, he said, How

many hired Servants of my Father have
Bread enough, and to Spare, and I perish
with Hunger! I will arise and go to my

SER M. IV. p. 85;

Preach'd before King WILLIAM, 1701.
Of the true Notion of Scandals and Offences,

Popular Misapprehensions about them
rectify’d. Use to be made of the Consi-
deration of their ill Consequences and
Frequency, &c.

MATT. xviii. 7.
Woe unto the World, because of Offences; for
it must needs be, that Offences cone.

Woe unto that Man by whom the Offence


SER M. V. p. 105.
Preach'd before Queen Anne, on the Fast for the

great Storm, 1703-4.
The Duty and Advantages of publick Fast-

ing in general.

Jo ONAH iii. 5.
The People of Nineveh believed God, and

proclaimed a Faft.

SER M. VI. p. 136.
Preach'd before King William at Welbeck; and

afterwards before Queen ANNE.
The several Causes of Mens Miftakes about

the Terms of their Salvation, and the Reasons why they deceive themselves into vain Opinions of their own Security.

1 JOHN iii. 7. Little Children, let no Man deceive you. He

that doth Righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.

SER M. VII. p. 165.

Preach'd before Queen ANNE, 1707. The Gospel Proofs of a future State; and the Nature of the Happiness of Heaven.

2 Tim. i. 10.
Who hath abolished Death, and hath brought

Life and Immortality to light, through the


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p. 185.


Preach'd before Queen Anne, 1708.
The great Folly and Danger of delaying


PSALM cxix. 59, 60.
I thought on my ways, and turned


Feet unto thy Testimonies. I made hafté, and delayed not to keep thy Commandments.

ye are called.

SER M. IX. p. 209.

Preach'd before Queen Anne, 1709-10. Obligations to Godliness and Virtue, from

the Consideration of the Nature of the Christian Calling, in general and in particular.

EPHES. iv. I. I therefore the Prisoner of the Lord, befeech you,

that ye walk worthy of the Vocation wherewith

SERM. X. p. 234

Preach'd before Queen ANNE, 1710. 'The Manner and the Circumstances of the

Day of Judgment.

ACTS xyii. 31.
He bath appointed a Day in which he will

judge the World in Righteousness, by that
Man whom he hath ordained.




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