A Personal Narrative of Thirteen Years Service Amongst the Wild Tribes of Khondistan for the Suppression of Human Sacrifice, Volum 1

Hurst and Blackett, 1864 - 320 sider

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Side 44 - ... in an ample covering of scarlet cloth ; he was surrounded by twenty or thirty young fellows, and by them protected from the desperate attacks made upon him by a party of young women. On seeking an explanation of this novel scene, I was told that the man had just been married, and his precious burden was his blooming bride, whom he was conveying to his own village.
Side 54 - After which they address the victim. " We " bought you with a price and did not seize you. Now we sacrifice "you according to custom, and no sin rests on us.
Side 212 - Manicksoro, who will immediately eat you, so be not grieved at our slaying you. Your parents were aware, when we purchased you from them for sixty rupees, that we did so with intent to sacrifice you. There is, therefore, no sin on our heads, but on your parents. After you are dead, ~we shall perform your obsequies.

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