Chatto and Windus, 1899 - 344 sider

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Side 7 - Complete in Three Vols. Vol. I. contains the Plays complete, including the doubtful ones; Vol. II. the Poems and Minor Translations, with an Introductory Essay by ALGERNON CHARLES SWINBURNE ; Vol.
Side 10 - Hall's (Mrs. SC) Sketches of Irish Character. With numerous Illustrations on Steel and Wood by MACLISE, GILBERT, HARVEY, and G. CRUIKSHANK. " The Irish Sketches of this lady resemble Miss Mitford's beautiful English sketches in * Our Village,' but they are far more vigorous and picturesque and bright.
Side 23 - Syntax's (Dr.) Three Tours: In Search of the Picturesque, in Search of Consolation, and in Search of a Wife. With the whole of ROWLANDSON'S droll page Illustrations in Colours and a Life of the Author by JC HOTTEN.
Side 6 - Cussans.— -Handbook of Heraldry; with instructions for Tracing Pedigrees and Deciphering Ancient MSS., &c. By JOHN E. CUSSANS. Entirely New and Revised Edition, illustrated with over 400 Woodcuts and Coloured Plates.
Side 15 - A History of Our Own Times, from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880. Four Vols. demy Svo, cloth extra, 12s. each. — Also a POPULAR EDITION, in Four Vols. crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. each. A Short History of Our Own Times.
Side 3 - The Reader's Handbook of Famous Names in Fiction, Allusions, References, Proverbs, Plots, Stories, and Poems.
Side 6 - Comic Almanack. Complete in Two SERIES : The FIRST from 1835 to 1843 ; the SECOND from 1844 to 1853. A Gathering of the BEST HUMOUR of THACKERAY, HOOD, MAYHEW, ALBERT SMITH, A'BECKETT, ROBERT BROUGH, &c. With 2,000 Woodcuts and Steel Engravings by CRUIKSHANK, HINE, LANDELLS, &c.
Side 3 - ... under extraordinary difficulties. These were caused, partly by the localities, and partly by the ill-will and indolence of the inhabitants. The place selected for their operations was in an elevated valley between two principal chains of the Andes. The lowest point of their arc was at an elevation of a mile and a half above the level of the sea ; and, in some instances, the heights of two neighboring signals differed more than a mile. Encamped upon lofty mountains, they had to struggle against...
Side 1 - Drama: being a comprehensive Guide to the Plays, Playwrights, Players, and Playhouses of the United Kingdom and America, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Crown Svo, half-bound, iar. 6ct. [PreflariHir. QnlpB and Quiddities. Selected by W. DAVENPORT ADAMS. Post 8vo. cloth limp^ as. 64. Agony Column (The) of 'The Times,
Side 293 - Dupre' found himself alone, with the squad and their prisoner disappearing down a back street. For a moment he stood there as if dazed, then he turned and ran as fast as he could back to the theatre again, hoping to meet a carriage for hire on the way. Arriving at the theatre he found the lights out and the manager on the point of leaving. " Lemoine has been arrested," he cried; " arrested by a squad of soldiers whom we met, and they said they acted by the order of the President.

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