Regulations for the instruction, formations, and movements of the cavalry, Volum 2


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Side 81 - Right Wheel, the man on the right of the rank faces to the right ; on the word March, they step off together, the whole turning their eyes to the left (the wheeling flank) except the man on the left of the rank, who looks inwards : and, during the wheel, becomes a kind of base line for the others to conform too, and maintain the uniformity of front.
Side 73 - When steady, the left foot is brought gently back (without a jerk), the left knee a little bent, the left toe brought close to the right heel. The left foot in this position will not be so flat as to the front, as the toe will be a little depressed.
Side 80 - ... infallibly derange whatever is beyond him. The faces of the men, and not their breasts or feet, are the line of dressing. Each man is to be able just to distinguish the lower part of the face of the second man beyond him.
Side 7 - The position with stirrups, is the same as without, the heels well stretched down and lower than the toes. The foot kept in its place by the play of the ankle and instep, the stirrup being under the ball of the foot.
Side 8 - The right hand holding the rein, the left slides forward upon it, about twelve inches from the saddle, feeling the horse's mouth very lightly. "Three." The right hand drops the reins to the off side, takes a lock of the mane, brings it through the left hand and twists it round the thumb, the fingers of the left hand closing on it ; the right hand is then placed on the holster ; the body erect. '•'•Dismount.
Side 85 - Officer commanding it must, on all occasions, recollect the number of paces that are equal to his front.
Side ii - Manoeuvres. 2s. Hand-book Dictionary for the Militia and Volunteer Services, Containing a variety of useful information, Alphabetically arranged. Pocket size, 3s. 6d. ; by post, 3s. 8d. Gymnastic Exercises, System of Fencing, and Exercises for the Regulation Clubs. In one volume. Crown 8vo. 1877. 2s.
Side 122 - OBSERVATIONS. — 1. In formations to the front, immediately on issuing from narrow ways or streets, it is impossible for the rear, who are not yet clear of the defile, to incline at once towards their places in line ; on these occasions, therefore, the formation of all but the head of the column becomes the same as laid down for " Formations to the Outer Flank...
Side 72 - Place the hollow of the right foot smartly against the left heel, keeping the shoulders square to the front. 2nd. Raise the toes, and turn to the right . on both heels.
Side 84 - Officers approach their posts, must pay them a proper attention, by standing steady with carried arms, facing to their proper front ; nor must this be left off until the evening is so far advanced, O » that they begin challenging and demanding the countersign.

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