Resolve respecting the edition of the General Laws.

February 8th, 1823.

Resolved, That the present members of the Honorable Council, the Senate and House of Representatives, who were not members of the Legislature the last political year, be, and hereby are authorized to receive, and the Secretary of the Commonwealth to deliver one copy each, of the laws of this Commonwealth, now publishing, agreeably to a resolve passed February twenty second, eighteen hundred and twenty two. . Resolved, That whenever the said edition of the General Laws be completed, and delivered into the Secretary's Office, pursuant to the aforesaid resolve, all accounts for the expenses of said work, being laid before the Governor and Council, and by them approved and allowed, His Excellency, with advice of Council, be, and he is hereby authorized to draw his warrant on the Treasury, for the payment thereof.


Resolve on the petition of the Trustees of Leicester

Academy. February 8th, 1823.

Whereas the Trustees of Leicester Academy, in the County of Worcester, by their petition, have represented the occasion of aid to the funds of that institution; and have further represented, that one Archibald McDonald, late of Paxton, in said County of Worcester, was seized and possessed of a small estate, consisting of about thirty acres of land, with a small house and barn thereon, situate in Paxton aforesaid, and two pews in the gallery of said Paxton Meeting House; and that the said Archibald was a foreigner, and has died intestate, and without heirs, whereby the said estate escheated to, and became the pro

cDonald. ourt, has to which beraber


perty of this Commonwealth, and now belongs thereto, except one third part thereof, which beretofore, by a resolve of the General Court, has been granted to the widow of the said McDonald; and the said Trustees have requested that the residue of said estate may be granted to them in trust, for the benefit of said institution, and the promotion of the interests of learning and instruction therein:

Therefore resolved, That the Commonwealth do hereby grant, assign and transfer to the corporation of the Trustees of Leicester Academy, all the right, title and interest which hath accrued to the Commonwealth in and to the said real estate, of which the said Archibald McDonald died pos. sessed, in Paxton aforesaid, except the tbird part thereof, . which the Commonwealth had heretofore granted to HanDah McDonald, the widow of said Archibald, as aforesaid: Provided, that this resolve shall not affect or impair the right or claim of any person to the said estate, or any part thereof, other than that of this Commonwealth.

CHAP. LIV. Resolve to pay the Funeral Expenses of Stephen Pynchon,

Esquire, a Member of the Legislature,

February 10th, 1823. , | Resolved, That the sum of eighty dollars be paid out of the Treasury of this Commonwealth, to Mr. Jacob Kubn, Messenger of the General Court, in order to defray the expenses of the last sickness and funeral expenses of Stephen Pynchon, Esquire, late a member of this House; and that His Excellency the Governor be requested to draw his warrant for that sum on the Treasurer.


Gentlemen of the Senate, and

Gentlemen of the House of Representatives :

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Executive, by a resolution of the fourteenth of February, eighteen hundred aud twenty one, such measures have from time to time been pursued, as seemed best calculated to effect the contemplated object.

And it is with much satisfaction that I have it in my pow. er to lay before you a communication from the Honorable James Lloyd and the Honorable Elijah H. Mills, Senators of the Commonwealth in Congress, from which you will perceive that a reference has been made by the President of the United States, of the claim of this State against the United States, for disbursements for the services of the mi. litia, during the late war, to the department of the Treasury. The act of the President will at the same time be laid before you by the Secretary, together with the memorial of the members of Congress from Massachusetts and Maine, therein referred to, dated the twenty sixth of March, eighteen hundred and twenty two.

I will further observe, that the vouchers and documents to support that part of the claim for which eleven thousand dollars were advanced by the Executive of the United States, in the year eighteen hundred and seventeen, are now under examination at the Treasury Department; and that hitherto no expense has been incurred in conducting the business under said resolution. But an opportunity being now offered for presenting the whole claim to the consideration of the National Executive, wbatever course may be adopted by the Legislature, for the future prosecution of that important concern, some pecuniary provision for that purpose will be required.

In addition to the documents already referred to, I have just received a note, addressed by the Senators of Massachusetts and Maine, to the members of the House of Representatives of the same States in Congress, and the answer of the latter to the same, relating to the course to be pursu

, ed in prosecuting the claim, which will be likewise laid before you by the Secretary.

JOHN BROOKS. Council Chamber, February 10th, 1823.


Resolve to pay the Committee on Accounts.

February 10th, 1823.

Resolved, That there be allowed and paid out of the Treasury of this Commonwealth, to the Committee appointed to examine and pass on accounts presented against this Commonwealth, for their attendance on that service during the present session, the sum of one dollar per day, in addition to their pay as members of the Legislature-viz.: Elihu Hoyt, thirty eight days, thirty eight dollars; Robert Rantoul, thirty eight days, thirty eight dollars; Jonas Sibley, thirty eight days, thirty eight dollars; Minot Thayer, thirty eight days, thirty eight dollars; Charles P. Phelps, thirty eight days, thirty eight dollars.


Resolve for delivering Term Reports to the Police Court

of the City of Boston. February 10th, 1823:

Resolved, That the Secretary of State be authorized and directed to deliver to the Clerk of the Police Court, in and for the City of Boston, for the use of said court, one set of the Reports of Decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court: Provided, the same are in the Secretary's Office, and can be furnished without any further purchase of said Reports, at the expense of the State, and are not already ordered to be delivered to the towns, or other public corporations, or offi. cers.


Estimates of County Taxes for 1823.

February 10th, 1823.

Whereas the Treasurers of the following counties have laid their accounts before the Legislature for examination, which accounts have been examined and allowed; and whereas the Clerks of the Courts of Sessions for said coun. ties, have exhibited estimates made by said courts, of the necessary charges which may arise within said counties the year ensuing, and of the sums necessary to discharge the debts of said counties :

Resolved, That the sums annexed to the counties contained in the following schedule, be, and the same are hereby granted as a tax for each county, respectively, to be apportioned, assessed, paid, collected and applied for the purpo. ses aforesaid, according to law, viz. :

County of Essex, five thousand dollars, - - - $5000 County of Middlesex, six thousand dollars, - 6000 County of Worcester, six thousand dollars, - 6000 County of Plymouth, six thousand, four hun

dred and fifty dollars, - - - - - - - 6450 County of Bristol, three thousand, five hundred

dollars, - - - - - - - - - - - - 3500 County of Berkshire, four thousand dollars, - 4000 County of Hampshire, five thousand dollars, - 5000 County of Hampden, five thousand dollars, - . 5000 County of Franklin, three thousand dollars, - 3000 County of Barnstable, four thousand dollars, - 4000 County of Norfolk, four thousand, five hundred

dollars, - - - - - - - - - - - - 4500,

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