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Side 367 - Dictionaries. The Reader's Handbook of Famous Names in Fiction, Allusions, References, Proverbs, Plots, Stories, and Poems.
Side 359 - Clyffards of Clyffe. The Family Scapegrace The Foster Brothers. Found Dead. Gwendoline's Harvest. Humorous Stories. Like Father, Like Son. A Marine Residence. Married Beneath Him.
Side 359 - Dundas. The World Well Lost. Under which Lord? With a Silken Thread. The Rebel of the Family "My Love!
Side 357 - Ready-Money Mortiboy. With Harp and Crown. This Son of Vulcan. My Little Girl. The Case of Mr. Lucraft The Golden Butterfly. By Celia's Arbour. The Monks of Thelema. "Twas in Trafalgar's Bay. The Seamy Side. The Ten Years' Tenant The Chaplain of the Fleet BY WALTER BESANT.
Side 358 - For the King. In Honour Bound. Queen of the Meadow. In Pastures Green. The Flower of the Forest. A Heart's Problem. The Braes of Yarrow. The Golden Shaft. Of High Degree.
Side 366 - Comic Almanack. Complete in Two SERIES : The FIRST from 1835 to 1843 ; the SECOND from 1844 to 1853. A Gathering of the BEST HUMOUR of THACKERAY, HOOD, MAYHEW, ALBERT SMITH, A'BECKETT, ROBERT BROUGH, &c. With 2,000 Woodcuts and Steel Engravings by CRUIKSHANK, HINE, LANDELLS, &c.
Side 359 - Dear Lady Disdain. The Waterdale Neighbours. My Enemy's Daughter. A Fair Saxon. Linley Rochford.
Side 368 - Familiar Allusions: A Handbook of Miscellaneous Information; including the Names of Celebrated Statues, Paintings, Palaces, Country Seats, Ruins, Churches, Ships, Streets, Clubs, Natural Curiosities, and the like. By WILLIAM A. WHEELER, Author of " Noted Names of Fiction ;

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