since, possessed of a small personal estate, and without any heir, and praying, for the reasons therein stated, that the right of the Commonwealth to such personal estate may be granted and released to her:

Resolved, That all the right, title and interest of the Commonwealth in and to the personal property left by the said James C. Holt, be, and the same is hereby assigned, granted and released to the said Lucinda Pool; and the Administrator of the estate of said Holt is hereby authorized to account with, and pay over to said Lucinda Pool, the balance of said personal property in his hands, in the same manner as he would have been authorized to pay the same to this Commonwealth, had this resolve not passed: Provided, that the amount of such personal property shall not exceed the sum of three hundred dollars; and provided further, that this resolve shall not affect or impair the right or claim of any person to the said property, or any part thereof, other than that of the Commonwealth.


Report and Resolve of the Committee of both Houses on

Eastern Lands. January 30th, 1823.

The Standing Committee of both Houses on Eastern Lands, to whom was referred the message of His Excellency the Governor, accompanying the report of the Commis. sioners appointed under the act for separating the District of Maine from Massachusetts proper, have had the same under consideration: And whereas it appears by said report, that said Commissioners have made a division of a certain portion of the lands in the State of Maine; and in conformity to the fifth article of the first section of the act of separation, have set off, by metes and bounds, so much of said land as has fallen to the share of this Commonwealth, in the division, as in their estimation is of the value of thirty thousand dollars: And whereas by said fifth article and first section of said act, it is provided that this Common• wealth sball assign the same to the State of Maine, or in lieu thereof, may pay the sum of thirty thousand dollars at its election, which election of the said Commonwealth shall be made within one year from the time that notice of the doings of the Commissioners on this subject, shall be made known to the Governor and Council'; and if not made within that time, the election shall be with the State of Maine. The Committee therefore ask leave to report the following resolves: Which are respectfully submitted.


Resolved, That the doings of the said Commissioners be, and they are hereby approved and confirmed, and that the documents and other papers in relation thereto, be placed on file in the Land Office.

Be it further resolved, That the Treasurer of the Commonwealth, for the time being, together with George W. Coffin, Esquire be, and they are hereby appointed as Agents, with power and authority to cause to be sold, at public auction, in the City of Boston, and convey, by good and sufficient deeds, so much of said land set off as aforesaid, as will raise the sum of thirty thousand dollars, after deducting all expenses: Provided, however, that no part of said land shall be sold unless the whole of said sum is raised in money, or good securities, payable in annual instalments, at the Treasury Office of this Commonwealth, with interest' annually; and said Agents are hereby directed to give notice, in the public newspapers, of the time and place of said sale, allowing sufficient time for distant purchasers to attend said sale, and make report of their doings at the first session of the next General Court.

Be it further resolved, That said Agents be, and they are hereby authorized to sell, at public sale, at such time or times, place or places, as they may designate in the advertisements published by them in the public newspapers aforesaid, all the residue of the said lands so set off as aforesaid, after raising the above sum of thirty thousand dollars, and also all the lands, reserved lots, and islands, wbich have fallen to the share of this Commonwealth in the division aforesaid, with authority to make and execute good and sufficient deeds thereof, for such consideration as they may be able to obtain, and complete the sale of the same, if practicable, before the close of the present year.

Be it further resolved, That the said Agents be, and they are hereby directed to give notice to all persons who have unsettled contracts for the purchase of any of the public lands that have fallen to the share of this Commonwealth, that unless they pay the balances due thereon, before the first day of July next, said contracts shall then be declared null and void, and free for sale to any other person or persons.

And be it further resolved, That said Agents be, and they are hereby authorized, in connexion with such Agent as may be appointed by the State of Maine, to sell and convey a small tract or parcel of public land in the Town of Portland, with the buildings thereon, upon such terms and conditions as said Agents may judge reasonable.


Resolve on the petition of Lydia Rowell.

January 30th, 1823.

On the petition of Lydia Rowell, of Salisbury, in the County of Essex, legal Guardian of Moses Rowell, a minor, praying that she may be empowered to sell, at public or private sale, the undivided share of the said Moses in certain real estate in said Salisbury, consisting of a mill site, and heretofore occupied as a forge, the said Moses deriving his title to said estate partly by descent, and partly by purchase:

Resolved, For reasons set forth in said petition, that the said Lydia Rowell be, and she is hereby authorized and empowered to sell at public or private sale, the share and interest of the said Moses Rowell in said real estate, and make and execute a good and sufficient deed thereof to the purchaser or purchasers of the same, in fee simple: Provided, that the said Lydia first give bond, with sufficient sureties, to the Judge of Probate for the County of Essex, conditioned, that within three months from the time of the sale of said estate, she will file in the office of the said Judge of Probate, a true account of said sale, and that she will account with the said Moses for the proceeds thereof and interest, whenever thereto legally required.

Resolve on the petition of the Selectmen of Dudley.

February 4th, 1823.

Whereas the Commissioners of this Commonwealth, with Commissioners on the part of the State of Connecticut, during the last year, perambulated and run the boundary line between the two States, the final establishment and settlement of which was not agreed to by the Commissioners on the part of the State of Connecticut; and whereas it appears that there are several persons, with their estates, which, by the running of said line are within this Commonwealth, over whom the State of Connecticut attempts to exercise jurisdiction:

Therefore resolved, That this Commonwealth will protect the persons and property aforesaid, in the free enjoyment of their rights, privileges and immunities, of citizens of this Commonwealth, against all attempts of the State of Connecticut to exercise jurisdiction over them; and that they will defend, at the expense of this Commonwealth, a suit now pending in the Court of Common Pleas, to be holden in Worcester, in the County of Worcester, in which Peter Richards, of Dudley, is plaintiff, and Stephen E. Tift is defendant; which suit was commenced in consequence of the Town of Thompson, in the State of Connecticut, having taxed the said Richards, and by their Constable, Stephen E. T'ift, aforesaid, distrained the goods and chattels of said Richards, for the satisfaction of the same.

Resolved, That His Excellency the Governor, with the advice and consent of Council, be, and he hereby is empow. ered and requested to appoint one person, as Agent of this Commonwealth, to prosecute said suit against said Stephen E. Tift to final judgment.


CHAP. L. .

Gentlemen of the Senate, and

Gentlemen of the House of Representatives :

The Treasurer of the Commonwealth having rendered an exhibit of the state of the Treasury on the first day of the present month, the Secretary will lay the same before you.

JOHN BROOKS. Council Chamber, January 8th, 1823.


Resolve for paying the Members of the Legislature.

February 7th, 1823.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the Treasury of this Commonwealth, to each member of the Senate and House of Representatives, two dollars for each and every day's attendance the present session, and the like sum for every ten miles travel from their respective places of abode, to the place of the sitting of the General Court; and also to each member of the Council, two dollars for each day's attend. ance at that Board, at every session thereof during the present political year, subsequent to the session of Juņe last, and the like sum for every ten miles travel from their repective places of abode, to the place of the sitting of the General Court.

And be it further resolved, That there be paid to the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Repre. sentatives, each, two dollars for each and every day's attendance the present session, in addition to their pay as. members.

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