Anglo-Scandinavian England: Norse-English Relations in the Period Before the Conquest

John D. Niles, Mark Amodio
University Press of America, 1989 - 81 sider
The papers in this volume contribute to a more precise assessment of the interconnections between England and Scandinavia during the period from the establishment of the Danelaw to the Norman Conquest. The essays fall into three groups of concern: history, myth, and the language of poetry. Contents: Introduction: The Vikings and England; The Viking Policy of Ethelred the Unready; The Viking Policy of Ethelred: A Response; Ethelred II, Olaf Tryggvason, and the Conversion of Norway; Norse Mythology and Northumbria: Methodological Notes; Norse Mythology and Northumbria: A Response; Did Anglo-Saxon Audiences Have a Skaldic Tooth?; Skaldic Technique in Brunanburh; and Maldon As It Really Was. Co-published with the Old English Colloquium.

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The Viking Policy of Ethelred the Unready
A Response
Methodological Notes

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