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Great educational resorners; Jesuits; Jansenists; Pietists.

Founding of modern fyrirasiun all real-schule.

Inplan's Lesson.

Chapter 111:

United States.

Colonial Secondary Schools,


Net Frglard. Early Schools. Harvarl College,
Nor England

. Granar Schools-function, prowth.

Southern Colonies. Reasons for slot Aevelopent.

Founding of Willian and Mary's College. Its function.

Pennsylvania. Early Schools.

Scholastic ani apprentice traditions.

Utilitarian ileal.

Fouriin or Cramar School. Its furction.

Course of study. Tudi's recommendations.

Purpose of schools as rerinci by lar.

Discussion of purpose or Cualer Schools.

Discussion of course of study in gratiar schools.

Requirements or larvari eni otier collezres.

Harvard curriculum. Four lation of departients.

was the course "liberal?" Intrance requirements.

Decline of hunanistic i lcal. Effect uron segon lary schools.

Pools ant piet).o js.

Boston Public Latin School, New York: Latir School.

Mathematics in curricula.

Ideals of colorial raar schools not suitable for our


Chanter lv.

Early Secondary Sotools of the National Periol.

Teclire of Grannar Schools.

Rise of Acaderies. Their function, oriçir, frov!th, recline,

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and value.

Influence of Wasl.ington; Jon Adas; Tiomas Jefferson.

Chapter V.

Mo lern lift. School.

Orifin. Course of stuly or first inglish High School.

Tiscussion 01 program.

First New York: High samool. Discussion of propru?.

Recognition of high schools as part of tie public school

sy ster.

Auinistration of courses.

Growth of the High School sentiment.

Present ileals as shorn by courses of study in New York,

South Carolina, Louisiana, Colorado, 'isconsin, California.

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Functions as expressed by courses.

Discussion of the functions ani of programs. Criticisms on

Colorado's course. Hisor.sin's courses. Louisiara's course.

Cormittee of Ten's. programs and criticisl.

The writer's experience in i'raning courses. Course of stuly

for the layville City Schools. Discussion of course.

Chapter 71.

Function of the Trentieth Century High School.

Ultinate ain of e-lucation, in ancient, medieval, and recent


What is the ultimate aim?

Huxley's Sunary. His conocotion a blending of the noble in

all preceding ideals.

Why are our ideals superior?

Share os elementary school.

Function of University. Proper function of list school.

What of patriotic citizenship?

Toes liberal education untit for struggle?

Aestl.etio culture expensive?

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