6. History, Chronology, and Mythology.

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NEW EDITION. From the Creation to the present Time. A New Edition, carefully corrected, enlarged, and brought down to the present time; and printed in a more convenient form. (In the spring.)

MANGNALL'S QUESTIONS.—ONLY GENUINE AND COMPLETE EDIT. Historical and Miscellaneous Questions, for the Use of Young People; with a Selection of British and General Biography. By R. MANGNALL. New Edition, with the Author's last Corrections and Additions, and other very considerable recent Improvements, 12mo. bound ** The only edition with the Author's latest Additions and Improvements, bears the imprint of

Messrs. LONGMAN and Co. CORNER'S SEQUEL TO MANGNALL.-NEW EDITION. Questions on the History of Europe; a Sequel to Mangnall's Historical Questions : comprising Questions on the History of the Nations of Continental Europe not comprehended in that work. Ву JULIA CORNER. New Edition, 12mo. bound and lettered

HORT'S PANTHEON.-NEW EDITION. The New Pantheon; or, an Introduction to the Mythology of the Ancients, in Question and Answer:

compiled for the Use of Young Persons. To which are added, an Accentuated Index, Questions for Exercise, and Poetical Illustrations of Grecian Mythology, from Homer and Virgil. By W. J. Horr. New Edition, considerably enlarged by the addition of the Oriental and Northern Mythology, 18mo. 17 Plates, bound.

5 6 HORT'S CHRONOLOGY.-NEW EDITION. An Introduction to the Study of Chronology and Ancient History. By W. J. Hort. New Edition, 18mo. bound...

KNAPP'S UNIVERSAL HISTORY.-NEW EDITION. An Abridgment of Universal History, adapted to the Use of Families and Schools ; with appropriate

Questions at the end of each Section. By the Rev. H. J. KNAPP, M.A. New Edition, with considerable additions, 12mo. bound..

50 BIGLAND'S LETTERS ON THE STUDY OF HISTORY.-NEW ED. On the Study and Use of Ancient and Modern History; containing Observations and Reflections on the Causes and Consequences of those Events which have produced conspicuous changes

in the aspect of the World, and the general state of Human Affairs. In a series of Letters. By John BIGLAND, Author of “Letters on the Political State of Europe.” 7th Edition. 1 vol. 12mo. in boards...... 6 0

KEIGHTLEY’S OUTLINES OF HISTORY.-NEW EDITION. Outlines of History, from the Earliest Period. By THOMAS KEIGHTLEY, Esq. New Edition, corrected and considerably improved, fcp. 8vo. cloth lettered, 6s.; or bound and lettered.

6 6 KEIGHTLEY'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND. he History of England. By Thomas KeightLEY, Esq. In 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 14s.; or, bound 15 o

** For the convenience of Schools, the volumes will always be sold separately. KEIGHTLEY'S ELEMENTARY HISTORY OF ENGLAND. An Elementary History of England. By Thomas Keightley, Esq. Author of “ A History of England,” “Greece,”

,"? « Rome," “Outlines of History,” &c. &c. 12mo. bound and lettered KEIGHTLEY'S HISTORY OF GREECE.-THIRD EDITION. The History of Greece. By Thos. KEIGHTLEY, Esq. Third Edit. 12mo. cloth, 6s.6d.; or bound 7 0

ELEMENTARY HISTORY of GREECE, 1800. bound ....


3 6

7 0

KEIGHTLEY’S HISTORY OF ROME.-THIRD EDITION. The History of Rome to the end of the Republic. By Thomas KEIGHTLEY, Esq. Third Edition, 12mo. in cloth, 6s. 6d.; or bound ELEMENTARY HISTORY of ROME, 18mo. bound

3 6 KEIGHTLEY'S HISTORY OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. The History of the Roman Empire, from the Accession of Augustus to the end of the Empire in the West. By Thomas KEIGHTLEY, Esq. 12mo. in cloth, price 6s. 6d.; or bound...

7 0 QUESTIONS on the HISTORIES of ENGLAND (2 Parts), Rome, and GREECE, each

1 0



History, Chronology, and Mythology-CONTINUFD.

COOPER'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND.-TWENTY-SECOND EDITION. The History of England, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. On a plan recommended by the Earl of Chesterfield. By the Rev. W. Cooper. 22d Edition, considerably improved, and brought down to the year 1825. 18mo. half-bound..

2 6 BARKER’S LEMPRIERE'S CLASSICAL DICTIONARY.-NEW ED. Lempriere's Classical Dictionary, abridged from Anthon's and Barker's. By E. H. BARKER, of Trinity

College, Canıbridge. 2d Edit. for public and private schools of both sexes, post Svo. bound... 8 6 #S# This is the only edition, for public and private schools of both sexes, divested of all indelicacy.

VALPY'S ELEMENTS OF MYTHOLOGY.-NEW EDITION. Elements of Mythology; or, an Easy History of the Pagan Deities : intended to enable the young to understand the Ancient Writers of Greece and Rome. By R. VALPY, D.D 7th Edit. 12ino, bd.. 2 O

VALPY’S POETICAL CHRONOLOGY.-NEW EDITION. Poetical Chronology of Ancient and English History; with Historical and Explanatory Notes. By the late R. VALPY, D, D. New Edition, 12mo. cloth.

2 6 GERARD AND TOURRIER’S HISTORICAL CHART. The Demography, or, Universal History and Chronology, Geometrically displayed at Sight: in Two

Charts, beautifully engraved and coloured; the Ages, Reigns, Minorities, and Abdications indicated by a new method, without figures. The First Chart displays at a glance the History of all Nations, from Nimrod to the present time; the Second Chart, History of all the Nations in Europe, from 300 Years after our Saviour to 1841 included. This elaborate work being the combined researches of a Society of French Historians. Translated into English and considerably enlarged by J. & F. GERARD &J. TOURRIER. With a Guide (being also an abridgement of Ancient History), and a scale, mounted..

18 0 RIDDLE'S ECCLESIASTICAL CHRONOLOGY. Ecclesiastical Chronology; or, Annals of the Christian Church, from its Foundation to the Present Time:

to which are added, Lists of Councils and of Popes, Patriarchs, and Archbishops of Canterbury. By the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A., Author of “ The Complete Latin Dictionary,” &c. 8vo, cloth lettered 15 0

“A very useful and indispensable work, containing, in a single volume, a complete coup d'æil of ecclesiastical history.”_SPECTATOR.

TATE'S CONTINUOUS HISTORY OF ST. PAUL. The Continuous History of the Labours and Writings of St. Paul, on the basis of the Acts, with interca

lary matter of Sacred Narrative, supplied from the Epistles, and elucidated in occasional Dissertations: with the HORÆ PAULINÆ of Dr. PALEY, in a more correct edition, (with occasional Notes), subjoined. By J.TATE, M.A., Canon Residentiary of St. Paul's. In 8vo. with Map, cloth...... 13 0

7. Dictionaries-English and Anglo-Saxon.
#S+ For other Dictionaries, see Messrs. Longman and Co.'s royal 8vo. School Catalogue.

BOSWORTH'S ANGLO-SAXON DICTIONARY. A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language; containing the Accentuation, the Grammatical Inflexion s,

the Irregular Words referred to their Themes, the Parallel Terms from the other Gothic Languages, the Meaning of the Anglo-Saxon in English and Latin, and copious English and Latin Indexes, serving as a Dictionary of English and Anglo-Saxon, as well as of Latin and Anglo-Saxon. With a Preface, on the Origin and Connection of the German Tongues, a Map of Languages, and the Essentials of AngloSaxon Grammar. By the Rev. J. BoswORTH, LL.D. Dr. Phil. of Leyden, &c. Royal 8vo. bds. 420

BLACK'S STUDENT'S MANUAL.-NEW EDITION. The Student's Manual : being an Etymological and Explanatory Vocabulary of Words derived from the

Greek. By R. H. BLACK, LL.D. New Edition, greatly augmented, 18mo. bound in cloth...... 2 6 “ So many of our most expressive words are derived from the Greek, that without some knowledge of that language, or, at least, of the compounds adopted from it, we lose all the beauties and ingenuity of our terms of art and science; which, for want of the interesting associations which a knowledge of their origin would create, appear to us a mere jumble of letters unmeaningly put together, and of arbitrary sounds.

BLACK’S SEQUEL TO STUDENT'S MANUAL.-NEW EDITION. An Etymological and Explanatory Dictionary of Words derived from the Latin, with amusing Illustrations from Eminent Writers. By R. H. BLACK, LL.D. New Edition, 18mo. bound in cloth

5 6 WALKER'S DICTIONARY REMODELLED. Smart's Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language, epitomised on a plan which allows of full Definitions to the Leading Words, and large Additions to the Terms of Modern Science; with a Key to the Pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Names, &c. By B. H. SMART, Author of the former



8. Works on Geometry, Arithmetic, Land-Surveying, Mechanics, 8c.

A NEW COURSE OF TEXT BOOKS, For the use of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and applicable to Mathematical Education in

general, viz. :-
ELEMENTS of ARITHMETIC and ALGEBRA. By W. Scott, Esq. A.M. and

F.R.A.S. Second Mathematical Professor at the Royal Military College. I vol. 8vo.

PLANES and SOLIDS. Also by Mr. Scott. I vol. 8vo.
NARRIEN, Esq. F.R.S. & A.S. Senior Prof. of Mathematics at the Royal Military College. i vol. 8vo.

10 6

KEITH ON THE GLOBES, AND KEY.--NEW EDITION. A New Treatise on the Use of the Globes; or, a Philosophical View of the Earth and Heavens: compre

hending an Account of the Figure, Magnitude, and Motion of the Earth; with the natural Changes of its Surface, caused by Floods, Earthquakes, &c., together with the Principles of Meteorology and Astronomy; with the theory of Tides, &c. Preceded by an extensive Selection of Astronomical and other Definitions, &c. &c. By THOMAS Keith. New Edit. considerably improved by J. RowBOTHAM, F.R.A.S., and W. H. PRIOR. 12mo. with seven Plates, bound

6 6 In this edition are introduced many new questions relating to the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Planets, for the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, respectively. ** The only edition, with the Author's latest Additions and Improvements, bears the imprint of

Messrs. LONGMAN and Co. KEY. By Prior. 12mo. cloth...

2 6 KEITH'S GEOMETRY.-NEW EDITION. The Elements of Plane Geometry: containing the first Six Books of Euclid. From the Text of Dr.

Simson; with Notes, Critical and Explanatory. To which are added, Book VII. including several important Propositions which are not in Euclid; together with the Quadrature of the Circle, the Lune of Hippocrates, the Maxima and Minima of Geometrical Quantities, &c.; and Book VIII. consisting of Practical Geometry; also Book IX. of Planes and their Intersections; and Book X of the Geometry of Solids. By THOMAS Keith. 4th Edition, corrected by S. MAYNARD. 8vo. boards .........

KEITH'S TRIGONOMETRY.-NEW EDITION. An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, and the Stereographic

Projection of the Sphere; including the Theory of Navigation : comprehending a variety of Rules, Formulæ, &c., with their Practical Applications to the Mensuration of Heights and Distances; to determine the Latitude by two Altitudes of the Sun, the Longitude by the Lunar Observations, and to other important Problems on the Sphere, and on Nautical Astronomy. By THOMAS Keith. 7th Edition, corrected by S. MAYNARD. 8vo. cloth

14 0 CROCKER'S LAND SURVEYING.–NEW EDITION, BY T. C. BUNT. Crocker's Elements of Land Surveying. New Edition, corrected throughout, and considerably improved

and modernized, by T. G. Bunt, Land-Surveyor, Bristol. To which are added, Tables of Six-figure Logarithms, superintended by Richard Farley, of the Nautical Almanac Establishment. Post 8vo. with Plan of the Manor of North Hill, Somerset, belonging to J. W. Antoni, Esq., very numerous Diagrams, a Field-book, Plan of part of the City of Bath, &c. cloth lettered

12 0 FARLEY’S SIX-FIGURE LOGARITHMS. "Tables of Six-figure Logarithms: containing the Logarithms of Numbers from 1 to 10,000, and of Sines

and Tangents for every Minute of the Quadrant and every Six Seconds of the first Two Degrees. With a Table of Constants, and Formulæ for the Solution of Plane and Spherical Triangles. Superintended by RICHARD FARLEY, of the Nautical Almanack Establishment. Post 8vo. cloth...

+ 6 EULER'S ALGEBRA, BY HEWLETT.-FIFTH EDITION. Elements of Algebra, by LEONARD EULER, translated from the French; with the Notes of M. Bernouilli, &c. and the Additions of M. De la Grange. By the Rev. John HEWLETT, B.D. F.A.S. &c. To which is prefixed, a Memoir of the Life and Character of Euler, by the late Francis Horner, Esq. 5th Edition, carefully revised and corrected. 1 vol. 8vo. cloth lettered...

... 15

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TAYLOR’S ARITHMETIC, AND KEY.-NEW EDITION. The Arithmetician's Guide; or, a Complete Exercise Book, for Public Schools and Private Teachers. By W. TAYLOR. New Edition, 12mo. bound ...

2 6 Key to the same. By W. H. White, of the Commercial and Mathematical School, Bedford. 12mo. bound



Works on Geometry, Arithmetic, &c.—CONTINUED.

MOLINEUX'S ARITHMETIC, AND KEY.-NEW EDITION. An Introduction to Practical Arithmetic, in Two Parts, with various Notes and occasional Directions,

for the Use of Learners. By T. MOLINEUX, many years Teacher of Accounts and the Mathematics in Macclesfield. In 12mo. New Edition. In Two Parts, price of each, bound

2 0 Keys to both Parts, sewed, each

06 JOYCE'S ARITHMETIC, AND KEY.--NEW EDITION. A System of Practical Arithmetic, applicable to the Present State of Trade and Money Transactions ;

illustrated by numerous Examples under each Rule. By the Rev. J. JOYCE. New Edition, corrected and improved by S. MAYNARD, 12mo. bound..

3 0 * The only Genuine Edition, containing the Author's latest Additions and Improvements, bears the

imprint of Messrs. LONGMAN and Co. KEY; containing Solutions and Answers to all the Questions in the Work. To which are added,

Appendices, shewing the Method of making Mental Calculations; and a new mode of setting Sums in the early Rules of Arithmetic. New Edit. corrected and enlarged by S. MAYNARD, 18mo. bd. .. 3 0


of Euclid : viz. the First Six Books, together with the Eleventh and Twelfth; also the Book of Euclid's Data. By ROBERT SIMSON, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Mathematics in the University of Glasgow. To which are added, the Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry; and a Treatise on the Construction of Trigonometrical Canon. Also, a Concise Account of Logarithms. By the Rev. A. ROBERTSON, D.D. F.R.S. Savilian Professor of Astronomy in the University of Oxford. 25th Edition, carefully revised and corrected by S. Maynard. 8vo. bound..

90 Also, THE ELEMENTS OF EUCLID; viz. the First Six Books, together with the

Eleventh and Twelfth. Printed, with a few variations and additional references, from the Text of Dr.
SIMSON. New Edition, carefully corrected by S. Maynard, 18mo. bound.

5 0 Also, The same Work, edited, in the Symbolical form, by R. BLAKELOCK, M.A. late Fellow

and Assistant Tutor of Cath. Hall, Cambridge. New Edition. 18mo. in cloth lettered....... 6 0

MORRISON'S BOOK-KEEPING, AND FORMS. The Elements of Book-Keeping, by Single and Double Entry. Comprising several Sets of Books,

arranged according to present Practice, and designed for the Use of Schools. To which is annexed, an Introduction to Merchants' Accounts, illustrated with Forms and Examples. By JAMES MORRISON, Accountant. New Edition, considerably improved, 8vo. half-bound

8 0 Sets of Blank Books, ruled to correspond with the Four Sets contained in the above Work:-Set A, Single Entry, 3s. ; Set B, Double Entry, 9s. ; Set C, Commission Trade, 12s. ; Set D, Partnership Concerns, 4s. 6d,

MORRISON’S COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC, AND KEY. A Concise System of Commercial Arithmetic. By J. MORRISON, Accountant. New Edit. 12mo. bd. + 6 KEY, bound

60 NESBIT'S MENSURATION, AND KEY. -NEW EDITION. A Treatise on Practical Mensuration : containing the most approved Methods of drawing Geometrical

Figures; Mensuration of Superficies; Land Surveying ; Mensuration of Solids; the Use of the Carpenter's Rule; Timber Measure, in which is shewn the Method of Measuring and Valuing standing Timber; Artificers' Works, illustrated by the Dimensions and Contents of a House; a Dictionary of the Terms used in Architecture, &c. By A. NESBIT. 11th Edition, corrected, with 200 Woodcuts, three Copper-plates, and an engraved Field-Book. 12mo. bound

6 0 KEY, 12mo. bound.........

50 NESBIT’S LAND SURVEYING.-NEW EDITION. A Complete Treatise on Practical Land Surveying; By A. NESBIT. 7th Edition, greatly enlarged. 1 vol. 8vo. illustrated with 160 Woodcuts, 12 Copperplates, and an engraved Field-Book, boards 12 0

NESBIT'S ARITHMETIC, AND KEY.-NEW EDITION. A Treatise on Practical Arithmetic. By A. Nesbit. 3d Edition, 12mo. bound

5 0 A Key to the same. 12mo. bound.

5 0 ILLUSTRATIONS OF PRACTICAL MECHANICS. By the Rev. H. MOSELEY, M.A., Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in King's College, London ; being the First Volume of Illustrations of Science by the Professors of King's College. Second Edition, 1 vol. fcp. 8vo. with numerous Woodcuts, cloth lettered..

8 0 “The plan, object, and spirit of this novel series of scientific works, are truly admirable, and merit the cordial approbation and support of the friends of liberal education on christian principles. As a scientific work the present will bear a comparison with our best elementary treatises, and the peculiar spirit in which the plan has been projected constitutes a peculiar claim in its favour on all who desire to see the study of nature and art subservient to the glory of God and the moral and religious improvement of mankind.”





9. Works for Young People, by Mrs. Marcet.

3 6

MRS. MARCET'S JUVENILE WORKS.-NEW EDITIONS. MARY'S GRAMMAR ; interspersed with Stories, and intended for the Use of

Children. By Mrs. MARCET, Author of “ Conversations on Chemistry,” &c. 5th Edition, revised and

enlarged. 18mo, half-bound. THE SEASONS: Stories for very Young Children, New Editions. 4 vols.: Vol. 1,

Winter; Vol. 2, Spring : Vol. 3, Summer; Vol. 4, Autumn. Half-bound, each volume........ WILLY'S STORIES for YOUNG CHILDREN: containing The House Building

- The Three Pits (the Chalk Pit, the Coal Pit, and the Gravel Pit)- and The Land without Laws.

3d Edition, 18mo. half-bound WILLY'S HOLIDAYS; or, Conversations on different kinds of Governments.

Intended for Young Children. 18mo. half-bound....

2 0

2 0

2 0

10. Works on Geography, &c.

24 0


NEW EDITION, BY HIS SON. A Sketch of Modern and Ancient Geography. By SAMUEL

BUTLER, D.D. the late Bishop of Lichfield, and formerly Head Master of Shrewsbury School. New Edition, revised by his Son, 8vo. boards 90

BUTLER'S ANCIENT & MODERN ATLASES.-NEW EDITIONS. An Atlas of Modern Geography: consisting of Twenty-three Coloured Maps, from a new set of Plates ; corrected, with a complete Index. By the late Dr. BUTLER. 8vo. half-bound

... 12 0 By the same Author, An Atlas of Ancient Geography; consisting of Twenty-two Coloured Maps: with a complete Accentuated Index. 8vo. half-bound.

12 0 A General Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geography; consisting of Forty-five Coloured Maps, and Indexes. 4to. half-bound

*** The Latitude and Longitude are given in the Indexes to these Atlases. ABRIDGMENT OF BUTLER'S GEOGRAPHY.-NEW EDITION. An Abridgment of Bp. Butler's Modern and Ancient Geography; arranged in the form of Question and Answer, for the Use of Beginners. By MARY CUNNINGHAM. 2d Edit. fcp. 8vo. cloth lettered 2 0

BUTLER'S GEOGRAPHICAL COPY BOOKS. Outline Geographical Copy Books (Ancient and Modern); with the Lines of Latitude and Longitude only. For the Pupil to fill up, and designed to accompany the above. 4to. each 4s.; or together .. 7 6

GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPHY, & KEY.—NEW ED. Grammar of General Geography; being an Introduction and Companion to the larger Work of the

same Author. By Rev. J. GOLDSMITH. New Edit. improved, with Views, Maps, &c. 18mo. bd. 3 6 KEY

9 GOLDSMITH'S POPULAR GEOGRAPHY.-NEW EDITION. Geography on a Popular Plan. New Edition, including Extracts from recent Voyages and Travels : with Engravings, Maps, &c. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH. 12mo. bound


NEW EDITION. Introduction to Goldsmith's Grammar of Geography. For the use of Junior Pupils. By J. DOWLING, Master of Woodstock Boarding School. New Edition, 18mo......

09 By the same Author, Five Hundred Questions on the Maps of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and the British Isles; principally from the Maps in Goldsmith's Grammar of Geography. New Edit. 18mo.....

09 KEY

MANGNALL'S GEOGRAPHY.-NEW EDITION. A Compendium of Geography: with Geographic Exercises : for the use of Schools, Private Families, &c. By R. MANGNALL. 4th Edition, 12mo. bound..

7 6 HARTLEY’S GEOGRAPHY, AND OUTLINES.-NEW EDITIONS. Geography for Youth. By the Rev. J. HARTLEY. 7th Edition, 12mo. bound...

4 6 By the same Author, Outlines of Geography: the First Course for Children, 9th Edition, 18mo. sewed.....


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