Selections from Calcutta Gazettes: Showing the Political and Social Condition of the English in India, Volum 2

Printed at the Military orphan Press by O. T. Cutter, 1865
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Side 127 - independently of a divine origin, more true sublimity, more exquisite beauty, purer morality, more important history, and finer strains both of poetry and eloquence, than could be collected, within the same compass, from all other books that were ever composed in any age or in any idiom. The two parts of which the Scriptures consist are connected by a chain of compositions which bear no resemblance in
Side 121 - master of the Sanscrit, and the most enlightened professors of the doctrines of Brahma confess, with pride, delight, and surprise, that his knowledge of their sacred dialect was most critically correct and profound. The Pundits, who were in the habit of attending him, when I saw them,
Side 268 - on righteousness, and it clothed me; " My judgment was as a robe and a diadem. " Then I said, I shall die in my
Side 262 - Worth makes the man, and want of it the fellow, " The rest is all but leather, or prunello.
Side 268 - I was a father to the poor, and the cause which I knew not, I " searched out,
Side 129 - which every living creature participated, on the affability of his conversation and manners, or his modest unassuming deportment; nor need I remark that he was totally free from pedantry, as well as from that arrogance and self-sufficiency which sometimes accompany and disgrace the greatest abilities; his presence was the delight of every society, which his conversation exhilarated and improved, and
Side 183 - pain of forfeiting all such goods or commodities which they, or any of them, shall so buy and sell again by way of traffic, or in which any of them shall so trade, and also treble the value thereof, one moiety to the said United Company, and the other moiety to him or them who will sue for the same.
Side 183 - and sell the same again, or any part thereof, at the place where he or they bought the same, or at any other place within the same Province, or any other such Province or country respectively except on account of the said Company; nor shall it be lawful for any of the
Side 268 - Then I said, I shall die in my nest; "And I shall multiply my days as the stars of the firmament.
Side 266 - well; to them I am a great deal indebted for the fortune of the day. "We have had 129 men killed and 472 wounded; the enemy not more, perhaps not so much, as they were entrenched, but they have lost a vast number of cavalry. "I have taken 107 pieces of artillery, 6,000

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