A Popular History of the Ancient British Church: With Special Reference to the Church in Wales

Society for promoting Christian knowledge, 1887 - 205 sider

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Side 74 - Whiten'd his face from the sun's fronting ray ; Eastward the other, from the dying day, And he with unsunn'd face did always go.' Seiriol the Bright, Kybi the Dark ! men said. The seer from the East was then in light, The seer from the West was then in shade. Ah ! now 'tis changed. In conquering sunshine bright The man of the bold West now comes array 'd ; He of the mystic East is touch'd with night.
Side 155 - To whom the man of God, Augustine, is said, in a threatening manner, to have foretold, that in case they would not join in unity with their brethren, they should be warred upon by their enemies ; and, if they would not preach the way of life to the English nation, they should at their hands undergo the vengeance of death.
Side 58 - ... on the innocent ; whenever they exert themselves to avenge or protect, it is sure to be in favour of robbers and criminals ; they have an abundance of wives, yet are they addicted to fornication and adultery ; they are ever ready to take oaths, and as often perjure themselves...

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