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Sale of Statut Laws



MONDAY, November 41h, 1850. This was the day appointed for the meeting of the State Convention to revise the Constitution of Maryland. A quorum of the members elect did not attend.

On motion of Mr. Samuel Sprigg, The delegates in attendance adjourned until 12 o'clock to morrow.

TUESDAY, November 5th, 1850. At the hour of 12}, on motion of Mr. SPRIGG, of Prince George, ibe Convention was called to order, by inviting Mr. BENJAMIN C. HOWARD, of Baltimore county, to the Chair.

On motion of Mr. Elias Browr, of Carroll, JAMES L. RIDGELY, of Baltimore county, was appointed Secretary, pro tein.

On motion of Mr. William H. Tuck, of Prince George, the Chair was authorised to appoint a committee of three, to wait on the Executive and oblain a list of the Delegates chosen to this Convention.

The Chair named Messrs. Tuck of Prince George, GWINN of Baltimore city, and Ricaud of Kent, as the committee.

Mr. Tuck, from the committee, appointed to wait on the Governor, to obtain a list of the Delegates elect to the Convention, reported that the committee had performed that duty, and that the

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